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  1. vs. Everton April 1969 Lost 1-0. The match was on MOTD and Springett was outstanding.
  2. October 2nd 1976 - Lincoln - 1-1 Roger Wylde Just bought my first car and hooked on away trips ever since
  3. Great thread and agree, with many, that it was the best away game ever. Remember well the non stop singing on the coach back to Sheffield and then arriving back into Pond Street at 1-00am and all you could hear was "Singing the Blues" Then carried on down to Exeter on the Saturday....................................... What a decent week that was! UTO
  4. Remember this weekend really well. Left Sheffield on the train on the Friday morning and stayed in Brixham both Friday and Saturday. Mark Smith missed a pen near the end and we finished up losing 1-0. We did not know the Chesterfield result but when the players came running back out onto the pitch the celebrations began. It seemed that Torquay had thousands of Wednesday that night. We pinned a MASSIVE photo of Big Jack on the pub wall and sang until we eventually got thrown out. Happy days. Quite alot arrested I seem to remember for being D & D. Thanks for the pics. UTO FTB WTID
  5. An early hero of mine too. I am pretty sure that the overhead kick against Swindon was the first goal I ever saw a Wednesday player score. R.I.P. Jackie and thanks
  6. Very sad news indeed. Like for so many who were there in the early 70's MP was a hero to me, a proper footballer who gave his all. You always felt that he was one of us and his partnership with Brian Joicey was one of the best. It is only a few weeks ago, on the tube after the QPR game, we were singing "When Michael Prendergast scores a goal we win". Still a legend 40 years on. RIP Mick - smile on us on Sunday
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