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  1. OT is the antithesis of AI. It's more like Artificial Stupidity. It's like all the stupid people manage to link their brains together, come up with an IQ of over 200 collectively, and still get it wrong. At times it beggars belief. The other times, I mostly sit, read and laugh.
  2. I guess that depends. If we can't include the stadium sale in any accounts, then yes, we don't have huge amounts to throw around. However, if we were not allowed to include the stadium sale in 17/18 accounts like we wanted, but we can include it this year, then we have almost wiped the slate clean regarding FFP. That still doesn't mean we can start spending like we did before, but it certainly gives us greater options. Time will tell. I guess the two people who will know are DC and Garry Monk.
  3. Everyone knows why we were deducted points. They told us so in the statement, but I very much doubt they will start advising the fans until such times as a decision has been made whether or not to appeal. Until then, they will rightly stay silent.
  4. The club aren't duty bound to advise that they have received a written decision, so who is to say we haven't. Once we've received the decision in writting, we have 14 days to appeal. Whether we do or not is at the clubs discretion based on further legal advice.
  5. Apple users only account for 13% of the market share globally, versus 87% for Android. Apple's market share has been steadily dropping since 2017. That said, for some bizarre reason and probably out of brand loyalty, Apple hold around 48% of the US market share.
  6. We may well have received written confirmation, but the club aren't duty bound to announce that. Once we have received confirmation, then I think we have 14 days to respond. However, the decision as to why we have been docked points has been given, and annouced by the club.
  7. I'm sure it will end in this stalemate too. It will just drag on otherwise, However, I guess it depends on what ground an appeal can be lodged, and who has the most to lose, which is probably the EFL.
  8. Yes it has. We;ve been docked points for breaching the League’s Profitability and Sustainability rules for the three seasons. We have disputed that and are awaiting the written reasons for the decision. Until such times as we have it in black and white, we cannot appeal, if that is indeed what the club will do.
  9. If we are serious about competing in this league, then we need better. Too old, injury prone and has hardly done much during his career.
  10. Here you go - https://www.premiershiprugby.com/about-premiership-rugby/about-us/salary-cap/ It's been happening in the UK since 1999. It's not a salary cap per player as far as I know, but a cap on the amount any club can pay in total, on salaries.
  11. Like many, I am against the parachute payments. However when you look at the likes of Bournemouth, who lost almost £11M (YE 2018), and around £32.5M (YE 2019), you can see why some clubs need these payments. I also understand that they still owe around £80M in fees and the majority of their players will not initially recieve lower wages due to relegation. Do I feel for them? Not really, it's their house and they should have got it in order, but it seems like even the PL's lower teams, in a bid to escape or avoid relegation, are over-committing on the financial front. Like you said, it's a right mess. The finances are way too top (of the PL) heavy.
  12. Perhaps if you had travelled worldwide a little more in your youth, you'd be smarter (that's a clue to another song).
  13. Once he was installed as manager, he changed by all accounts. Not forgetting Norwich was his first management role and he had 5 games to save them, which of course he didn't (or the players didn't). Like you said, a marmite character and at the time he was probably the best fit for us to get something done.
  14. The "£100,000 per day" has been done to death. By the time it was broken down, it ended up at something like about £30k. The rest of the money is in transfer fees, ground improvements etc. Over the same period, Man City spent close to £500K per day in wages and transfers, just to give it some context.
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