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  1. Dele Bashiru, it's now your turn to step up to the plate Shaw literally came from nowhere Time to play his replacement with the same intentions
  2. Great question, now we know why players, agents and clubs are so secretive
  3. It would be nice if the stick beaters could take just 5 minutes off Looking for fault and ripping in at every opportunity The under soil heating is broken in the middle of a pandemic...................big freakin deal! Enjoy your day!
  4. There seems to be a harmony in the camp that we have not seen in years NT, Westwood and Hutch have all played a part and as a fan it is so pleasing to see I'm just so relieved another champ club didn't step in and offer Hutch a contract There's no doubt, Hutch is a very good footballer and leader
  5. Actually, what a very good reality check
  6. Like it, the boy is doing good What a shot in the arm If Carlsberg did dreams eh
  7. DC is stretched to the max financially and his patience is wearing thin Anybody sniffing around the club knows this Going to be a rollercoaster this as DC also doesn't want to lose face The next offer just might flush him out
  8. Of course they're tired, just like every other club. Rotation is just as important as substitutes NT has tried to keep momentum going It's no surprise we ran dry today on the back of such good form The next game is another test, that's football
  9. Recruitment team is pants NT is a coach out of his depth The squad is poor We need a striker This league is the worst Well, we just managed to eek 6 points out of two sides that had beaten us before we even kicked a ball Something is right and fair play, we look much better as a team right now Whatever you're saying NT, keep saying it
  10. Hutch fits the mould perfectly Speaks very well and has no fear Got the big club mentality in him He's a driven individual Sounds good to me
  11. Trust NT to change things if necessary, through either injury, tactically or rotation If the mindset is right the players will deliver
  12. It was easy for Rhodes, the team was relaxed, played with assurance He simply added what he's always done Easy, no complication
  13. Our form is ok right now We have plenty of talent Drama isn't helping
  14. At the moment his best chance is of the bench, seems NT is willing to give him game time Up to him to earn that shirt
  15. After Wednesday night is there a single person on here who might have expected anything from today's game NT deserves some credit under very difficult circumstances I like how previously casted players are coming back into the frame There seems to be an element of unity that was previously missing The club is undergoing a massive restructure, the high earners are going to be a thing of the past Back to basics with a back to basics no non-sense manager Works for me
  16. Didn't realise MBS was someone in disguise until now
  17. It's what it is, crack on Wednesday To the very end
  18. Walking down Penistone Road for a night match was an incredible feeling The sight of the floodlights as you walked along the end of Wordsworth The sound of the ground reaching your ears, pulling you ever faster Then the sight of that glorious sign as you came through the arches Everything just oozed class and excitement
  19. So Cook didn't get the gig..............allegedly Bruce would have walked anyway............allegedly Biggs can only report on inplay football...........allegedly Carlton Palmer smokes marijuana..............allegedly That's cleared things up
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