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  1. The question you should be asking is, what do Amazon know about you? With an Alexa, or Ring doorbell installed at your house, quite a lot. And now they have ex-NSA Head of, General Keith Alexander on board - you know, the guy who initiated the US government surveillance programme on its own citizens - this won't end well.
  2. I still consider him a box-to-box midfielder, like Kieran Lee - although obviously a completely different type of player. Maybe he's better suited deeper as he's clearly earning his plaudits.
  3. It doesn't matter whether its Elev8, D-Taxis or Cadbury's. They are all Heroes to me.
  4. I may have been in the minority but before a ball was kicked, and before we had finished recruiting, I had zero concerns about being relegated. I thought we would end up mid-table, and I guess that is most likely where we will be. Relegation wasn't even in my thoughts.
  5. I've only just seen it now. Not nice. Great player on his day, but boy can he lose his head. I wouldn't expect a tackle like that on council pitch on a Sunday morning.
  6. I've just watched the match highlights - although I did watch the full game. Knowing what was going to happen with the Leko chance, I watched JVA. He constantly glanced towards Leko, at least 3 times, maybe 4, within 6 seconds. He tracked Leko's run all the way. It looks an even better block after I've seen this a second time. On the Sky highlights, the incident is at 1:30.
  7. I thought we sat too deep in the last 20 or so minutes (including the additional 6 minutes) and we were too quick to get rid of the ball without thinking about the pass. Maybe tired legs and heads, maybe Birmingham forced us back a little, but I think we should have pushed another one up front to reduce their attacking options. I get why Paterson was taken off, and I get why Monk wanted to shore up the midfield, but we were panicking a little bit. That said, we fully deserved the win. It could have been more, but Etheridge pulled off a great save and the post denied us too. I don't
  8. Would you sell then Trev? Stick im int back o'van mate. Save your back. Work smarter not harder I wouldn't worry, there is no way anyone will offer that much, and I think Chansiri would probably buckle around half that amount, if not before.
  9. I mentioned this to a friend the other day, but I genuinely wouldn't sell him for less than £10M. I know how old he is, and I know how long he has left on his contract, but Bannan is one of our better players and most definately a play-maker. He can't keep us up on his own, but he will absolutely contribute towards it. If we sell him, we could get relagated and that could cost us £5-7M in lost revenue. And that is why I would price him at £10M. Take it or leave it suitors and at that price, I know you will leave it.
  10. I've watched them all. The quality (I get) is very good. But £10.00 is way too steep. which is why I don't pay that per game. Or even per month.
  11. Yawn. Another "Monk Out" thread. This forum, and many of its posters, are getting stale.
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