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  1. Where you sat in front of the man and woman who was getting a hand jobby ?
  2. shireowl

    RIP Oliver Rains

    RIP Oliver
  3. shireowl

    RIP Kenny Cooper

    RIP Kenny
  4. shireowl

    RIP Tony Collins

    RIP fellow Owl
  5. shireowl

    Revenue Generation

    Its a good idea the Keepmoat stadium did exactly this and I think Barnsley also fitted a few to the stadium not only does it reduce the carbon footprint it’s self sufficient in the long run , not sure if the government rebate on this runs out in 2019 so could take longer Over the long term to get back what you invest .
  6. Nobody’s saying Jos as turned into Pep guardiola over night we have all questioned some of his decisions but sometimes it’s easier to say well done Jos played a blinder today son let’s build on this win and move forward because the last few weeks as been pretty poo to say the least ....
  7. Ffs get it right .....
  8. shireowl

    Better than bottom three ?

    Millwall are no where near Brentford to be honest we all know teams that come up start on fire then drift away come January, Brentford have got a good side and the club is run very professional from top to bottom .
  9. After clueless left I was hoping for someone to come in who knew this division and get us firing again , Jos just didn’t cut it with me from his very first squad selections he looked like he picked the names out of a brown bag yes the injuries didn’t help but still raised a few eyebrows, The pigs match 0-0 down to 10 men the Carlisle cup win and the 2-0 win over derby in February got me onside and got me thinking wtf do I know , He needs to pick his best side now stop changing every week maybe 433 because at the moment he looks out of his depth we have two winnable home games and after that we have some nightmare games coming up on paper ....
  10. shireowl

    Pay them off

    Stop talking sense let’s pay the fkn lot of them off Jesus this is not something new all clubs have had it happen at some time along the line what I do know is Abdi was a cracking signing at the time and unfortunately it’s not worked out for us or him for whatever reason ..
  11. shireowl

    Pay them off

    Stupid to pay Abdi off at this moment in time who knows he could play the next 17 games score 10 and have resale potential in January ..
  12. shireowl

    It pains me to say this but....

    32red pay Leeds 400k a season over a 3 year deal 1.2m , DC as put in the same amount ...
  13. It’s fair for the division we are in it’s to stop for instance Etihad coming in and sponsoring the pigs shirt for 200m and giving them a unfair advantage! By the way Leeds shirt deal by 32red is Worth 400k a season over 3 years ....
  14. So what do stoke do tell bet365 to take a hike we don’t want your money ? Stoke and newcastle came down the shirt sponsorship might have been a 3 year deal who knows we all know the relegated clubs come down with a big advantage that’s just the way it is ...