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  1. Own goal in last game and opposition sending off this time - its like the flukehogs’ promotion season.
  2. May as well appoint Brian the bloody Blade now!
  3. He’s one of their own, He’s one of their own, Deluded thick drunkard, He’s one of their own.
  4. JVA for the block, but Flint and Luongo come close To a three-way tie.
  5. Lest we forget, and unbeknown to us at the time, whilst the club were potentially wasting time looking into the Leuwen/Leicester loophole when he signed for them in July 2018 they may have been distracted from another Club matter which has resulted In a 12-point deduction. Cheers George!
  6. Reda reincarnated! (Ok i know Reda J isnt dead!)
  7. I was fully intending renewing my membership until this announcement. Only ended up getting to 5 home games last year (live in Bristol) so the club made £25 more from my membership and discounted tickets than if i'd POTG full price. I didnt mind that at £50, but i do at £90. I wont be renewing sadly.
  8. Have heard that the simpletons are going to play a cretinous 'bouncing day' record over the tannoy tonight. We are bothered- not!!
  9. To the tune of 'happy birthday to you' Atdhe Atdhe Nuhiuuuuuuu Atdhe Atdhe Nuhiuuuuuuu Atdhe Atdhe, Atdhe Atdhe Atdhe Atdhe Nuhiuuuuuuu!
  10. I gathered about 20 discarded/torn up tickets from the floor of the north and none of them have won owt in the post match draw! Fix!!
  11. RIP Ann-marie Alexander. Vocal Kop ST holder until taken away by cancer too soon. Just wish she could have witnessed a PO final win!
  12. 75 year old tri-sexual jedi martian rufc season ticket holder in a relationship with barry chuckle. Wish i could go to sleep rather than cocking about but still buzzing from friday!
  13. So pissed off- after nine months wait my double hernia opelation has come through- Saturday morning in bloody Bristol!! Gonna hang on to my ticket till the last minute in case it gets cancelled again. I'm a damn sight more nervous about the game than the operation!!
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