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  1. Playing 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 he fits in. Took time to settle/fit in but he is good for this level.
  2. No choice but to re-sign him due to the total shambles we find ourselves in at the centre of midfield. He tries but isn’t good enough.
  3. What would happen if they did restart the season, in whatever format, and someone gets Covid illness?
  4. I agree pal. Although the one against us at Derby was equally as soft.
  5. 100% certain a big, obvious decision will go against us tonight
  6. I so hope we come out smelling of roses. I just cannot see it though. Isn’t the major thing the EFL are questioning the year the sale of the ground went in the accounts? Or am I getting things wrong? I really hope DC smashes them and we come out on top.
  7. So how did they get signed off by an account then? Baffles me all this rounduns
  8. Genuine question pal...... why do you think more than 9 point penalty? Is what we have done worse than what Birmingham did? I genuinely don’t know enough on either us or them to confidently have an idea of what our penalty could be. I do feel we will be made an example of tho.... no one likes us....
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