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  1. First lesson of OT. When responding to an OP in a sarcastic manner, make sure the response is at least accurate, or you will be rightly torn to shreds. Epic fail on my part Anyway, enjoy the game. Have a safe journey and bring back 3 points.
  2. I'm not even going to bother editing that post!
  3. I have 2 questions. The first one is multiple choice. 1. Have you: A. Bought 1,403 tickets B. Bought 14.03 tickets C. 17 tickets 2. Why are you drinking, so heavily, so early on a Friday afternoon?
  4. Get yourself down to the Reeperbahn. Or if you are with your wives and girlfriends, lose them, and once you have, then go to Reeperbahn.
  5. You could be right, and you probably are. After all, we are talking about and I'm sure other fans of other clubs are too. The shirt is being shown on the club shop site but again, it could be part of the ruse. I feel there is way too much advertising for sports betting but PP do at least try and mix things up and stand out. And they do it well to be fair.
  6. Unfortunataely, it's not. The FA are actually asking Huddersfield for their "observations" on the kit, as it breaches the "one single area (of sponsor logo) not exceeding 250 sq. centimeters on the front of the shirt". I personally hope it gets banned, because not only do I despise the amount of unecessary betting advertising in sport these days, it's absolutely fugly.
  7. AFAIK, and I could well be wrong, as of yesterday afternoon there was £3M on the table. Again, AFAIK, no compensation has yet been paid. (Edit) Or agreed.
  8. Oh God no. That wasn't aimed at you. You can't afford such luxuries being a student. Unless, that is, you have a, erm, night job
  9. No Chemical or Doobie Brothers in that list. That's a normal school night for some on here by the looks of their posts!
  10. Oh don't get me f@cking started on this sh!t. I'll blow a gasket.
  11. I lived in Naaaaridge for 12 years. 152 miles, 3 hours if you were lucky. All I will say is caravans should only be allowed on the road from midnight, until 00:01! Or you can legally use heat-seeking missiles on them.
  12. TBH, that's exactly the position I was thinking of. However would they not have to remain in that position (with that title) to avoid any grey areas?
  13. If Bruce has resigned, then we would need to appoint someone with a different title to what SB currently has. What that person does on a day-to-day basis, really has no bearing on this. We could argue that in the interim period, we need someone to "manage" the team like Bullen will no doubt be doing. However, bringing in someone new could be argued/construed as active dismissal, although that wouldn't necessarily be the case if we "promoted from within".
  14. You don't even know the truth, and nor do you know me, so I've no idea how you have arrived at the fact that I can't handle it.
  15. I think there is, although some will never forget because they are simply angry at everything. For me all he needs to say is the truth: Born in the area and his boyhood club, Premier League status, more money, maybe closer to family. All of that in my mind, when removing my SWFC tinted specs, is perfectly understandable and acceptable. As I said in another thread, if guy gets offered another job out of the blue, on more money, for a better company with potentially more immediate prospects why are people are vilifying him for having his head turned? If that was me or you (that's a Royal "you", not you personally @striker), and we had bills to pay, what would we do? It's really no different if you are a multi-millionaire, because it's all about maintaining the lifestyle you have. So I totally get it, even though it couldn't have come at a worse time. It's just how things go in football. It's nothing personal. I think if people get their heads around this, then maybe there is a way back. That plus good results on the field.
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