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  1. Thing's i've seen as a Wednesday fan: Leon Carke dislocating his toe after scoring and costing us survival from the championship Darren Potter failing to beat the first man from a corner with three consecutive attempts Mark Beevers being played up front as a striker "Because he is tall" Two full seasons of Darren Purse long balls How any Wednesday fan can complain about this squad after the poo we've been forced to watch for the past 10 years is beyond me. This squad is unreal! Have you seen the way the pass? Have you seen them beat a man (Before the only player capable of that was JJ and we all know what happened after he beat the man.... ball was in stands). The problem we have that after a failed play-off season the bar has been set so incredibly high that only automatic promotion will some sections of the fan base.
  2. Off course Wednesday are bigger than Sheffield United. This is obvious and doesn't need to be brought up. By bringing it up you only drag us down closer to their level. Its only clubs with an inferiority complex that need to make constant comparisons.
  3. I am literally in Pittsburg right now visiting family. I'll ask about see if anyone has heard out.
  4. I'll only except this change if they increase the capacity of Hooters to make up for the disappointment
  5. I appreciate he can do what he likes in his own time. Just winds me up, footballers in general i see them from Blades, Donny Barnsley etc in the casino or Spearmint when injured till the early hours of the morning midweek. Surely there is something they can be doing, looking up on tactics doing charity work. Maybe im just bitter because i cant have a 1K spin for the hell of it. :)
  6. Reda is injured but doesnt stop him taking £1K spins on roulette at Genting does it.
  7. It is possible (however unlikely) that Harry will become are next manager. If Milan convinced him to take on a championship club (very unlikely) as he is probably still on gardening leave from Spurs having yet negotiated his severance package. The decision to move to us would be dependent on Milan being able to afford the petrol and costs of flying harry's chopper from Poole to Hillsborough every day for training. A similar deal was negotiated when Harry nearly went to Newcastle however they were unable to agree on terms for travel costs (AKA Harry owns a helicopter and wanted fuel plus pilot to be paid for) I feel Milan would be unprepared to pay for it,
  8. you would think with the wingers we have in our squad our full backs would have had a lot of experience closing them down in training.
  9. 16/1 is awful odds and not worth putting capital into that for an entire season. alot of better opportunities available
  10. Are you trying to tell me putting Mark Beevers up front as a striker is not a legitimate plan B?????
  11. Good read but i think your table prediction is way out. I dont feel it is objective at all especially with regards to Leeds and Barnsley.
  12. If Harewood signs it has to be in addition to another striker. I would be disappointed if he was singed as our final striker. Maybe the reason he has been on trial for so long is that we are hoping to get someone better in and keeping him around just in case?
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