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  1. O’brien Off injured Borukov replaces him still 1-0
  2. Reach needs to improve his crossing to give fletch a chance poor so far
  3. These players need to grow a pair we expect the odd loss but players not putting a shift in is unacceptable feels like we already have had a 9 points deduction whatever happens one way or the other ....
  4. Sounds like the club might have had a date for the independent board panel to me ....
  5. Excellent to watch and very clever player when he as the ball at his feet ...
  6. I blame the crap birthday cake it’s been all down hill since then ...
  7. You look at the promoted sides villa spent 115m pigs 30m then Norwich who are shopping at Lidl no way are they going to spend 3-4m on Jordan Rhodes they taking the p**s and Rhodes will be going nowhere soon .
  8. Behave only chance we have in this game is to kick them a bit let them know we are about otherwise they will run rings around us ! hopefully we can keep 11 men on the pitch while niggling the fooooookers
  9. The prize money is crap it’s about time the F.A made it financially viable to make it worthwhile for teams to participate before we loose the competition for good .
  10. The way these refs have been adding time on winnall could still get 10 min
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