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  1. n_v_owls

    New Badge on South Stand

    No pictures?
  2. n_v_owls


    I cannot see any truth in it at all. Club said Lees is £10m (well papers claimed we did). But I other hand we are happy to sell Bannan and Forestieri for £13m... No chance.
  3. Think it's brilliant how many season tickets we have sold, can't wait until the season starts.
  4. n_v_owls

    new kit (fake mock up)

    Lets hope they get the quality up to your scratch this season.
  5. n_v_owls

    new kit (fake mock up)

    Last seasons was not crap quality. As per my previous reply it's the best kit since the league 1 promotion season, presume you disagree? Last seasons was was not shoddy supply issues. People had the kits in early June, season ended in May... Again as I said before we never really have had kits early. Sondico isnt a big brand, but better than the of the shelf designs Puma and the other large ones do. Again as I said before we get more personalised kits then we have previously. It's all personal opinion, I just feel Sondico have not done anything wrong and last years kit was popular. Guess some people just love to moan about something don't they.
  6. n_v_owls

    new kit (fake mock up)

    Really don't know why people dislike Sondico so much. Last seasons kit was the best since we had the League 1 promotion season. I like the fact we go for a brand that isn't your usual Nike/Adidas/Puma. We seem to get more bespoke kits with Sondico than the standard mock ups the other companies offer to us. Add to that we are Sondico's biggest club, therefore we get better treatment. Regarding no no shirts out yet, for as long as I have know SWFC never seem to get them out early... We had the same with Puma. Some me people just like to moan I guess. I for for one can't wait to see what Sondico do this season, I am sure the fans will like it.
  7. n_v_owls

    17k Season tickets sold

    Ignore the previous reply you got. You can move season tickets for random games, myself and my Dad have a season ticket in the south. If my brother comes along we move the season ticket seats for the one game and pay for 1 extra ticket only, we are all then sat together. We we did this maybe 6 times last season. You have to call the shop to do it though, the out of hours ticket line cannot move the season tickets for one of games.
  8. 24,500... Away support at hillsborough will let us down though.
  9. n_v_owls

    Retained list.

    My guess for the delay is that we have until the end of June to decide, some players might be on the edge of a new contract/release. Club might be looking for better backups but if they can't get them then some of the retained list will earn a new contract. Either that or the play offs have put our plans back a couple of weeks.
  10. n_v_owls

    Mind the Gap Graph

    Haha brilliant.
  11. n_v_owls

    Joao and Nuhiu or New?

    I agree with most on here, we have to keep Joao and there should be no question over that at all... He is a young lad in a foreign country and it cannot be easy. What glimpses we have seen of him have been good, and let's not forget this is his first season in English football. On to Nuhiu, I am a massive fan. I think for a team looking to finish top ten which was our realistic aim last season he is good enough. However to make us real contenders we simply need better, I think the club and Nuhiu would both benefit with a move.
  12. n_v_owls

    Unofficial merchandise

    I'd really like a beach towel.
  13. n_v_owls

    New kit design

    That's awful.