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  1. Don’t worry, he’s only on page 250 of the EFL hearing thread...
  2. I think this is my favourite ever post. I watched the highlights with mute on but it looked like we were loud!!! Brilliant
  3. That photo was taken in the 16th Feb...
  4. Westwood and Lee not on the list though which I’d say is good news!!
  5. I get the impression you aren’t very impressed with the survey haha. Your points are fair but I still feel it’s a positive approach from the board. It’s difficult to get every feeling a fan has from a survey. Had we been in the mix for promotion for example I dare say the exact same questions would have been answered differently by most. By the way I’m not a happy clapper in the slightest, very far from it!! I just think they didn’t have to bother asking our opinions and they have so fair play. That doesn’t mean I agree with ticket pricing, the state of the team etc, it’s simply saying the fact they’ve bothered to do a survey to me is a step in the right direction
  6. Whilst the first couple of questions of the survey are slightly unfair on supporters in how they’re worded, I’m still quite impressed at SWFC for taking the effort to ask supporters views. I’ve not known of this before. The later questions such as how do you feel valued as a supporter says to me that the club want to do things the right way and involve us fans as much as possible. Even the couple of unfair questions at the beginning of the survey, I’m sure they’re genuine questions, as in what would you guys actually prefer? All in all I’m happy to have received this and definitely feel more connected to the club. It’s a well done SWFC from me!!!
  7. Nah, you were certain that was an upvote opportunity!! I’m certain you were certain, and we all know it really
  8. Played very well tonight, possibly my man of the match. There were a few candidates though, first time I’ve seen us fight as a team for a long, long time!
  9. You was expecting that would get a lot of upvotes wasn’t you? Hasn’t really gone as planned...
  10. Why, where do you think Ross County or Hamilton would be in the EFL? Genuine question
  11. Why is he still our manager? Why has Chansiri not sacked him? If Chansiri was to give an answer to these questions what would they be? I can’t afford to because of FFP? I actually think he’s a good manager? I have no idea about football? If I sack him I have to appoint somebody else and I don’t know what I’m doing? Why? 99% of our fans don’t want Carlos as our manager and the other 1% fail to see that a different manager would probably have taken us to the best two finishes in our recent history too with the money we’ve spent. Probably even got us promoted. Why is it the one person who can make the very obviously needed change won’t?
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