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  1. I've absolutely no idea. Not seen anything from him in years. That said, he is 70 according to Wiki, so he's probably enjoying his retirement, as well he should.
  2. Because it's the rules that FIFA impose. No part of the kit can clash. End of. Not sure what the confusion is.
  3. You quoted Sunderland. They are second. You can't even spell the name of our Captain, who has been with us since 2015. Quite honestly, you're not worth listening to.
  4. The league position is sh!t.....seeing as the entire squad is talking about promotion. Their caveat is, they never said when. False dawns I guess.
  5. That would be nice. They're second (just so you'll understand - there second!) Do you want to keep on digging yourself in to a hole of stupidity, or are you going to quit whilst you are behind?
  6. Sack Bannon and Patterson too, who ever they are. And Andiran. I've no idea who he is either, but sack him. I'd probably also add Parmer to that list, although rumour has it, he's retired. I'd sack Moor too, as it's basically a sh!t hole and close to S2 Sack spellcheckers too. And fans that can't spell players names. ******** it, sack 'em all.
  7. I had genuinely no idea we were playing tonight, until the 83rd minute. I guess I've missed very little. So we've won away at Wigan. Wow. Amaze balls.
  8. Thank you. I didn't mean/don't won't this to be about my loss. I'm guess I was trying to say that people who have lost maybe understand more about grief, but I simply can't understand this or what they are going through.
  9. Why oh why have these senseless murders happened? As a parent of a two year old I simply cannot imagine what it must feel like for these families right now. And that is after suffering the loss of my wife, almost 6 years ago, to cancer. It's heartbreaking, shocking and tragic. My thoughts are with all those affected. May you find the strength to rebuild your lives one day.
  10. No, I didn't mean it like that. If I'd booked a return to Elsecar through trainline.com I would have been charged £11.80 more that if I'd booked a return to Meadowhall and then bought a new ticket from Meadowhall to Elsecar. Obviously I wouldn't have got off the train, I just used that as a way of explaining the situation. I think with the split ticket purchases you just stop on the same train (unless you have to change actual trains). No need to get off and on again and I'd only image you need to show your tickets if asked for, or at the end of your journey.
  11. And splitmyfare.co.uk returned a price of £59.93. That's around 12.50% cheaper.
  12. I've just done exactly the same journey on both trainline.com and splitticketing.com, and the prices are £68.60 and £62.14 respectively. So they don't. Same journey, same dates and times and same trains chosen.
  13. If you use trainline.com, it will not split yout tickets or give you the cheapest options. That is what the OP wants. For instance, pre-Covid, I was looking at trains from Elsecar to Manchester Airport. If I terminated my return journey at Meadowhall - two stops from Elsecar - my tickets were c. £15.00 cheaper per adult. If I got off and back on the same train at Meadowhall and travelled to Elsecar, I would have been charged another £3.20 per adult. This is what ticket splitting web sites do. And there are a good handful of them to choose from.
  14. One of my customers runs an extremely succesful tipping service (his family is tied in to the sport). His customers, who buy the tips, spend £100s on each bet. I won't tell you his exact turnover but but it's low 6 figures. Not bad for someone in their early 30s. I asked him the same question once and he said that most people attending meetings go with the aim of having a bet (and losing). It's part of the experience for them I guess. A bit like going to Las Vegas. If they can afford to lose £X and want to have a flutter, why not. It's their money. It's when you start chasing your losses that the problems start. Personally I rarely bet on anything as I don't like losing hard earned money.
  15. I quite liked Pep until recently. Now he's coming across as an arrogant self-entitled two-hat, who simply has no idea about the grass roots, or pyramid tiers, of English football. In fairness, he's hardly likely to either, being Spanish - like the majority of English club supporting fans don't understand the grass roots of Spanish football, assuming there is one. However, his management and media team - because he'll have such advisors I've no doubt - should have shut his gob at source. He p!ssed off his own fans last week. Now he's gone full hog and p!ssed off the rest of us. Well done Pep. You're CV might look impressive, but you've a sh!t load to learn about life pal.
  16. You mentioned Stoke, and I can see them being another club who are likely to be facing a points deduction soon. I personally don't know what the solution is at present, although it hinges I feel on Parachute Payments. But the game has gone for me - years ago. I doubt we will ever get it back again until the money, at the top, runs out.
  17. And that is partly my point. If the EFL don't even know the difference, or what their own rules are........ LIke I said, not a pop at you as it was obvious you were quoting due to the italics. I agree with your point though. It's a system designed to protect the PL and it does that to the detriment of the vast majority of clubs and their supporters.
  18. Arrrggghhh!!!! This isn't a pop at you but FFS! When are people, especially the media, going to start using the correct terms for this. It isn't Profit but Profitability. Profit means just that; what profit has been made. Barely any football club returns a profit so every football club would fall foul. Profitability is "the degree to which a business or activity yields profit or financial gain.". Sorry, it's just a major irritation for me when people get this wrong. Profit (or loss) is something that is declared in the annual account. Profitability is something that can be challenged and questioned at any given time. Profit Rick: "Errrrr Mr Chairman, what profit have you made this year laaa?" Club Chairman: "None" Rick: " Underling, please add this club to the list. How many do we have now?" Underling: "erm, that makes......71 now Mr. Parry sir, in the EFL. Obviously Middlesborough won't make the list Sir Parry of the EFL." Rick: "Excellent!" (rubs hands) Profitability Rick: "Mr Chairman, if you sign Julio Geordio, a record Columbian signing, how will that affect your end of year profit laaaaaaa?" Club Chairman: "We'll be absolutely f**ked" Rick: "So I suggest you don't sign him then or you'll break Profit & Sustainability" Club Chairman: "It's Profitability & Sustainability" Rick: "I know. I just wanna p!ss off ChapSmurf" Together: "Excellent!" (both rub hands)
  19. Bar Carlton Palmer, any of these guys could have walked past me and I'd have not known who they were. In fact, I've only heard of Terry Curran out of all the names mentioned. Guess I'm way too young to remember
  20. I definately don't remember this. It's way before my time. The photo is obviously in black and white, but I'm fairly certain that there is a lot of pink in that photo. Or is it red? I'll have to zoom in.
  21. Interesting to see Shrewsbury's differential. It would suggest an easy victory on Saturday. We'll buck that trend.
  22. FML! Is this absolutely pointless debate still going on?
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