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  1. Decent praise on Sky for our efforts Just saying
  2. Happy for people to be happy Imagine all that love
  3. This is unexpected, there was so much negativity Good luck and with you all the way UTO
  4. We looked vulnerable first half At 80 mins it was inevitable Well fizz me......................hurrah How good does that feel UTO
  5. I'm smiling.............. Got some style for sure Good luck big man xx
  6. Good movement Skillful Lively Kept the ball Worked hard Free Result!!!!!!!!
  7. Monk makes a statement on a fact that to him, as manager is important Cue, rush to discredit and disprove the fact from allegedly supportive fans Opinion is good on why the stat is so important or how it can be improved We're going into a new season facing a real challenge before a ball is even kicked Let's give the man a chance before we start ripping his throat out
  8. I'm happy to answer that Right now we are looking to tighten our belt, money is available it seems but limited The type of players we are signing are young, raw, have talent and are within budget The CV fits in nicely with that model He's had an audition, if Monk goes for it then I will back all parties If not then hey ho
  9. Interesting CV, he's been at higher level clubs than us, he obviously has a talent We are shopping with players like this in mind, he fits the bill Compared to last season, we're now in a better position to improve his play
  10. If the PL can have it's own self serving entity/governing body Why can't the championship?
  11. It actually shows how incompetent they are in their rush to tar and feather, then move onto the next case Seems like they are used to steamrolling through with what appears to be biased judgement (we have history with this....FF)
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