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  1. I don't know if this has already been mentioned - I've not read through the entire fred - but I think the problem is the jars. A dead giveaway IMHO. So have you considered, and bear with me on this, encasing the chutney within Marzipan. We all know that Marzipan is excellent for packages fruity cakes, and well chutneys are like fruity cakes without the flour. So it's practically the same thing. I think if you made them in to rectangular shape, they would probably be easier to transport. Maybe 20cm x 10cm and 5cm thick. You'd maybe need a couple of these, and you could keep the chutney warm for immediate consumption by strapping these to your midriff for instance. A good strong gaffer tape should do the trick. And hey Presto Stand, you're in the South. Easy. Thank me later.
  2. It's not though, that's the thing. It's money based business - which seems a stupid thing to say as all are - but the stakes are that high (the PL) that Chairman are almost going broke trying to get there. At all costs - and that includes the entertainment value. If points can be secured without entertaining, then you ask any Chairman in the EFL and they will tell you they are happy. Even happier, if an entertaining game, but that is just icing on a cake to them and comes well after the result. It stopped being entertainment about a decade ago, maybe longer.
  3. Yet another relegated team, full of their own importance. What they don't get is that the Championship is the toughest league in the world, and if they were that light weight in the PL, they've no chance in the Championship. But this quote - " Pub team football played by blokes earning thousands". Oooooooh. the irony.
  4. I'm not bothered about how PNE are getting on, just get me the U23's score. FFS! Thanks for the updates, as always, @John O'Brien. Just logged on a few minutes ago so I am claiming an assist.
  5. I'd genuinely no idea what this idiot had done - apart from signing for the pigs - and so I looked it up on the Stir. Without wanting to hijack the thread, I've seen yet another example of why this paper is ridiculed by so many people. Here's what I mean - https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/video-man-driving-100mph-snake-pass-lands-culprit-court-817455 I've, erm, attahked (sic) an image for when they finally correct it and say it never happened. As for McBurnie, he doesn't deserve a mention, nevermind a song.
  6. While I totally agree with you, the PL would just be like "Yeah, whatevs!" and close their own doors to the teams coming up. They don't care, they are after all the ruling body of all English football.
  7. Reduced away tickets! Are Stagecoach seriously telling us how to run our business, when the other 22 matches seem to go off without a hint of trouble? How about looking at the root cause you muppets! FML!
  8. I've given you a +1 though, as it's only fair
  9. 17 points out of these 6 or forget about promotion!
  10. I've got some bits to buy for baby Smurf who is arriving in December (11th, and yes, it's a Wednesday), plus I do like the home kit so I might have to take advantage of this. Cracking idea to be fair.
  11. Well, this is interesting, because I could have sworn that was on an old Mk1 Mini in Chapeltown. Maybe I've got the car wrong as I was a kid when I saw it. The car was definately old though, as I think the latest reg was C (1985) or something.
  12. FFS! I voted for Dunkley. Why wasn't I in the email loop with the instructions on what to do?
  13. uBlock Origin is what you need. Works on FF, Chrome, Opera and Safari. You can block elements, let it block elements or set up your own rules. Either way, ad free, banner free, tracker free browsing. And I think the word you were looking for is Dïck
  14. Haha....did you? Sorry Mycroft, I didn't realise I guess you've seen it then
  15. It's only my personal opinion of course, but if I am wrong I am sure I will get told on here soon enough. I think Monk is more about letting the team find it's own level, rather than saying "this is the way, rigid" and then installing his philosophy to that. So as he has said, play to strengths. We are strong in the air, but there is no point being strong 40 meters from goal. And it's in this area where the likes of Bannan, Reach, Harris, Hutch and even Borner on Saturday - who brought the ball forward on a number of occasions, and when surrounded by Boro players just drew them in before playing several very neat forward passes to start an attack - were creative. There is an extended highlights (~15 mins) on YouTube, so I don't know if you've seen that, but if not and you get a chance it might be worth watching. Sorry for the spoiler alert, but we win 4-1. You can also hear quite a loud pop on 35 minutes. It's either DC popping another bottle of Prosecco, or Gibson's head exploding. And DC doesn't like sparkling wine
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