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  1. Great post as always @Lord Snooty


    It's a game of football, so anything can happen on the day. On paper - even with players out - we've got enough to beat MK Franchise. Will we? I dunno, I'll tell you later on but I think it will be a tight game, maybe one goal in it.


    Draws kill you, so I would hope we just go for the jugular from the off. I can see a formation change on the cards too.

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  2. 1 minute ago, Paul.. said:

    Yeah it's been covered in the TV show thread a bit but I don't think it has had its own thread, wife and I are huge fans, on paper it absolutely shouldn't work for us as we hate kids and families and crap like that! But it really is fantastic, just great writing and acting and the blending of the various periods of their lives, we always binge watch each season so it really ramps up the emotional intensity of each season, have just the last one left to watch, that's gonna be a rollercoaster...


    You hate kids? Me too. I've got one, how many do you have? lol

    I didn't realise it had been covered but it's not surprising really. Likewise, my partner and I binge watch (usually a couple of episodes each and every night) so it does ramp up the intensity of each series, I agree.


    As finales go, it's good. Probably what you are expecting in many ways, but still put together with some thought. No spoilers of course, but I hope you enjoy it.

  3. 7 hours ago, Big Malc said:

    Think it was mentioned in the ‘what tv series are you watching’ thread.


    The wife watched it from start to finish.  I caught a few minutes of a few episodes and hated every second of it.  From the background music to the acting, it just felt forced, lecturing and


    Fully appreciate that is an opinion based on not watching it properly though.


    It's somewhat schmaltzy, but then that's US dramas for you. They can go over the top at times. Personally I thought some of the music was great and the acting far from forced. But hey, we can't all like the same

    things can we.


    The program struck several personal chords with me though, including the death of a partner and children being born (one child in my case) and addiction issues (not me, but within my family - fortunately no longer an issue). I think it's my own experiences of life that made this particular program a hit for me.

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  4. 24 minutes ago, TomtheOwl95 said:

    He played internationally for Algeria.


    That's what I put in my first post (Algeria), but it's not which country they played for, but where they were born.


    In other words, we've never had an Algerian play for us, but we have had a player who played for Algeria.

  5. 57 minutes ago, Sheff Cam said:


    Well it's out the winder now Smithy is out!


    Aye. That's not the news we needed with Gregory already out through suspension.


    What are your thoughts on the 5-5-0 formation lol


  6. Just now, TheEnchanter said:

    Doubt Moore would have even mentioned Windass unless something had happened to him this week. Which does indicate he might be carrying an injury. 


    He was asked about him. He's not mentioned this off his own back, if that's what you were meaning. He said he'd trained, he didn't say anything about an injury and he was asked directly about that, so I guess we'll see tomorrow.

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  7. @Sheff Cam what the chuff are you doing up at that time in the mornng? Half 3! Get thee sen to bed lad. That said, cracking video, as per. You and @punkyhorrors do some quality work which we are all grateful for.


    I've been thinking about our formation for some time, but especially since the arrival of the new players. I'm not adverse to 3-5-2, but on too many occasions both last season, and in the pre-season friendlies/first game, we got exposed behind the WB. If one CB comes across to cover, all it takes is two opposition forwards and an advanced midfielder to get in to our box and we could be facing a 3 on 2. We aren't the quickest team over the ground, so we constantly need to be switched on to get men back to cover. It won't always happen.


    Playing the 4-3-3 you suggested, with Johnson further up, could potentially work. He could always fall back in to make a back five, or at least cover when we don't have the ball. Bannan and Windass are both willing runners, and two of the quickest players we have. Bannan does love a tackle too, and could hound the player in possession with Byers/Vaulks holding the space. Fizz could be floating waiting to pick up, likewise Windass. That could make for a quick transition.


    It's certainly a formation worth trying. Maybe one to start with in the Pizza cup. Maybe one we swap from, or to, depending how a league game is progressing. If it keeps us tighter at the back but still allows us to utilise the attacking force we have, then maybe it will be something we see more often.

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  8. 3 minutes ago, Skyline said:

    She has a disabled badge, so that will hopefully get us a decent parking spot!


    I'm looking forward to dinner. The cafe menu online looks good!


    That's good she's got a blue badge. Well it's not, but you know what I mean. I think there are disabled spot in the coach car park, so do try that first.


    My little 'un is a right bugger for eating so we've never been in the cafe, but it's always quite full. We tend to take a picnic to make sure we've got something he'll actually want to eat. God knows how he's got so tall on a diet of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries and anything Daddy is eating 🤣

  9. 1 minute ago, Skyline said:

    Some great suggestions there! I like the sound of Boston Farm.


    We have been to Wentworth a few times. Lovely place there and a great day out.

    We are actually going to Eureka tomorrow! We booked tickets a while back but the missus was too poorly to go. So we've finally re-booked for this weekend using our yearly pass 🙂


    Magna and Whistle Stop can go on the list. Thanks bud. 


    You're welcome mate.


    When you get to Eureka tomorrow, if you drive through the car park (keeping right), go under the bridge and past the centre itself, there is a small car park at the end of the road. It's actually listed as the coach park but sometimes there are spaces for cars. I'm not sure aabout the weekend though. It's less of a walk to/from the main entrance if either your wife or daughter are feeling tired. If push comes to shove, you can drop them off there and park in the main car part. You do need to get a ticket to park and it's not that far a walk. 150 meters maybe.


    I hope you all have a wonderful day out and make some great memories along the way.

  10. 2 minutes ago, Marpals said:

    The signs are on Shoreham St at the Cherry St end I think.


    Looking at the article online, there is a large "Scarborough Holdings. Coming Soon" banner there. Others have said it is still there now.

  11. First of all, I'm really sorry to hear about your wife. Cancer is an awful thing - and I know that only too well - so I hope she beats it. Fingers crossed.


    I've a two year old. He's rather tall, more like a three year old, so the opposite of your daughter. I doubt that will make much difference with my suggestions.


    I've read that she likes animals. Don't all kids, bless 'em. Depending on where you live, and how long a trip you want (both time and distance) you could try Wentworth Garden Centre in Wentworth, Rotherham. There is a small animal menagerie, with plenty of variety to feed and pet. Beyond this, there is a large play area with sandpits, water and a pirate ship. There are also gardens to explore if that will be of interest to her - https://wentworthgardencentre.co.uk/pages/family-farm. You can easy do a good few hours in there.


    If you fancy travelling a little further afield, and spening a good half a day or more on a working farm, you could try Boston Park Farm, in Hatfield, Doncaster. Aside from a large variety of animals, they have an area with peddle tractors and go-karts for the kids to play in, climbing areas and swings, an indoor bouncy castle, a sandpit, and small indoor soft play area, a large outdoor picnic area and at this time of year, they should have a Maize Maze. They also have hay bales the kids can climb on. They are quite high so I'd advise being with her if she goes on these. Take your own food for your picnic or use the on-site cafe. If the weather is nice it's a great day out - https://www.bostonpark.com/


    For something for kids of all ages, have you been to Eureka! The National Children's Museum? Based in Halifax this place is packed with interactive zones for kids to play in, from shops and banks, to more science related areas for the older kids, I'd hope she won't get bored. My son loves it, and I've seen loads of kids of his/your daughters age having an amazing time there. There is a large outdoor sandpit areas too, and as with the others places, areas to eat your own food and an on-site cafe. You might look at the ticket prices and think it is expensive at almost £15.00 for adults and the same for children over 3, but this is a yearly pass. So once bought, you can go as many times as you want - https://visit.eureka.org.uk/


    Another place we always take our son is the Magna Science Centre in Rotherham. There are four interactive "pavilions": Air, Earth, Fire and Water (trust me, take a spare set of clothes) for the kids to explore. The place itself is huge, and it can be very cool in there. You can easily do a few hours inside, and once bored, there is a huge outdoor play area with sandpits, and climbing frames and a Aqua-Tek, and water splash area. As with Eureka! tickets can be upgarded to the an annual pass, for no extra fee. "You simply need to complete a ‘Many Magna Returns’ form when buying tickets at Magna. If you have purchased tickets online, then simply complete the form at our main reception on the day of your visit." - https://www.visitmagna.co.uk/science-adventure/


    My last suggestion is Whistle Stop Valley. Here they have the Kirklees Light Railway, which depending on day/term time can either be a short trip or the full Clayton West to Shelley route. Whilst the place is centred around trains, there are outdoor play areas, indoor play areas that are great for the little ones, including a go-kart area, a big bouncey pillow. so nice walking routes if you can drag her along (😄), picnic areas if you've brought your own and an on-site cafe - https://www.whistlestopvalley.co.uk/


    I hope this info is of some use to you and others.

  12. I've genuinely never been scared by any film. Horror films/Scary movies just bore me. I sit there and think "They are just actors, in a film" and that's it.


    Don't get me wrong, certain films will pique my interest intellectually, but scary films just leave me cold, bored and flat. I've never hidden behind the sofa, but I have laughed at a lot at them.


    I'm maybe on my own with this. Or maybe not.

  13. It's hard to define this American TV production but IMDB says it's "A heartwarming and emotional story about a unique set of triplets, their struggles and their wonderful parents."


    That doesn't go close to explaining this show. I'm surprised there isn't a thread about this in this section (I did search, but apologies if there is already a thread on this). 106 episodes in total, spanning 6 series (or bleedin' Seasons as the US like to stupidly call them). Available on Prime, or all dodgy boxes.


    It is dramatic. It could make you cry (I'll hold my hands up to that). It will make you laugh. It will make you think. It will absolutely make you reflect. No question of that, or you have no emotion.


    It's incredibly well thought out, conceptually. Incredibly well acted and the production is somewhat unique, with scenes being shot from multiple angles following individual actors, which are then made in to their own episodes. The story line ebbs and flows and often goes backwards, and forwards, in time, showing glimpses of what was, and what will be. It's simple to follow, so don't let that put you off.


    The main characters are the triplets: Kevin - who is a famous actor and white (read on). Kate, who has an eating disorder, and who is also white. And Randall, who is a very intelligent, very determined black guy. who could easily be the next POTUS. Two white kids and one black kid as triplets? Watch and find out.


    Let me know your thoughts, and if there is an existing thread, please merge and my apologies.



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  14. 13 minutes ago, Marpals said:

    The signs are there and have been for over a year I definitely know that.

    But I would really be surprised if SH own the car park behind the South Stand, I sure that would have been in the press, also SH would have put signs up on the car park wall, if only to play mind games.


    That said, we are here taking the pizz and we don't even own our own ground. I'm sure who is in the worst place.

  15. 3 minutes ago, Marpals said:

    The signs are there and have been for over a year I definitely know that.

    But I would really be surprised if SH own the car park behind the South Stand, I sure that would have been in the press, also SH would have put signs up on the car park wall, if only to play mind games.


    Signs on Cherry St/S St. or John St/S St.?


    Yeah good point about the press. I doubt McCabe would have let that kind of news slip through his fingers.

  16. 1 minute ago, Marpals said:

    I don't think any of the car park land behind the South Stand is SH, its the corners it could be Cherry St/Shoreham St, I seem to remember McCabe was going to build some flats on the corner of John St/Shoreham St, but it could have been the other corner.

    If SH did own the car park behind the South Stand do you think they would let them use it ?


    You might be right about the other corner, but other people have shown me news reports of the Cherry St/Shoreham St banner, so I know that exists.


    I don't know about the car park situation. I guess it depends what is in the Title Deeds, or what has been previously, legally, agreed. Maybe McCabe is playing it cute. "Yes, of course you can use the car park. Not a problem. Free of charge" and then whoomp. Up goes the Development on the corner.


    He supports the club so he's on a sticky wicket emotionally. But I'm sure he can easily overlook that when it comes to business and making a return on his investment, especially at the expense of HRH Prince of Izal

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