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  1. shireowl

    Contract it is.......

    We was told at the meeting that contracts was nothing to do with players being left out was we not ? Ence my IF TRUE
  2. shireowl

    Luhukay's Credentials

    Both are Doyen appointments...
  3. shireowl

    Contract it is.......

    Don’t agree if the fans had been told months ago if true this could have probably been accepted by most fans and put to bed , instead it’s caused wild speculation and lies from the club ...
  4. shireowl

    The City Is Theirs

  5. shireowl

    The City Is Theirs

    Again mr angry goes into insult mode !! they missed a penalty had more of the game let’s pretend otherwise ...
  6. shireowl

    The City Is Theirs

    Dawson did great nobody mentioned how many chances they created only you ! we played crap set up to defend I stated it was worrying , you on the other hand think differently that’s debate ok wazzock ....
  7. shireowl

    The City Is Theirs

    Ok we did great top display we should have won 3-0
  8. shireowl

    The City Is Theirs

    They didn’t what ? have 75% of play ? Or completed 108 passes to our 8 in first 35 mins ? f me SiJ you would argue with yourself in a mirror
  9. shireowl

    The City Is Theirs

    75% of play fella let that sink in 75% and I don’t give a flying about them I’m talking about us as a team fckng going backwards creating nothing . also do me a favour try to discuss the posts without calling people Melts it’s what people do with little d1cks do hiding behind a keyboard ...
  10. shireowl

    The City Is Theirs

    Really really Jesus you carry on deluding yourself fella if the pen had gone in we would probably have collapsed like a pack of cards , we got out of jail last night yes we defended well but if that’s how we are going to set up to survive this season god help us .
  11. shireowl

    The City Is Theirs

    We played crap and was very lucky to come away with a point this manager really scares me more than any other with some very strange selections , i get certain players are no longer in his plans due to certain circumstances but it looks like he’s resigned to trying to keep us in this league even before Christmas and that scares me even more .
  12. shireowl


    A tin pot team that are challenging for top 2 and play some good football, wake up and smell the coffee because until we can consolidate our team and get rid of the dross that’s holding us back and sell a player in January this is what to expect from now on whether it’s with Jos as manager is another debate .
  13. shireowl

    Lees why...

    Lees won’t be going anywhere one Odd wee wee tail up doesn’t make him surplus to requirements
  14. shireowl

    Lees why...

    This ^^ the pain on his face when he turned around and the realisation what he had just done is enough for me to not have a pop ! some right drama queens on here all of a sudden he’s crap and needs dropping, lets hope he puts it behind him because Jos made him Captain for a reason and he will be in the side come what may.