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  1. I didn't watch it all (due to a 5 month old teething) but it looked a good quiz. I don't think I'd have done too well though. It was tricky. Thanks Rob @TheWednesday, John and all the players who got involved. I'll try and watch it all later. Probably at 03:40 in the morning
  2. Kadeem Harris and his Sheffield Wednesday ambition – Goals, goals and the Premier League Kadeem Harris is rapid. In a football world where out-and-out wingers are re-emerging, Sheffield Wednesday have a bundle of tricks on their left-hand side, now he just needs to show what he’s about… By Joe Crann Sunday, 24th May 2020, 5:00 pm Updated 2 hours ago Having signed for Steve Bruce’s Owls at the start of the 2019/20 season, the 26-year-old had to deal with an early change in managerial regime that saw him actually make his Wednesday debut under Lee Bullen, but – as he would have been hoping under Bruce – the speedster has managed to tie down what he’s been yearning for – regular gametime.
  3. I've a 5 month old baby. The only thing I am missing is my f*@king sleep!!!
  4. SELECT REPLACE('Man Utd', 'Utd', 'Ure'); Result: Man Ure Just the one line of code needed to fix this problem
  5. It has, you're right. I did correct myself after I posted. It's been like this for millennia. Nothing changes except the fact that the masses can complain about it quicker.
  6. Unfortunately Sir Chris of the 93rd Waddle clan, money is the new religion. The lives, health and safety of people just gets in its way. (maybe not the new religion, but its certainly more important to some than life)
  7. Thank you and to you and yours too. I don't want anyone feeling sorry for me, as I am sure there will be others on here who have sadly suffered worse. I just hope it helps inspire people to seek help if needed, and to show what strength and courage along with bucket loads of support from family and friends, can achieve.
  8. UKIP! Are you for real? I'm quoting facts, not fiction. I'm also glad that stain of a party no longer exists. My late wife worked in the DWP. She was often in Whitehall, Brussels and other European countries respresenting the UK at trade delegations. When Blair came to power she was asked to rewrite the policy for Immigration. She did and upon presenting it to Blair he said "Lesley, it is all well and good trying to reduce the numbers, but immigrants get me votes". Would you like to argue with that statement or suggest that didn't happen? For the record, I am the least racist, xenophobic person you would ever meet. I love the fact the our country has so much diversity. However, we are an island, with finite resources and finite space, and we have way too many people living in this country bleeding the state dry. Both British and non British. I have zero objection to immigration as long as that immigration is managed, and it hasn't been. I'm done with this debate.
  9. No it isn't. Do you actually listen to the press conferences? Glad you do. It's not rocket science after all. 😀
  10. It's the sanctimonious media and their ridiculous questioning in pursuit of ratings that is stirring the politcal debate. All the Government are doing is answering their questions. If the media are trying to force them in to holes, you can hardly blame them for trying to get out. As for the health system, some would argue that the Tories haven't invested enough. Others would say that Labour typically left nothing in the pot when they left power, and prior to that invited everyone to come and live here, putting all of our infrastructure under immense pressure. I understand and appreciate accountability. If Labour had been in charge - and I am no fan of Labour at all - I would be defending them in the same way. It's tough for any Government when they have no previous information, processes or ideas to fall back on. When all of this is done and dusted, then both parties can sit down and look at what went right and what went wrong, and find a way to ensure that in the future, should this happen again, that as a country we are better equiped from a knowledge base, and better prepared to deal with it.
  11. Of course they are clueless. As clueless as any Government seeing as no Government of any country in the world have has this situation to deal with before. It would have been no better, and no worse, if Labour were in power or we had wee Jimmy Krankie talking to us every day. When will people stop politicising this world wide pandemic. It's pathetic.
  12. How would you know what they were really thinking? How do you know what they felt like when they were alone? How do you know what troubles they had? You don't, because they simply would have hidden it from everyone. And I mean, everyone. Maybe they didn't have any, but maybe they did. Either way, you personally wouldn't have known about it. Mental health isn't something people talk about, because it makes them feel weak, stupid, pathetic. In a dressing room full of other testosterone driven footballers, you cannot show one ounce of weakness, otherwise you'd feel exposed. The same will have gone for the men working in the very tough steel and iron works you talk about. Or in the coal mines, but every human being has feeling and emotions, so please don't just dismiss this as a non-existant entity. My brother is an ex-professional footballer, alcoholic, gambler and drug abuser (11 years sober on all counts). He tried to commit suicide twice after leaving the game but has since gained a PhD due to his research in to mental health issues during footballers career transitions (natural retirements or early retirement through injury). I consider myself to be exceptional strong minded, but when I found out almost five years ago that my former partner, later to be my wife, had stage 4 cancer at 49, it blew my world apart. She died 39 hours after we married at Weston Park hospital - four and half months after being diagnosed. I hit the drink hard for three months and needed counselling. I probably still would if it wasn't for my new partner. I met my new partner just over 3 years ago. Her previous partner had committed suicide, as he was raped as a teenager. He was unable to deal with the consequences of that awful ordeal and was alcoholic for about 20 years of his life, before it just became too much. He couldn't turn to anyone for help as he couldn't bare to relive those experiences. His own parents dismissed what had happened and disbelieved him. He felt abandoned. He decided to end his life the day before my partners birthday, so can you imagine the impact that has on her birthday, every year, probably for the rest of her life? So please, don't dismiss mental health as something that you can just shake off within a few months or that you are not susceptible, because everyone is and at one time or another, we have all suffered from this. I am just glad that in this day and age it's not something to be ashamed of, and that people like my brother, like me and my partner, can go and talk to trained people to discuss these issue and find peace again. I'm going to end this post on a positve note to show life can turn around, if you seek help when it is needed. I became a dad for the first time in December, at 50 years of age. My son, and my partner, are the stars that light my sky and I am so grateful I have them both in my life, along with my family and friends. So mental health is something that can treated affectively and something that an individual can move away from, if you have courage and strength to say "I need help".
  13. I'd be extremely surprised if we can't. You certainly can in Rugby. Both parties to the hearing (RFU and the player) have the right to appeal decisions. Appeals must be lodged within 24 hours (Aviva Premiership) or 48 hours (Greene King IPA Championship and Tyrells Premier 15s matches) from when the full written decision of the Disciplinary Panel or Single Judicial Officer is sent. A different sport obviously, but surely the same context applies? An Independant Panel can't be judge, jury and executioner. And nor can one party and not the other. That's just plain stupid, as it's one rule for one, and one for another.
  14. The problem with football, and it's one we all know and understand, is that due to the vast sums of money paid to the PL teams for broadcasting rights, players wages across all leagues have risen exponentially. I am a Director of a Limited company, so I fully understand how they work. If I was to lose a large percentage of the company income, it would undoubtably affect the company as a whole so in that respect I have sympathy with the clubs who absolutely rely upon their match day income. However at some point the industry as a whole has to say enough is enough with regards to its expenditure on player wages and especially on agents fees. Collectively they all have to make a stand and until they do, collectively they are all to blame. But that will never happen, as there will always be one who has the capacity to pay more. John Barnes has said recently that it's okay for clubs to play behind closed doors. Well it might be for the majority of the PL, but it certainly isn't for the 72 EFL clubs. Of course there are mega-rich Chairman in the Championship who could carry on bank-rolling their clubs for some time, ours included. But what about the others like Portsmouth? I have no real feelings for Portsmouth, either way, but I certainly wouldn't want to see them fold and I fear that is what will happen to some clubs as things currently stand. Of course, the football authorities can't be blamed for this pandemic, but I do think it is about time that they started to look at the entire industry and realise that it isn't a financially viable model to carry forward.
  15. Actually, I forgot the PL started in '92, so forget that decade. Anyway, I was only referring to the broadcasting rights, and I wasn't suggesting for one second it wasn't driven by money. It always has been driven by money, everyone knows that. But back then there wasn't the kind of money involved, and therefore whilst the players were still well paid, it's nothing like today. Lee Chapman lived in High Green and went drinking in the Acorn on Burncross Road which is a far cry from Whirlow and Dore. The question was, given the huge difference in money involved back then, would the governing bodies have wanted to finish the season, or they have seen sense and cancelled it?
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