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  1. Ryan H

    PNE (New years eve)

    How many will we be taking? Says around 700 left online.
  2. We'll charge what we want We'll charge what we waaaaaant We're Sheffield Wednesday.. We'll charge what we want!
  3. Ryan H

    Not Even 5000 ST's Sold!

    You clearly care so much about Wednesday that your not going to buy a season ticket? Ha, what a joke!
  4. Ryan H

    My last game!

    Good luck mate and stay safe:)
  5. Ryan H

    Newcastle Tickets

    Can anybody tell me how to book tickets online please?Thanks.
  6. Ryan H

    New shirt

    I really can't wait to get the new away kit, in my opinion it's really nice and will look good next season.Good kit choice from the Owls. Should be good next season. Up the Owls .