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  1. Like many who have replied, I totally agree with the OP. The question is, how do you get the songs implanted in the heads of us fans? It is all well and good having 3 or 4 people singing a new song, but if nobody else knows the words or tune, then it will die.

    What we need is a thread [or if popular, a new forum] dedicated to new songs for the players. That way we can thrash ideas around and come up with something and give it a trial run. Then it is a question of getting these songs going, and keeping them going. I think the away matches would be the best place to start a new song, as all the fans are together, rather than being split over 3 stands [at Hillsborough] and having pockets of fans here and there singing the same song, possibly at different times.

    I know how I would feel if my name was being sung by fans. It would make my hair stand on end. I bet even as a seasoned professional it is still an amazing buzz to have your name sung by c. 20,000 fans. We have some smart people on this forum, who have certainly proved to be wordsmiths, so come on my fellow OwlsTalkers, lets get some new lyrics penned and see if we cant get a least one song for each player sorted by the end of November.


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