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  1. So nervous now every time match day comes around. I am so optimistic one minute then pooing my pants the next. Come on Wednesday do us proud!!! UTO.
  2. Got to go Lees and Dom centre half pairing with Hutch back at the base of a midfield 3 imo. Thorniley on bench with Joey.
  3. Agreed. How the **** can you say that??? One of ours would have been red!
  4. Correct my friend. Absolute bulllshit response. We are getting a dry one here....
  5. Mate. I asked a copper this on my way out the south stand about 6 weeks ago, and he said nobody can be held back because it’s against their human rights. I poo you not that was his response. When I pointed out I had been held back at numerous grounds he just shrugged and said it can’t be done. Bulllshit.
  6. We need to find another 2 or 3 free’s from bundesliga2, in the Borner mould, and we would be laughing then..... Ala Norwich last season
  7. “Solid solid like a rock”
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