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  1. What stopped us?

    crap city, not as desirable to live in like places such as london or manchester, harder to recruit players in the long run, end up getting 2nd tier choices or journeymen
  2. Rhodes to Huddersfield Town

    whos your mate? or is it just pub talk?
  3. Wales Online Poll

    anyone on a cardiff forum? could give us a hand
  4. Increased security at tonight's match

    intel tip off from cops maybe? probably the same at all grounds at the minute
  5. Fluke win the FA cup this season - Final against a top side but they end up going down to 9 men and we score a goal off the back of a defenders bum and finish 15th in the table or Guaranteed playoff place only
  6. We are going up this season!

    the.... premier... league?
  7. miquel nelom

    could be great having Jos' knowledge of dutch and german football, snap up all those great wonderkinderen
  8. When did owls become pigs

    downvote for the title, we have never been pigs
  9. Venancio

    if we do intend to play 5 at the back from now on 3 CBs of Van Aken, Lees & Venancio would be great, just need some proper wing backs
  10. yeah i tried a few gave up, going to the pub anyway not even sure why im trying it
  11. doesnt work just says invalid code when i go to register
  12. Totally relaxed

    doubtful ill be blackout drunk
  13. Totally relaxed

    genuinely forgot it was today, just not bothered at the minute think the past couple of months have killed this season for me
  14. course not nailed on hammering, who do we have left to field? will be a team of kids at this rate
  15. Dont forget shots on target, at least 1 per match