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  1. Adam Johnson had a great game for Middlesbrough. Did he sign for City, or am I imagining that?
  2. But he's already playing here on his bigger wages. Loads of players have come in over the past couple of years who were 'expensive'
  3. Why are you making stuff up? Literally every single line of your post - except the last one - is wrong.
  4. Good post. I can't be bothered to argue anymore so lets leave it at that
  5. Yes because the points in question were completely separate and different. They're impossible to compare. So can I. Madine hasn't been consistently fantastic. This is a very silly argument. Madine will be off soon. Nuhiu needs to be off soon too
  6. Bit like Maguire under Jones, like I said. I can't think of many performances worse than Nuhiu's on Saturday.
  7. Nowhere did I ever say that. I don't care about Nuhiu, he's not good enough and the sooner he's off the better. What I do care about is that a better player is out on loan and that's affecting the team. Also discuss the post and not the poster.
  8. 4 goals in 11 starts. Simple. What different roles and expectations are given of them? I'm intrigued. They certainly seem to have similar attributes. How often have Madine and Nuhiu been paired together if they're such different players? Anybody would think they might complement each other.
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