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  1. Aaron’s is fast don’t know other one chief
  2. Aaron’s and Lazar from Newcastle according to sky sports
  3. Jonboy27


    Apart from another 3 goals
  4. Jonboy27


    Leave it out. Done their best tonight. Not the easiest of games ffs
  5. Jonboy27

    Ref & South Stand Linesman

    Ref was terrible first half. Missed 2-3 off the ball instances over the game where Wigan players deserved cards. He seemed to give us a few decisions second half but these were warranted anyway. First half he seemed to favour Wigan in my opinion. The linesman in front of me in the south was so inept it was unbelievable. Missed 2 offside calls first half by not keeping up with play. Then when their player and Hutch went for a header and he didn’t know who had put it in to touch.... he was stood 5 yards away.... so poor. It seems to be every week we get poor officials. Tough job but some of the mistakes shouldn’t occur.
  6. Jonboy27

    From a Wigan fans forum

    There is a difference between long ball and being direct. Mixing the play - like we did yesterday and since Jos left - plays more to the strengths of our players. Why would you make life hard for yourself in trying to play out from the back with players that are not comfortable in doing so ?
  7. Jonboy27

    Wednesday -V- Luton (FA Cup) OMDT

    2-0 to the owls. Winnall double
  8. Jonboy27

    FA Cup - Mick on Talksport

    I was there and sat in the north stand with my mate and his dad. There were roadworks outside the kop and the pavements were being worked on for some reason. I was about 10 years old. Crossing the road I somehow tripped up one of these new kerbs and dislocated my elbow. I sat through the whole game with my elbow hammering me and to to top it off we got battered. Got home after the match with my elbow causing me lots of pain and then spent about 4 hours in A&E and that’s when I found out I had really hurt it. Unbelievable. Not the best of experiences.
  9. Jonboy27

    Alan Nixon

  10. Jonboy27


    3-0 loss then jos out
  11. Jonboy27

    Time to make a stance

    How do you know he has been a wee pipe? Genuine question...
  12. It’s not embarrassing it’s just our luck
  13. Don’t think it’s too defensive. This will be a massive test for us today.