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  1. 7 hours ago, SallyCinnamon said:

    A well done for backing his manager in the this window and the one before.


    We’ve signed some very good players for this level, tied first teamers down to new contracts and utilised the loan market to bring in quality,


    Over to you Darren and team. 


    Yeah well done DC for your calamitous fwck up in not providing the correct paperwork in a timely manner, ultimately resulting in relegation and the ignominy of only being able to sign free agents and loanees in the third tier.


    Tune in next week as we praise singer-songwriter Charles Manson, who was just "misunderstood".



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  2. 36 minutes ago, Miffed said:

    It doesnt help when each time a new manager comes in, the whole football philosophy along with the squad is torn up and started again. Fans demand immediate success without time for the project to be implemented properly and the process repeats.


    What I would rather see is the club bring in people with the inside knowledge and know how to give the club a footballing idenity from top to bottom. Adopt a playing style that will be used from the first team right down to junior level. Recruit players to play that particular syle, rather than the ad-hoc, scattergun approach. This way, whenever a player steps out onto the field they know their role, exactly what is expected from them and exactly what they can expect from their team mates.

    This then changes your whole approach to recruiting managers. You appoint a manager who is going to come in and (to a certain degree) fit in with the ethos of the club. When the next manager comes in, the big red button isnt pressed and it has a less disruptive effect on the team. Recruit a manager that suits the club.


    A key example of this was when Bruce came in and brought his own staff to set the club up to play a certain style of football. When Monk was appointed he had a completely different brand of football so the whole process that was started in January of the previous season was scrapped mid way through the next season.


    The problem is that what you are suggesting works when you have finances to scout and buy the players who will fit the bill and are big enough a club to attract the sort of managers and staff that can continue within the framework of the club ethos. We on the other hand and scraping around for freebies, and can only attract mainly out of work managers.


    I do 100% agree with what you have said though.

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  3. I travelled today from Hemel Hempstead (was with partners family for New Year) and it was the first game I've been to in 3 months, due to being in Portugal over that period. It was good to get to a game after all that time to catch up with friends and family.


    Before I even looked at the possesion stats, I knew we had dominated. But we dominated without doing anything at all. Lateral passing, wingers coming inside after receiving the ball, no cultured passing or thought throughout the entire game. It was poor, and that is being kind.


    The highlight of the game was me ribbing a copper for carrying two bags labelled "Chicken" and asking if he was moonlighting for Uber Eats whilst on duty. Fair play to him, he took the cuffs off eventually and the pepper spray wears off after 20 minutes 🙃 Joking aside he said he had to on his wages, and sadly I doubt he was joking.


    Shrewsbury aren't a good team. Nor are they clever or particularly creative. We struggled to break them down and no amount of excuses will gloss over what was a very poor performance. The entire team - and I include managers and coaches in that - need to buck up their ideas and fast.

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  4. 12 hours ago, owlinexile said:


    It's actually not that complicated. 


    Say you have a computer file or a piece of electronic data.  Could be anything - a song, a piece of artwork, an object in a computer game.  Doesn't matter.


    Normally, that piece of data can be perfectly copied, as many times as you want.  If you download a piece of music, the person who originally uploaded it still 'has' it - now there are two identical copies.


    Basic economics therefore suggests that that data is therefore intrinsically worthless.  Imagine if anyone could take a £10 note and perfectly copy it whenever they want.  It would immediately become useless as currency. 


    Now, there is a technology called 'blockchain'.  It doesn't really matter how it works exactly, but what it does is create an unalterable record of something, for example who owns a particular file.


    All of a sudden you can check this record and see who owns the 'original' file and who has copies.  It is therefore possible to 'own' a computer file like you can own a physical object in the real world, and your version of it can be acknowledged as the only 'real' one.


    This is the basis of how crypto-currency exists.  If there is only a finite amount of something, and ownership can easily be determined by checking an un-falsifiable record, then it can have actual value (as long as people believe it has actual value, but that's a different argument).


    NFTs are the latest iteration of this idea.  The concept is basically - in the real world, there is a difference between, say, the actual Mona Lisa and a print of the Mona Lisa you can buy from the Louvre gift shop, right?  So, given that we can now mark out which of these pieces of JPEG art/YouTube videos/whatever is the 'genuine' one, shouldn't the same principle apply?


    People like the two chaps above will therefore happily take your money to be the one who actually 'owns' that video of Fenton the dog chasing those deer, or the Meme template of Steve Buscemi trying to blend in with teenagers, or whatever.  The idea is that it might appreciate in value and you can sell it for a profit, just like any other asset.  Your mileage may vary on exactly how confidence scam-adjacent this all is.


    A perfect explanation of NFT's. I can take a while to get your head around the concept, but this sums it up nicely. A 12 year old artist from the US recently made over $4M selling NFT's of her artwork. To be fair, she has a talent. A 12 year old in the UK, who made Weird Whales sold almost £300K of NFT's, so it can be big business.


    Barcelona, Lazio, Porto, Santos, Arsenal and Man City, to name but a few, have all released their own digital collectible NFT's, and this can generate huge profits for the clubs involved.

  5. 14 hours ago, Inspector Lestrade said:


    The child should be use the mothers surname after all they put the most effort into raising them


    My other half was absolutely adamant that our son should have my surname and not hers. Of course, when he was born he had to have her name as it is obvious who the mother is. But once it came to registering him, he got my surname. 


    I do agree though; they put in a sh!t ton of effort to bring them up. I work from home so I'm generally around and can and do help out as much as possible, but if it wasn't for my partner, I wouldn't be able to work at all. I honestly don't know how she does it. 


    I did suggest a double-barreled name, but neither of us were too keen. Ndumbu-Nsungu-Murphy sounds wrong anyway! lol


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  6. 1 minute ago, Inspector Lestrade said:


    Fair enough, we seem to be on the same or near enough on the same page.  Thank you for answering my question.


    I'd say so, and you're welcome. It's maybe just the way I put it across yesterday that was confusing. 

  7. 1 minute ago, Inspector Lestrade said:


    Where did I come even close to saying that?  I have stated at least twice that fans should not go on the pitch.


    For me it's a question of degree if its passive then let it go, if its violent then throw the book at them.  But my overriding advice for what it's worth is to keep off the pitch.


    Would you have approved of all the fans who went on against Wycombe to banned?


    I didn't say you had said, or were saying, it's okay. I was just asking the question to which you have clarified your position. To be fair to you, it's what I thought you would say. I've never suggested anyone gets banned though either. That's a line that is coming from the club - in a round about way. 


    It's against the law to go on to the pitch, and whilst none of our fans did anything wrong, the fact they were there is technically illegal. Would I ban them? No, but I think the club have to make the statement they have. Would I have banned the fans who went on the pitch against Wycombe? See my last comment. 


    Like you, my overriding advice is to stay off the pitch. My comments yesterday were based on an absolute extreme that has, in the past, happened at football grounds including our own. It's not what I would want any of our fans to be involved in. Yesterdays pitch invasion was well mannered but nonetheless, a stupid thing to do. It could incite trouble with the opposite supporters and lead to either fines and/or reduced allocation. 


    That was the gist of what I was saying. 

  8. 14 hours ago, Manwë said:

    And I've walked down aisles of supermarkets and staff have been stacking shelves,.


    There's segregation in football because it's 2021 and people, authorities and the police think the average fan is just one step away from becoming a violent criminal.  It's why the police may not attend your house if you get burgled, but why dozens may stand outside an away pub to watch people drink a regulated, taxed, legal substance.


    Your post, well meaning I'm sure, is in the line of thinking that a football fan is basically a coiled spring ready to kick off in to violence at any moment.  What if?  What if?


    No, not at all. In fact the opposite. 99.99% of fans are decent and well behaved. They may like a bit of banter - I certainly do - but even with a few pints of stupid juice inside won't over step the mark. I'm not, and wasn't, suggesting any of our fans who went on the pitch would strike a player. My point was that if you don't go on the pitch in the first place, it won't happen at all. 


    Look at that moron from L**ds who ran on at Hillsborough and smacked Kirkland. A Birmingham fan did the same to Enckelman and Grealish got a clout too. I just don't condone running on to the pitch during a game, that's all. 

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  9. It takes just one moron to go one step further and think (or is it fink) "I'll smack an opposition player"....a man who is just going out to work, supporting his family like everyone else does, just in a very emotive industry.


    We've all seen these morons. They are at every club. This is why fans should not go on the pitch. Footballers are just doing a job, and most of them for a different company to the one we like. Fortunately that didn't happen today - and may never have happened. 


    But it just takes one moron. Which club will make their mark first?


    Stay off the pitch and it will never happen. 

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  10. 14 hours ago, njh1968 said:

    Not sure what the contract is, but hope its just until jan, shown very little 


    13 hours ago, wakefieldowl said:

    What is his contract, does anyone know?


    1 year, plus 1 year extension from our side, I think I read somewhere.

  11. 1 hour ago, HopefulOwl said:

    Bloody hell mate...  you just had me in tears sat at my desk at work....  i'm not sure how i'd react in that situation but to hold it together in the very short term and do what you did, hats off and well done.


    Sorry mate, I didn't mean it to have that impact and thank you for your kind words. Yes it's a sad story, but it has ended up being more than I could have expected (my son) and a lot of that is down to me seeking the support and help I needed. But also accepting that I needed that support and help, because I wasn't indestructible nor immune to mental health issues due to the circumstances.

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