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  1. A beautiful picture, full of wonderful memories for you. Absolutely priceless.
  2. From the OS "Supporters can purchase tickets for the 1:30pm kick-off online HERE, or pay on the day in S6. Tickets are priced £6 for adults and £3 concessions." I don't know if pay on the day means pay at the gate, or at the ticket office, but I don't think you will struggle to get tickets.
  3. I thought this was going to be about when Lady Astor asked him for a light for her cigarette LA "Have you got a light c0çk?" WC "Dunno, but it floats in the bath"
  4. I don't normally like slating our own fans, but you did foolishly stick your head way above a non-existant parapet when it came to inflatable bananas, so you probably deserve this one. The area of Rotherham where the New York stadium is situated has been known as New York for a very long time. I don't know how long, but I would guess at least 150 years. There is a huge association with this area of Rotherham and the city of New York, as Guest and Chrimes, a foundry that for around 150 years was based at the site of the New York stadium, actually made fire hydrants for New York city. I don't know if the name for this area, or the fire hydrants, came first, but naming the stadium New York is a well thought out thing, steaped in history.
  5. I stoppped reading at "universally disliked (at least locally)". I mean which is it? Does God, the entire universe and all forms of life as yet unfound hate us, or just sad Toytown fans, who want to be us?
  6. All I know is this. If we lose to Sunderland, I really want them to go up. A big historic club, with real fans who like us, deserve better.
  7. I showed this to my two-point-five year old son the other day. He loves owls as he has one on his alphabet chart in his bedroom, and we have two door stoppers: one's an owl, and the other is a pussycat. His reaction to watching this video? He raised his arms above his head and stood, in silence, whilst he watched it. I've no idea why, because I do not think he has seen me watch this video, nevermind raise my arms above my head whilst watching it. I'll be honest, I did have tears in my eyes. After the video I grabbed him, gave him a kiss and told him that you don't choose Wednesday; Wednesday chooses you. He knows. He already knows.
  8. I totally agree. It felt very much that way.
  9. Morning @Mackem1 What are you thoughts on the game last night? What are your thoughts on the return on Monday? Here's mine. I thought we got our tactics and starting 11 completely wrong. It was one of the worst performances I've seen as a team for quite some time. We we're disjointed, off the pace both with regards to coverage on the pitch and in our thinking both on and off the ball. Bannan was anonymous, Byers and Luongo not much better. We had almost zero wide threat, which is highly unusual for us, and I think that was down to our tactics and/or mindset. We created next to nothing, and I think that is more down to our own failings, than anything else. I'm not saying that because I am annoyed at the performance and don't want to concede any points to Alex Neill and your players, more the fact that I've seen us play on many occasions this season and we are more capable of beating ourselves, than any team beating us like that. From a positve perspective, we are only one down at "half-time". It could have been worse. We cannot repeat that kind of performance on Monday and if we play to the levels we are easily capable of doing, we can sweep any team in this league aside. It remains to be seen if we raise our game. I'm not sure what to make of your lot. Am I being overly critical in saying that if that's your best, then I'm surprised? I expected something different to be honest and I came away from the match thinking we can't get any worse, but can you play better? One thing I wasn't surprised about was your fans. Friendly before the game, and after. We couldn't get in to the Wheatsheaf as it was home fans only, so we ended up at the Colliery Tavern. We chatted all things football with a loads of Mackems, with plenty of handshakes and "good luck/safe journey home" from others. I honestly expected nothing less.
  10. I've fixed the table for you as there was a spelling mistake.
  11. So you're telling me we're going to embarrass you in two sports in your own back-yard? Mate, that's gonna hurt some peoples pride
  12. Yeah, we have plenty in our fan base too. Probably starting with me Cheers for the heads-up on the pubs. Mentioned it to my mates and it looks like we'll be getting the urine extracted by the comedian in the Wheatsheaf.
  13. You know what makes me laugh more than anything, that perpetual-WUM Callum Paterson messing up Byers hair. You can see the devil in his eye when he walks up to him. He must be a bloody nightmare at training
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