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  1. Have we had one this season or do we even do this anymore? Who would yours be?
  2. Spot on. I hope Bruce gets as long as he needs because with him in charge we are in good hands
  3. Tom Lees in my opinion is very steady at this level. The odd error but then which player at this level doesn’t? I don’t agree he has been out of sorts.... I think he has been consistent. He needs someone at the side of him that can play...like a hector.....but he is good enough to be in the first eleven imo.
  4. I just hope Steve gets the time to rebuild and shape us into promotion certs. Lots of changes can sometimes take time to gel. I really do hope he is here for years to come, because if that’s the case he will have us flying.
  5. It’s a funny thing history. Is all that just a coincidence ? It’s like when you have teams you just never seem to win or lose against. Let’s hope it continues and we get another promotion. It can happen.... can’t it?
  6. I flipping detest the level of performance of officials that I have seen home and away this season. An absolute disgrace that these so called professionals keep getting away with performances that just make you think they must be bent.
  7. There’s a star man racing down the wing his name is Dom Iorfa and he’s f***ing dynamite repeat
  8. On paper that is a tough run in. To have gone through all we have at the beginning of the season and still be in with a slight chance is unbelievable. It looks like it will go down to the wire and others will not be looking forward to playing us on current form. Get some of the niggling injuries out the way and who knows?
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