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  1. Turning up and supporting your club and disliking DC are two completely different things. I've seen it mentioned on here numerous times that the only way to let it be known we aren't happy is to stay away, but we aren't called fans (short for fanatics) for nothing. I'm sure there will be some who don't come anymore, but the majority will. It's not just about football, but about friends and memories - good or bad. There are plenty of other ways of protesting, but fans will always back their team. That's why we'll be here long after DC has gone....and the sooner the better.
  2. You're right, it is a well written statement. However the problem is that Chansiri will not have a clue how to enact what is in that statement. Actions speak louder than words and the actions he has taken so far have left us in this predicament.
  3. Your opinion but I very much doubt that.
  4. Bannan will always show for the ball. He probably has more touches in a game than any other player and because of that, he is therefore likely to make more mistakes per game. I think that is what those who hammer him concentrate on, whilst missing the positives. They don't look beyond the fact that his mistake percentage - to give it a name - is lower than anyone elses. Bannan's footballing brain is incredible. Since we lost the likes of Lee and Hooper, not many of our current players can always read his intentions, and it's not necessarily Bannan who makes the mistake, but the oth
  5. Matt isn't, nor are any of them. It's a standing joke on OT about them all being BlaVdes.
  6. According to the Star, it's a "monster clash". I don't about you, but having monsters actually clashing on the pitch would certainly put me off. What if they were people eating monsters? With like really big teeth and claws. Nah, that's me done. I'm going to have nightmares tonight now.
  7. Got mine last week, and read up to Chapter 2. It's only a 16 month old that's stopped me reading more. Spoiler Alert. They get married in the end.
  8. That won't happen. We'll make the payment 18 months late although Sheffield 3 Limited will have already received it last year. Then Sheffield 2 will place an embargo on their staff using D-Taxis. And don't even get me started on Sheffield 1.
  9. All out attack for any football team is suicidal. Showing an attacking intent and that you mean business from the start is what is required. As is defending as a team, which at least we seem to do. I think silly individual and nervous mistakes have cost us in many matches. Saturday will come and Saturday will go. The result will be the result. The world will still be turning come Sunday morning.
  10. There's a little more to this I think. Again I am not an Accountant so stand to be corrected. If a team gets relegated, any player who is still under contract and who can still be included for amortisation can have his value assessed and written down (under Intangible Assets). So if a player was worth say £8M in the Championship on a 4 year deal (£2M per year amortisation), you could write that down to say £3M in L1. If he had three years left on his contract, amortisation would be £3M over 3 years so £1M per season. With 15 squad members out of contract, there is very
  11. That has to be one of the worst games of football I have ever witnessed. How on earth have we lost to those teams?
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