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  1. 1 Wednesday legend for the run in

    David Hirst without question!!
  2. testimonial for Semedo

    Kevin Pressman in goal at Semedo's testimonial?
  3. Tonights game.

    Agent Joao!!
  4. I don't even like the word folk...
  5. Callum Mcmanaman

    Was that not Morrison at Birmingham or is it twice that's happened? Or have I got totally mixed up?
  6. For the Abdi injury doubters

    I think that is the point.
  7. Sam Winnall Signs - OFFICIAL

    Min the time it took me to write this.... haha!!
  8. Sam Winnall Signs - OFFICIAL

    Are they just thinking literally everyone knows he's signed, in a way it'll be a bit embarrassing making a big announcement?? First we'll hear of it is when they announce the team tomorrow and he's starting. Oh, thought you all knew...
  9. Were you there?

    1996. So you wasn't there??