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  1. Excellent to watch and very clever player when he as the ball at his feet ...
  2. I blame the crap birthday cake it’s been all down hill since then ...
  3. You look at the promoted sides villa spent 115m pigs 30m then Norwich who are shopping at Lidl no way are they going to spend 3-4m on Jordan Rhodes they taking the p**s and Rhodes will be going nowhere soon .
  4. Behave only chance we have in this game is to kick them a bit let them know we are about otherwise they will run rings around us ! hopefully we can keep 11 men on the pitch while niggling the fooooookers
  5. The prize money is crap it’s about time the F.A made it financially viable to make it worthwhile for teams to participate before we loose the competition for good .
  6. Got to borrow this Trev
  7. The way these refs have been adding time on winnall could still get 10 min
  8. Winnall for me we need a goal not to hang on with hold up play
  9. Shown more passion from the bench today shouting instructions than Jos did in the last 50 games
  10. This ^^^^ Biggs backs out of criticism to suit his own agenda instead of asking questions as a journalist to get answers he’s scared of ruffling feathers so he can enjoy his clique party of friends he keeps , it took outside journalists to break the Chesterfield story Biggs knew the facts but buried his head shame on him .
  11. The chairman as sold us a pup in my opinion is lack of transparency is alarming in February 2018 he asked the fans at the meeting to vote on how our club moved forward , A. Increased ticket prices and investment in players to move us forward Or B. Promote academy players to the first team as no ticket increases means running on a budget , we all know the result from that vote but unknown to us we was in a embargo 2 months later and for 4 months went by without the fans knowing about it until we came out of it 2 weeks later , as it stands we are paying high prices and still watching academy players thrown into the team ......
  12. Last year the commercial income was 6.6m up 17% probably due to 1.2m sponsorship d-taxi and elev8 ..
  13. Revenue is split between matchday / commercial and broadcast for instance matchday is 9.8m ...
  14. We was told at the meeting that contracts was nothing to do with players being left out was we not ? Ence my IF TRUE
  15. Don’t agree if the fans had been told months ago if true this could have probably been accepted by most fans and put to bed , instead it’s caused wild speculation and lies from the club ...
  16. Again mr angry goes into insult mode !! they missed a penalty had more of the game let’s pretend otherwise ...
  17. Dawson did great nobody mentioned how many chances they created only you ! we played crap set up to defend I stated it was worrying , you on the other hand think differently that’s debate ok wazzock ....
  18. Ok we did great top display we should have won 3-0
  19. They didn’t what ? have 75% of play ? Or completed 108 passes to our 8 in first 35 mins ? f me SiJ you would argue with yourself in a mirror
  20. 75% of play fella let that sink in 75% and I don’t give a flying about them I’m talking about us as a team fckng going backwards creating nothing . also do me a favour try to discuss the posts without calling people Melts it’s what people do with little d1cks do hiding behind a keyboard ...
  21. Really really Jesus you carry on deluding yourself fella if the pen had gone in we would probably have collapsed like a pack of cards , we got out of jail last night yes we defended well but if that’s how we are going to set up to survive this season god help us .
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