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  1. Can't stand it when people on football heaven say "carvaliho" or something equally as stupid. Also "Big Dave".
  2. Priority Points. Becoming a closed shop.

    If people accumulate the points then they can do what they like. As long as they aren't selling them at a profeit.
  3. Rhodes and Bannon celebration

    Gary Bannon
  4. George Boyd

    Only 5 promotions. Love to see you give it a go.
  5. #19 for Brentford

    Thought wallace didn't have his best game. No where near bannans input.
  6. Visit Middlewood

    You can pre-book the stadium tour. As above I think training is not open to the public any more.
  7. Josh Sims....

    I'm more impressed that Van Dijk is as fast as bolt.

    Or waiting to see if the Djourou deal worked out.
  9. starting lx

    We need to try it at home at least.
  10. Song for Van Aken

    "I joost can't get enough, I joost can't get enough"