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  1. Zouma is finished he will have this hanging around his neck for ever and rightfully so , what message did he send to his kids when he thought it was ok to slap a cat from them ? and for Moyes to play him straight after the story broke and sweep it under the carpet by saying the club will deal with it internally hopefully will hit West Ham in the pocket ….
  2. Sorry I thought kick racism out of football originated from …
  3. Sat watching the match Manchester United v Crystal Palace and suddenly Eric Cantona serves justice on a racist fan who shouted flip of back to France you mother flipping frog … incredible scenes then and sent shockwaves around the world not sure things have changed with racism from certain fans who think it’s ok to abuse players .
  4. It’s obvious you are a Max fanboy no problem with that ! but posting what Hamilton wears on his t-shirts and deflecting of point what most are talking about is making you look silly
  5. I think the sport integrity as been absolutely abused here and questions need to be asked who runs the sport Horner or the FIA …..
  6. Mercedes looking good here and that’s on mediums must be saving the soft tyres for later …
  7. Same happened to Jarrod Bowen from 2012 when he was 15 are the FA really going back into the past tweets from kids raking up what was said from adolescent children ?
  8. Two great drivers going for a corner 50/50 the difference here is Lewis being the greatest driver of all time as brains , if he had been in max position with that many points in front he would have lifted as any points is better than 0 , it was a race Hamilton needed to win and he was never going to back off , always had a lot of respect for spice boy I think he needs to step back because RB are doing themselves no favours…….
  9. How’s that work ? Is this on parachute payments ?
  10. Might as well be 70 games to go as I haven’t seen anything up to this point that gives me hope ! we lost 3-0 to Rotherham and got beat by the mighty Wycombe let that sink in before we start on a manager that may or may not come .
  11. Seeing we’ve been playing like Barcelona for last 12 months I just can’t see all this negativity monk was sh*t totally clueless his round pegs in square holes nearly every game made Jos Luhukay look like Pep Guardiola ! pullis coming in might just save our season think about it who realistically could we get in the short time we have ?
  12. Lot of respect for the bloke especially the way he acted with Young Bradley lowery ....
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