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  1. Correct. Would be a great piece of business
  2. I agree. And if they don’t pay what we are asking for then he goes nowhere. We keep him and move on. That in turn tells Bruce it’s off because Cashley wouldn’t stump up.
  3. Surely we can say no you cannot speak to him? He is still under contract and if we don’t want him to go surely Newcastle aren’t gonna wait?
  4. What price would it take? Realistically.... 1-1.5 mill or would they be asking for 4-5 mill ?
  5. If Bruce see’s fit I hope Van Aken will get another chance as his cross field diagonal passes were exactly what Mings did to us at home. Mings got the ball and looked instantly to hit the diagonal to our left back area. Van Aken has this in his locker. I hope if he gets a chance he takes it this time.
  6. Correct. Lots thought we didn’t need Bannan if I remember correctly. Some players are made for a club. Who is to say Josh can’t do the same.
  7. I agree. However all depends what funds Bruce has to work with. Lee will probably break down again - hope he doesn’t as he is/was fab -and Josh on a free is a decent option to be running the rule over imo.
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