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  1. Reda reincarnated! (Ok i know Reda J isnt dead!)
  2. I was fully intending renewing my membership until this announcement. Only ended up getting to 5 home games last year (live in Bristol) so the club made £25 more from my membership and discounted tickets than if i'd POTG full price. I didnt mind that at £50, but i do at £90. I wont be renewing sadly.
  3. Have heard that the simpletons are going to play a cretinous 'bouncing day' record over the tannoy tonight. We are bothered- not!!
  4. To the tune of 'happy birthday to you' Atdhe Atdhe Nuhiuuuuuuu Atdhe Atdhe Nuhiuuuuuuu Atdhe Atdhe, Atdhe Atdhe Atdhe Atdhe Nuhiuuuuuuu!
  5. I gathered about 20 discarded/torn up tickets from the floor of the north and none of them have won owt in the post match draw! Fix!!
  6. RIP Ann-marie Alexander. Vocal Kop ST holder until taken away by cancer too soon. Just wish she could have witnessed a PO final win!
  7. 75 year old tri-sexual jedi martian rufc season ticket holder in a relationship with barry chuckle. Wish i could go to sleep rather than cocking about but still buzzing from friday!
  8. So pissed off- after nine months wait my double hernia opelation has come through- Saturday morning in bloody Bristol!! Gonna hang on to my ticket till the last minute in case it gets cancelled again. I'm a damn sight more nervous about the game than the operation!!
  9. Why cant swfc install hot drink & snack vending machines for those of us not wanting hot food or beer? Ive lost track of the number of times ive given up on queuing for a bovril at half time in both the north and south stands.
  10. Just the place for CC to throw some meat on the grill!
  11. Jesus- i just had a bad trip and heard 'dave jones wednesday manager'
  12. Seeking a fellow rodent with clogs on?
  13. I only ever get the away commentary on my android phone (Sony Xperia T). Tried changing every setting. Better than nothing, but a pain and I miss hearing John Pearson going ape! Ipad works ok.
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