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  1. We set out not to lose, but not to win. Hate it when we do that
  2. Lol not been gone away that long, we were decent in spells last year, just seems this season we dont have a clue
  3. If nothing else its good defending practice for them
  4. Pigs have got so much time on the ball, thry can pick passes at their leisure. Absolute joke
  5. Painful to watch this. First game ive seen us play in months due to emigtrating, whats happened to us?
  6. Woodhouse_owl

    Simplify how to buy tickets at #SWFC

    nice to see youre embracing the Q-velution
  7. Woodhouse_owl


    Anywhere so long as we're competing and look decent, so boring watching us struggle last season to string passes together
  8. Nope, gonna be midnight for most games over there so really not going to catch any games at all, apart from maybe the derby match which ill stop up for and hopefully will be a 12 o clocker
  9. so do we..... stones
  10. a couple? we have a team full of top premiership players. people always talk down england, but these guys are young and hungry AF
  11. Already nervous and its only 11! dont know how im gonna get through work today
  12. Woodhouse_owl

    What stopped us?

    crap city, not as desirable to live in like places such as london or manchester, harder to recruit players in the long run, end up getting 2nd tier choices or journeymen
  13. Woodhouse_owl

    Rhodes to Huddersfield Town

    whos your mate? or is it just pub talk?