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  1. And without wanting to steal @Lord Snooty thunder - God forbid. He'll never invite me to another of one those afernoon soirées, unless of course the invitation goes missing, for the ninth time - here is the facecloth link for the video.
  2. As always, we will have done our homework on their entire team - not just two players - and we will know their strengths and weaknesses. I'm sure they have done the same with us. As a lot of people have been saying for a long time, there are no easy games in this league. That swings both ways. This will be a tough game for both sides, and the decisive factor is likely to be either a mistake or a touch of brilliance. It could come from either team.
  3. I totally agree with all of that. I think the problem is these days is that there are players, in the higher leagues, who can entertain as well as win matches. And with ticket prices as high as they are, fans want entertaining too. I think they have come to expect it, at all levels. It's getting through that mentality sometimes that's difficult. They almost want the perfect win. For me, yesterday, whilst not a game for the purist - what ever that means - it was a perfect game. 3 points, clean sheet, no injuries, no suspensions.
  4. It was interesting to watch the game yesterday, home alone, without any real interuptions. I say real interuptions because I was on WhatsApp with some of the lads at the match during the game. At first I was a little concerned about the lack of press and possession. It was being echo'd by those at the game. Then I started to look at the midfield shape, the gap (or lack of) between the midfield and defence (we were tight) and realised that whilst we weren't having much of the ball, we weren't even getting in to second gear. We just didn't need to. It was orchastrated movement by the entire team, which to be honest is exactly what it should be like at this level. We gave them the flanks, because it exposed theirs. It was a gamble in my mind but both of our goals came from wide. Defensively, the wing backs tucked in when we were exposed on the opposite flank and Hutch and Bannan dropped deep to protect the centre. An example of this is when Westwood palmed the ball away, low to his right hand post and Palmer, playing on the opposite side cleared the ball from where you would expect the RB\RCB to be. It was simple, smart football. Nothing fancy, forward together as a unit, and back the same way. Football is a results based business as we all know, and while that game won't stick in the mind for long, we went there to do the business and we did it very comfortably in the end.
  5. There is absolutely no way that the Cowley's combined salary will be over £1m, never mind £1M just for Danny. @Socialist_Owl. The reason they accepted the role at Udders is because Danny was eventually offered the role of Manager, and not First Team Coach. He want's to put his philosophy across the entire club, which he couldn't do under the remit of First Team Coach, which was the original job he\they were offered. This has now been confirmed by Sky themselves. Money certainly wasn't an issue. AFAIK, we spoke with them both, spoke with Garry and then decided on the latter.
  6. I've got to be honest, I'm confused. Why is it nice to get one over on him? He's not done anything to "us" that I can think of, to warrant saying that.
  7. I might copyright that entire piece, because it's been pretty much proven in the past they crawl OT for news. It will stop them klepping it verbatim, but don't be surprised if that actually makes it to print.
  8. SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY PLAYERS IN MENTAL HEALTH SCARE Garry Monk today confirmed that he will do all he can to help the players, who The Star firmly believes are currently suffering with long term mental health issues. When asked the question at the press conference today, Garry was sombre in response. "I am here to help the players through the bad times" he said.
  9. Actually, I do. The Guardian can hardly be classed as any kind of Journalistic masterpiece, can it? So my statement still correctly stands as it's a total contradiction.
  10. David Conn, best journalist for The Guardian newspaper. If this isn't an oxymoron, I don't know what is.
  11. I feel like I've walked in on a conversation, half way through.
  12. You're a gent, thank you. Or a lady and gent, called Anth and Dave. But anyway, what you do at weekends is your business.
  13. Thanks. I know this is sad, but I keep reading it myself and laughing out loud. I want to give myself a +1 but I can't
  14. It had to be Salsa because I can't spell Waltz.
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