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  1. happy bunny

    Birmingham away details

    Need 1 adult ticket if anyone can help please
  2. happy bunny


    He has some good points for sure However, putting his body on the line is not one of them I could scream!!!!!
  3. happy bunny

    Passion from Jos the Boss.

    Jos is the dutch equivalent of our very own Stuart Gray He just has a better cv Lets get off his back, see the season through and give him a proper chance Please
  4. happy bunny

    Jo’s - not very good

    Getting rid of Jos will most certainly sort out our injury crisis
  5. The big boys 1 - 0 the rest The gap gets ever wider
  6. happy bunny

    Honeymoon over Jos

    Jos is hung either way, he has few options and some tough games coming up Lets hope our injury backlist starts to clear soon
  7. happy bunny

    Honeymoon over Jos

    Ok we play our strongest eleven last night We then pick up a few niggles and consequently have to play last nights starting line up against Villa We are down to the bones, like it or lump it
  8. happy bunny

    Now I'm not pissed

    Jos certainly knows how to get the best out of players and Atdhe is no exception Put a little pace around him and he could well achieve 20+
  9. Loved how Pudil eased Tammy away from our keeper Top defending and a great game
  10. happy bunny

    Jos dropped a b******* today

    Opinions Opinions Opinions
  11. happy bunny

    Looking forward to the game tomorrow!

    It's the FA cup, best competition in the world Fifth round Enjoy everybody
  12. happy bunny

    Sean Clare:What's happened to him

    Gilbert still lamenting as we speak...