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  1. Michael hefele

    Definitely take him. Very determined player and would do well for us imo.
  2. Fessi and Matias

  3. A few times against Preston the ball went towards his six yard box and he seemed to be rooted to his line. He has done well when we needed him just got little bits to improve on.
  4. Kieran Lee and Gary Hooper

    How do you know?
  5. Didn't say we should get him in. Just thought villa have lost a lot of money when he didn't leave last season....
  6. Jordan Amavi. On the transfer list at villa and didn't they turn down £25 mill from a Chinese team recently???
  7. End of match celebrations

    Doesn't open on iPad?
  8. Leics, Palace, WHU......

    Play off winners?
  9. Tuesday night

    We just need to focus on the match Tuesday. Get another 3 points. Don't think about Leeds until Brentford are taken care of. One game at a time.
  10. The ideal scenario?

    Any positive result against Cardiff will do us
  11. Smells like team spirit....

    Love these kind of videos
  12. Hudders highlights

    Great stop from Lee at the end