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  1. This one wasn’t bad against a top keeper Shilts crowd went ballistic.....
  2. shireowl

    The future of Joao

    Joao was brought in as one for the future his spell at Blackburn did him good and he came back looking like he had something to prove , Would be criminal not to tie him down with a two year contract now and instead of knocking out the flair and unpredictable game he showed at the beginning and told to stick to basics he could flourish under Jos .....
  3. shireowl

    R I P mum and fly high

    Condolences Tinks x
  4. Not sure why people are pinning hopes on Katrien to direct DC in the right direction, she was appointed because she was a top lawyer to sort contracts out and will have as much say as Parker before her .
  5. shireowl


    Nice one Kivo enjoy every minute well deserved......
  6. shireowl

    Next season

    Here’s another take on our finances and with the look of it we just about hanging in , Not saying no one will be sold but most know the chairman’s stance on this so far and will do everything he can to keep the best players for next season .... http://priceoffootball.com/tag/sheffield-wednesday/
  7. Maybe the fans of Leicester,Leeds ,Palace ,Middlesbrough,Derby,Ipswich might argue differently ? Most fans want to go see a ball kicked around on a Saturday a quick pint and a pie at half time and come home safe , owners who act like god and pi55 on fans from a great height need to be looked at by those that rule the game after all if owners are checked to see if they are deemed fit for purpose when buying into a club why not after !
  8. Wow fans turn up when club does well shocker ! Nothing is as simple as that in football some say bleeding it dry taking out millions and only having 5 players on the books when relegated to the championship was a pi55 poor decision by those in charge and who knows the reason why , The 3.5k regular fans still deserve better in my opinion .....
  9. Blackpool look in a mess the Oyston v Belekon case in December ordered the Oystons to pay him 31 million plus court costs the first instalment as been paid 10m plus two more are due soon , the clock is ticking as even the accounts have a big ⚠️ To say if it’s not turned over in the high court the business can’t carry on as a going concern ...... Real shame that clubs have to suffer like this just look at those gates to what it was .
  10. shireowl

    You couldn't make it up

    He made it up
  11. shireowl

    Mel Sterland

    That’s the one Canoville he scored 2 I thought it was Dixon who got the double ! We was all expecting Blair to take the pen not sure if Zico argued against it or Andy didn’t want to take the responsibility but the noise when it flew in was incredible......
  12. shireowl

    Mel Sterland

    Remember the league cup in 85 3-0 up against Chelsea they pull it back to 3-4 then Zico falls over the ref gives a penalty and Mel slams it in the back of the net 4-4 the noise that night was unbelievable always remember that game ......
  13. shireowl

    George Hirst Saga..

    George was finished with this club as soon as his dad walked out months ago time to move on ....