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  1. Arnold

    Shefki Kuqi

    Always remember that header against Rotherham on new years day!
  2. Is anyone going to go over if we reach the final ?
  3. Don't think he would accept that deal. I wonder if Personal terms means if accommodation is provided etc
  4. Then good for us. We have the 2 million Loan fee plus it's bump up his price if we want to sell at the end of the season. Win win
  5. Offer him a deal. If he's not interested move him on. Same for any player in the last year of their contract.
  6. Arnold


    It's a talking point. Nothing else to discuss at the minute
  7. Arnold


    I Duno. I think its taking the wee wee abit at £99. I suppose if you want to buy it, it's up to you . Then some half arsed version for £59.
  8. Ridiculous. £100? Taking the p***
  9. Chris Maguire signing for Sunderland
  10. Cant see this for Bannan. Only a year left on his contract hasn’t he ?
  11. Arnold

    George Hirst

    No I wouldn't blame him either.
  12. If so fair play. But the majority wanted him.