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  1. It's what it is, crack on Wednesday To the very end
  2. Walking down Penistone Road for a night match was an incredible feeling The sight of the floodlights as you walked along the end of Wordsworth The sound of the ground reaching your ears, pulling you ever faster Then the sight of that glorious sign as you came through the arches Everything just oozed class and excitement
  3. So Cook didn't get the gig..............allegedly Bruce would have walked anyway............allegedly Biggs can only report on inplay football...........allegedly Carlton Palmer smokes marijuana..............allegedly That's cleared things up
  4. A number of reasons why this loan hasn't worked out Covid - this in itself has prevented a natural transition for the player to settle at the club Instability at SWFC - points deduction, management issues Intensity of league program - lack of time on the training ground, lack of match fitness Under different circumstances Brown may well have found his home, if he goes back then I wish him good luck
  5. If there is decent competition for his services then a fee to the club secures him (of course personal terms are a caveat)
  6. We blew it, went for broke and lost Of course these players are leaving Time to cut our cloth and stay calm
  7. It might work in his favour if he can convince DC that at the time his loyalty was to Leicester and not SWFC
  8. I'd be more than happy for big Nige to be the man I want the heart and passion
  9. Really pleased for the efforts of all today Young Galvin must be buzzing tonight Bravo
  10. We were 4/5 to lose this game, well done boys Let's hope we can quit the sniping and get behind the team just a little bit more now Onwards and upwards
  11. Condolences to you and your family RIP fellow owl
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