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  1. 2 hours ago, Rotherham Owl said:


    Not sure I agree with you with the "our IP" the IP is the filming and distribution, we are contractually obliged to play by the EFL and cannot refuse. If the IP is us playing then we already give that a way for free as we don't get any of the away ticket sales.


    Accrington are correct that there needs to a more equitable way of splitting this new income or at least a discussion by the EFL on how to do it.


    True we are contractually obliged to play, and we don't get any of the away ticket sales. However if it came to Accrington having their own streaming service, we could refuse for that stream to take place unless we were financially rewarded for it. Sheffield Wednesday PLC most likely hold the image rights for the club, and therefore we have the say to how they are used.


    I was talking broadly about I.P. I know that the club itself isn't the I.P. but if they are being televised, they become part of the that intellectual property (AFAIK). I've had to sign contracts before whilst working as an IT contractor to release any I.P. that I created as part of my role. I'm sure football isn't that black and white, and quite possibly more complex due to other agreements and/or legislation.


    One could argue, why should a club like Accrington reap equality from the sales of a live stream, sold on the channel and platform of another club? This doesn't sound like it's ever been a deal where iFollow say (for example) "we are buying the rights of all EFL matches for £Xm" and that is distributed evenly to each team in their respective leagues. It's down to the individual clubs to sell their side of the stream, with their own commentary, and therefore they are the ones who should benefit more.


    I would imagine that we probably get between 5 and 10 times more revenue than Accrington from iFollow. We won't give up that figure just because they want a bigger slice of the pie. So iFollow would have to pay out larger sums to placate the smaller teams (in terms of fan base), which means they would have to raise the prices of each stream. Which would possibly drive the sales figures down, especially in the current climate.


    Whilst I understand the need for clubs to maximise revenue, and sympathise with Accrington is some respects, it sounds to me like they are unable to compete financially with other teams in the league and are simply looking for more handouts.



  2. 12 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:

    Yeah I get that

    What I'm saying is that he's spouted out this pretty immature letter and ranted without giving any specifics that anyone else could support.

    If he'd have laid out the real problems saying 'Look - when we play a game we get 90 people streaming so we only get £9000 and out of that £4000 goes to I-Follow leaving us £5000 before tax which I just dont' think is fair or worth it' etc



    Ah, I get you now. Yes it was a very vague and ill written rant, with zero substance. Perhaps the EFL know the figures and they didn't need to be quoted.

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  3. 8 minutes ago, Leaping Lannys Perm said:

    I'm sure there is something in the rules about having to sell a certain number of streams before you get a penny.


    Some League 2 club tweeted about it during the pandemic. They weren't hitting the number so they weren't getting anything whilst Bolton, a very big club in the division was hitting the number and therefore was.


    That's probably part of the issue.


    It was Colchester. At the time (it may still be the case) a club could keep all the revenue generated through it's own web site, plus the first 500 bought by the away team. So if Bolton fans went on to Colchester's site and bought their match passes, Colchester made revenue. But of course it doesn't work like that; Bolton fans would have bought through their own club site.


    The argument from Colchester was that they sold 492 passes, plus they got the revenue from the first 500 from Bolton (952 in total). Bolton sold 2252 (1752 in total (minus the first 500)) so Bolton made more money. I think this is Accrington's argument too, i.e. why isn't the revenue split 50/50 or given purely to the home team.


    If Accrington want to sell their own I.P. then they should be allowed to do that in my opinion, as I mentioned in my post above. However, it's not just them that are playing and that's something I didn't mention in my other post, somewhat deliberately.


    Accrington have no right to sell any other clubs I.P. as the other club owns that. So if they are playing us for instance, we have the right to refuse Accrington profit from our I.P. via streams, and this is essentially where imbalance of the iFollow revenue comes in to play.


    Accrington's away capacity is c. 1800 and the likelihood is we would sell that out. Therefore that is the maximum that they can profit from physical ticket sales. If the first 500 away passes bought for iFollow still go to the home team, that's like getting an extra 200 people in at £25.00 a ticket. If Wednesday sold 1000 passes, why shouldn't we benefit from that? After all, it's not our fans fault that Accrington's away capacity is smaller than our average away attendance and they've already generated an extra £5000.00 in iFollow passes from us in the first place. If that happened for all of their 23 home games, that's an extra £115,000 a season from away fans alone.


    Yet if they want to try and sell their I.P. on their own, good luck to them. It's their right to do so.


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  4. 25 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:

    I don't understand which part of it he's arguing against?


    He's arguing against ASFC intellectual property (IP) rights, and he has a very fair and valid point.


    For anyone who doesn't understand this, essentially the football that ASFC play, is their own creation. It is their property. They own it and have the right to charge for its use. It's a little bit like going to a gig and live streaming that gig to others for free. The band or singer performing will lose out on revenue, and that is what ASFC feel is happening.


    However, it's a two way street. iFollow are making profit from this, because they are the platform that is generating the sales. ASFC will be being paid for this, as will all clubs, but I guess they feel they are not getting a fair deal.


    Whether or not they can make more money by offering their own service remains to be seen. Perhaps they can but either way, they should have the right to decide, without coercion as it seems, to sell their I.P. they way they want.

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  5. 17 minutes ago, vulva said:

    He played once 7 years ago. It’s like me applying to Microsoft and putting 3rd in the Egg and Spoon on my CV. 


    I thought the IAAF has stripped you of the bronze medal, due to that doping scandal?


    You should have known Haribo Tangfastics were a banned substance in under 11's events, and using the excuse of "my mum bought them for me" was never going to get you off the hook.

  6. 1 hour ago, morganowl said:

    i was at the other end , yes saw sow missed a chance , im talking about what was on target and there keeper had very very little to do ,a shot straight at him was his only work all game , very little crosses or corners for him to catch or punch away.  i clearly was at the game saw tango and his missus . 2nd half kicking to where i was , a couple of shots 1 over the bar and a very weak effort a 5 year old could have picked up.  everyone near me was grumbling so i  didnt imagine this.  result is completely irrelevant just making sure everyone got a run out without picking up pointless injuries . if judgements were made just on today you would say alfreton will be in top 6 of there league and we will struggle but we have 4 weeks of training pre season games and more signings so defo no alarm bells just yet. 


    If judgements were made on today, I would say it's a pre-season game and absolutely nothing - and I mean nothing - is relevant, bar fitness and conditioning. This game will have zero influence on our season or theirs and nor does it act as any kind of barometer for where either team will finish.


    Suggesting anything different is very foolish, shows a lack of football knowledge and just comes across as being angry, bitter and self-righteous because we didn't steam-roller Alfreton.

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  7. 38 minutes ago, morganowl said:

    if anyone went to mansfield in the papa johns this game reminded me of that . im sure alfreton had about 8 corners we had 1? and they probably should have beat us 2-0 . there keeper had almost nothing to do all game, just routine stuff . yes this is just purely a fitness exercise but clearly we need about 3/4 more signings . what i think we will struggle with is a bit of quality bringing the ball out of defence ,the 3 we have aint known for doing that ,id also like us to sign a tricky quality player further forward along with some pace and quality out wide.  i enjoyed the day out but not in a rush to go to any more pre season games. 


    17 minutes ago, sexpistol said:

    You clearly weren’t at the game. Wednesday missed 3 easy chances first half. The Sow one was shocking. Their keeper first half made 2 great saves ( both should have scored though)


    I was just about to reply, then saw @sexpistol already had. As he said, their 'keeper pulled of at least 2 great saves in the first half. Gregory should have scored but their 'keeper closed down the angle and blocked well. That was the stand out save for me.


    How Sow missed his header I do not know, but it matters not one bit. It's about shaking off cobwebs, getting a competitive game in, getting up match fitness and match conditioning. It was a pleasant day, with a packed ground and whilst the football on show wasn't brilliant, it was an afternoon out supporting Wednesday and supporting a lower league team with gate receipts. Noting to complain about at all.

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  8. We need at least 2 more CB's and I'd like cover for Johnson on the left. This could be in the form of a winger rather than a WB as Palmer could play at LB. 2 needs, 1 like.


    Midfield wise, we look solid. I'd like someone who can play more advanced/attacking, but this could be someone who can also play as a forward. Maybe Windass could fill that role as number 10? 1 like.


    Up front, I think we need some serious pace. Gregory is a good all-rounder and I don't know enough about Smith's game to say where/what his strengths are. Windass did have pace, but whether that's been tempered through his injuries remains to be seen. I think we need further options up top. At least one. Maybe too early for Cadamarteri to get involved often next season, but I'd be throwing him in to some games - based on what I've read - purely for experience. 1 need.


    So for me, 3 needs, 2 likes.

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  9. 2 minutes ago, Pablo Bonvin said:

    I was also looking for the starting lineup that day and found this in the depths of tinternet.


    You're right. Most of them seemingly vanished without trace.



    It was basically the academy lads that played. Some of them not even first year pros. It was a huge co ck up from the club. Unorganised chaos due to a very late change of plan.


    Everyone in the world of football knows what team we put out that day. Bar the pigs, who still want to think it was our first team.

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  10. On 25/06/2022 at 14:03, smhouston said:

    Heckingbottom has confirmed they are needing to slash the wage budget and cut the playing squad size


    Maybe some people's predictions on here regarding their wobbly financiers are actually true 


    It's very well documented in the public domain that they took a loan from the kangeroo bank Macquarie, against their parachute payments. Their first loan meant that all funds owed to them by the PL had to be paid to Macquarie.


    They also took out a second loan, in January this year, for £16M based on two payments owed from Arsenal for Ramsdale - which are to be paid at the end of July and and end of this year. All of these loans are servicable, but with interest of around 5% (which equates to £800K on the second loan alone) and the fact that they needed the cash in advance, more than suggests their finances are wobbly.

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  11. 2 hours ago, Beauchief Owl said:

    New owners incoming but no manager. They'll need to sign players quickly but they'll probably have some restrictions placed on them meaning no transfer fees so Joe is a decent acquisition for them under the circumstances, if he goes there. Big club in L1 with huge financial problems, sound familiar?


    Liam Rosenior is in as interim manager.....which could mean interim for the foreseeable at this rate.

  12. 16 hours ago, Weshallovercome said:

    Having lost a son I sadly know the pain he's going through, it never leave you and can be all consuming.


    My heart goes out to you Paul, if you ever feel the need to talk to someone you can always message me.


    3 hours ago, fredmciverslovechild said:

    I lost my daughter, aged 10, back in 2008. With all the passing years it doesn't get any easier....if anything it becomes more difficult as the memories fade. It's the anniversary in just a few days time (7 July) which is always a horrible day for us.


    My thoughts really go out to Paul and his family.


    Having a two year old son, I just cannot comprehend how hard this must have been on you both, and your families. No words of solace or sympathy will ever do. 💙

  13. As a father, I cannot imagine the pain that Paul and his family are currently going through. It is tragic. I hope in time they will all find as much peace as is possible, and look back with smiles and laughter.


    Call me by the old familiar name.
    Speak of me in the easy way which you always used.
    Put no difference into your tone.
    Wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow.

    Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes that we enjoyed together.
    Play, smile, think of me, pray for me.
    Let my name be ever the household word that it always was.
    Let it be spoken without an effort, without the ghost of a shadow upon it.

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  14. 2 hours ago, Tommy Tinman said:

    What do you all think of Rotherham not letting the two guy's  we've  signed train  with us , petty or what 


    There could be myriad reasons why they've not let them train. They are still contracted to Rotherham until the end of this month, and it might be that we cannot insure them until 1st July. If they were to sustain a career ending injury whilst training with us, before the 1st July, it would be Rotherham's insurance policy taking the claim. It's a highly unlikely scenario, but that is just one possible reason.


    Are they likely being petty? Quite possibly, but we don't know the full facts so let's not jump to what seems an obvious conclusion. After all, their owner is a Wednesdayite, but a businessman first.

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  15. 48 minutes ago, Is That It said:

    Not sure where we are planned to stay however there is a new national sports centre in Lisbon which is a bit like St George’s Park. I know a few other teams are heading there.


    Good point. I did assume the Algarve as historically they've gone there before.


    What's the new sports centre? Is it north of Lisbon?

  16. 2 hours ago, Barnsleyowl1996 said:

    To be fair mate not a bad idea . Who we playing like ?


    I dunno. I'm back in Elsecar now lol

    I'm fairly sure there will be other English teams training in Portugal, but whether it's a little too early for any Portuguese teams for a pre-season friendly, I'm not sure. I don't know how the World Cup is affecting their league start dates.


    The only thing is, with the games being behind closed doors, I'm not sure where they will be played. The team could be staying further west, out towards Lagos, or possibly at Browns - although the academy tends to go there. All the facilites they use have pitches of course, so they could well be playing at the training camp and not using local stadia.

  17. 10 hours ago, Barnsleyowl1996 said:

    Thought that was the case with smith and ihikiwe. Annoying the Portugal games are behind closed doors as im

    over in Portugal the week Wednesday are there . Hopefully it’s a small ground and I find out few hours before to stand on a hill and watch lol


    It is a small ground, but it has a perimeter wall running around it. However, there is a hill about a 100 meters away from the stadium where you might be able to view the game.


    I know it was a tongue-in-cheek comment, but I think if you turned up, there would be a chance you could see the game to some extent.

  18. 8 hours ago, Kopparberg said:

    Probably Amazon Prime and 6:15pm kick offs for night Prem matches (then also a 8:15pm one) 


    I don’t think they’d want the EFL as it’s nowhere near as global 


    Money talks so whoever has the money really…


    Which raises an interesting point. If the EFL doesn't have to feed off the scraps left on the floor from Sky's deal with the EPL, then could Sky turn their attention purely towards the EFL? And if so, how would this affect the money coming in?

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  19. 8 hours ago, ThisCityIsOurs88 said:

    Just wondered if anybody has been in quite recently and noticed if they have the away shirt in infant size 3/6 months? Baby is due in 7 weeks and would love to get one. 

    Are the store doing name printing on shirts again now too?

    The store in Meadowhall is completely sold out. ☹️



    Congrats on your baby. Good luck and I hope the birth goes well.

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  20. 25 minutes ago, Utah Owl said:

    Need to move on to Snortin' Whiskey (and Drinking Cocaine)!


    Tequila Stuntman is the way forward. Snort the salt, squeeze the lime in your eye and drink.


    And yes, I've done it. Waaaaay too many times to mention lol


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