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  1. But My Lord, there is no If associated with Kipling. We know he made exceedingly good cakes. It was never a case of "If this turn out okay"; his selection of short-crust treats always came out well. If you can fill the unforgiving minute, With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run, to the corner shop, Your tart is the Earth and all the fruit that’s in it, And—which is more—you’ll be dribbling like a good un, my Lord!
  2. I was hoping it would be inspirational, so thanks @Lomas613. I hope that Craig and his family can maybe find some inspiration, strength and hope through it too. I mention my story only to show that I am speaking from a position of experience. I hope that adds some weight to my comments and gives greater hope to Craig and his family.
  3. Craig, I am so very sorry to hear this tragic news, for you and all of your family and your dad's friends. I would like to offer some words, if that is okay. You have reached out for help from your football family and if you continue to reach out for support during your time of grief, to whoever you feel comfortable sharing your feelings or emotions with, then I promise you, you will get through this. You will be changed forever, but you will get through this. I hope your family is as wise as you in seeking support when needed. I am sure they will find their own way. Another thing; it doesn't matter what you do, what you say, or how you feel. It's okay. It really is. And finally, I was told when I lost my wife just over 3 years ago to cancer, that grief is a path that you walk. It starts off very steep, with jagged rocks and sharp thorny bushes that cut you and slow you down. But you keep walking and soon the path becomes easier, less steep with less thorns cutting away at you. And then one day, you will be in wonderful grassy field, filled with sunshine and laughter and happiness. And then the next thing, you are back at the start of the steep, jagged path, being cut again. However this time, you know the journey and you can avoid some of the thorns. You arrive at the wonderful grassy field again, but quicker this time. And the whole thing starts again, and becomes easier and easier with each journey. That phrase really helped me to understand that whilst it feels like absolute sh!t right now, you will survive and you will get through this. It might seem impossible, but it isn't. Stay strong x
  4. I've not posted for a while due to the lunatics almost taking over the asylum. However I felt compelled to post again. As some of you know, I lost my wife to cancer nearly 3 years ago. We were (and I still am) in our 40s at the time, and it is no age to lose anyone. For me, being the widower, some of the memories I have of the very special things that were done for both Lesley and myself during her ilness, are the things that get me through the toughest times. It's really is at that point where you realise that the world is full of such kindness and generosity. So it's not just about the cancer victim, it's about the people supporting that person and what they have after, with regards to memories. I haven't read the article, but it appears that a Leeds fan, with cancer, has tried to get a ticket in the disabled area, which could obviously cause issues. If that is the case, then the club has done the correct thing in saying "no, you can't have a ticket there". But why can't they offer an empty box (as someone has already suggested) to this guy, and his son, so they can enjoy the game (whatever the result) and create a long-lasting special memory, for the son at least. It would cost us almost nothing to do, would show us as a compassionate and caring club, and moreover, would give two human beings a little bit of light, in what I am sure is a very dark time for them all.
  5. Sorry Southie, I probably didn't give your post enough attention, without being sarcastic to it. I get the feeling you are suggesting there's nothing wrong at the moment with this comment? Far from it. I just can't put my finger on what's wrong. However calling for the managers head is not the "be all and end all". If we sign a new manager we need to ask the question what can he change, and more importantly why is he available, to us, in the first place? Some fans, who clearly do not think things through beyond knee-jerk reactional postings, call for Carlos's head, yet cannot see beyond what managerial changes bring. They do not see the financial angle. They do not see the process change angle. They do not see the discord it can bring, and do not know or understand the challenges this all brings whilst trying to create some kind of harmony between management, coaches and players. They think sacking a manager is like waving some kind of magic wand, in some fairytale make-believe land, where everything ends up just perfect. That aint real life and that isn't what will happen. I'm not saying stick with Carlos, I am saying getting a new manager creates new challenges, which needs to be overcome before we can ascend again. Some people on here think it's as simple as sacking Carlos, and they haven't got a clue about how this all works.
  6. Er Erm....no. A post taking the mick out of a complete non-arguement. I think you must be referring to, or thinking of, another post. I can keep this going all night long, but WAWAW so I wont. I can't be arsed if I am honest. The point I am trying to make is don't just come on to OT and start spouting complete round-uns' (rickygoo - this isn't aimed at you. It's just your post I'm replying to). Think about what you are going to write before you post, as it does have a knock-on effect. OT is a very popular forum. Some people think this is the gospel. I hear fans mentioning posts on OT, both at home games and away, and seriously it is breading negativity between fans. Uneccessary negativity IMHO. Do we not all want the same thing? We can all see that things aren't as rosy as 3 seasons ago, but that's part of sitting at the top table of the division for once. Everyone is enttitled to their opinion, but FFS, make it an opinion with some substance, rather than just a random throw-away "sack him" comment. It makes the poster, in my opinion and I am sure in others too, look stupid and then their arguement/post gets lost. So yeah, say we should sack Carlos, but offer something with regards to some depth as to why and who you feel we should replace him with. That's my beef. I've no beef with people on this forum, unless they want to carry this on of course (the argument, not the debate).
  7. Spelling mistake. I missed out the "e". A typo. I do apologise. I didn't realise you two were so close. Hope you are happy together lol.
  8. Bear knuckle? I'm not in to fighting large carnivors to be perfectly honest. I'm not even sure we have bears where I live.
  9. I have no objections to people offering names. Personally I would like see to Chris Houghton here, but that isn't going to happen anytime soon. Its those that simply say "sack him" that get on my (.)(.)'s. They offer no arguement and therefore I see them as nothing but perpetual moaners.
  10. Sad but true, I saw James Brown live twice. Both times as support act.
  11. Not at all. I am chilling with a glass of Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc, enjoying the banter. Edit: missed the "ing" off enjoying. We all make mistakes :)
  12. Hahaha. Coming from you, that is a masterpiece. Google is your friend.
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