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Community Answers

  1. You mentioned Stoke, and I can see them being another club who are likely to be facing a points deduction soon. I personally don't know what the solution is at present, although it hinges I feel on Parachute Payments. But the game has gone for me - years ago. I doubt we will ever get it back again until the money, at the top, runs out.
  2. And that is partly my point. If the EFL don't even know the difference, or what their own rules are........ LIke I said, not a pop at you as it was obvious you were quoting due to the italics. I agree with your point though. It's a system designed to protect the PL and it does that to the detriment of the vast majority of clubs and their supporters.
  3. Arrrggghhh!!!! This isn't a pop at you but FFS! When are people, especially the media, going to start using the correct terms for this. It isn't Profit but Profitability. Profit means just that; what profit has been made. Barely any football club returns a profit so every football club would fall foul. Profitability is "the degree to which a business or activity yields profit or financial gain.". Sorry, it's just a major irritation for me when people get this wrong. Profit (or loss) is something that is declared in the annual account. Profitability is something that can be challenged and questioned at any given time. Profit Rick: "Errrrr Mr Chairman, what profit have you made this year laaa?" Club Chairman: "None" Rick: " Underling, please add this club to the list. How many do we have now?" Underling: "erm, that makes......71 now Mr. Parry sir, in the EFL. Obviously Middlesborough won't make the list Sir Parry of the EFL." Rick: "Excellent!" (rubs hands) Profitability Rick: "Mr Chairman, if you sign Julio Geordio, a record Columbian signing, how will that affect your end of year profit laaaaaaa?" Club Chairman: "We'll be absolutely f**ked" Rick: "So I suggest you don't sign him then or you'll break Profit & Sustainability" Club Chairman: "It's Profitability & Sustainability" Rick: "I know. I just wanna p!ss off ChapSmurf" Together: "Excellent!" (both rub hands)
  4. Bar Carlton Palmer, any of these guys could have walked past me and I'd have not known who they were. In fact, I've only heard of Terry Curran out of all the names mentioned. Guess I'm way too young to remember
  5. I definately don't remember this. It's way before my time. The photo is obviously in black and white, but I'm fairly certain that there is a lot of pink in that photo. Or is it red? I'll have to zoom in.
  6. Interesting to see Shrewsbury's differential. It would suggest an easy victory on Saturday. We'll buck that trend.
  7. FML! Is this absolutely pointless debate still going on?
  8. I would say it's time to: 1. Get your eyes tested 2. Buy a new tablet or a 4K/8K Smart TV 3. Stop worrying about pointless things Is the world still turning? Yes? Good.
  9. Yes I agree. We played the best players and let the opposition worry about us.
  10. Sad to hear this news. Here's to a full and speedy recovery. All the best Connor.
  11. Great OP. I do think (and hope) that we should look at yesterdays game, and the one against Morecambe, in isolation. Yesterday we were second best across the park: in our recations, physicality, thought, thoughness and determination. That's not to say we didn't have our chances, we just weren't fluid, or clever enough, to break down a well organised and hard-working Plymouth. Morecambe was almost the polar opposite. We were quick, tough and moved the ball well. The final ball and/or final touch too often let us down however. We conceded a bit of a freak own-goal. Two losses; two completely different games and performances. Are either acceptable to a team who has openly admitted promotion is the main target? Not at all. Will we have more games like these two this season? Most likely, but I would hope only a handful. After the Morecambe game, a copper said to me on the way out "You should have beaten that lot". My reply was we have no divine right to beat anyone. He held out his fist for a bump because I think he was slightly shocked by my response. But that's the truth. We have no divine right to beat anyone in this league. We will only do so by matching opposites work rate and tenacity, and adding flair and skill. Without making excuses for Moore, he probably hasn't had what he considers his best team available in every game. The same as every other manager up and down the country. We have a settled back line, and midfield that could almost pick itself, but up front we've chopped and changed and perhaps missed the likes of Windass and Shodipo, who will add greater pace out wide. But that's for the manager to sort out and get the right bodies in to do the right job. We need to work on our transition from midfield to attack. It's not good enough. We aren't playing between the lines enough and nobody is making clever runs. I do think it will click, but if we get any more performances like yesterday, or woeful finishing like against Morecambe, then more questions will be asked. It's early days. We've played 6 league games so far. Win our game in hand and we are suddenly third (based on today's table). Get close to 20 points from our first 10 games and I would say, perfomances aside, that's a good return. I guess we'll see soon enough. UTO.
  12. It's not really happy days is it. But yet you've decided to come out now and voice your opinion. Strange.
  13. I tell you what I'm not shocked about; the amount of people crawling out of the woodwork saying, and I paraphrase "I knew this would happen". Funny how they've been quiet for a few weeks. Catastrophic meltdown ensues.
  14. AFAIK, there are no live matches for Saturday 3pm kick-offs. Only commentary.
  15. Chuffing gloves on in this weather. What is it with footballers? They're all bloody nesh.
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