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  1. So the suggestion is that elite clubs can assemble youth teams at any cost to compete outside the PL. Where does this leave the clubs shackled by spending limits.
  2. Got a feeling he is going to enjoy playing under DM No brainer of a signing
  3. Player has a value to the club Said player is in talks with the club to recover wages, owed wages that have accumulated due to cash flow problems According to some of our fans, this means we should cancel out the value of the player and let him walk for free Meanwhile the club loses out on cash it so desperately needs Great idea
  4. Given the dire circumstance the club is enduring (if true), turning down a bid of that magnitude is strange Fair play to the club for valuing the player and sticking by that
  5. It's a fine line Lynching humour at a constant becomes difficult, to the point where some wonder the agenda
  6. What an absolute crying shame that some are celebrating the demise of our club Good stuff fellas, keep up the good work
  7. Could be a masterstroke signing under the circumstances If he signs.............
  8. Jeez, some got it real bad.............for sure
  9. Conclusions of this thread so far Attacking the poster has become acceptable DC is the worst poker player ever.............FACT!
  10. Read the threads, several journalists have gone with the story, and PFA are involved because wages haven't been paid either that or they are all making it up to embarrass DC I think you misunderstand my intentions Im not defending anyone in this, just trying to extract the facts from the fiction
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