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  1. No mate sorry, if I manage to get a saturday off i'll be buying myself a matchticket and the little un will be using her ST. Cheers. Now sold, thanks guys. UTO.
  2. I can't use it so I'd rather a fellow supporter have a bargain than it not get used mate. WAWAW
  3. Haha, no I'm not quite that old mate, It's adult S block north stand row 35.
  4. I wish mate, no HR or paid holidays (self employed bricklayer) there's just not enough work around at the moment to turn it down, simply cannot afford it, the little ones gutted we can't go as she has a ST as well, but at least we'll be able to renew our ST's for next season now ;o)
  5. No, he puts his kids welfare and upbringing before the owls ! I'd say I've got my priorities spot on, but thanks for your concern.
  6. Ok lads, due to family issues tonight will be the last time i can make it to hillsborough this season, so if anyone's interested i'm selling my ST for £50, £10 per game. Will need collecting from Eckington though. Cheers. UTO
  7. So let's be stereotypical, of the gay blokes i know (3) they all have taste and dress sense....Tango is NOT gay !
  8. Chillax dude, who gives a ****, shocking highlights anyway ! Balamory's on cbbc at the same time, much better.
  9. Eight nights in the Bamboo rooms isn't cheap y'know FFS !
  10. 1. Cheaper drugs now. 2. Promotion, yes i'll settle for a playoff win. 3. FA cup final win, preferably with a 3-0 win v's ManUre. 4. The knobhead behind me in the North to shut the **** up spouting absolute boll*cks. If that's being a bit too greedy you're welcome to knock off 1 and 4. Thanks Santa. Oh and Santa thanks for Megson and Mandaric.
  11. I'm with Grandad on this, although i've just been laid off, so it'll be 20 instead of 50.
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