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  1. I would love to be able to agree with you but it seems we are on dodgy ground right now The authorities firmly have us in their sights It would be easy to carry out what I suggested and put us back in the driving seat, ideally we then build on that on our terms Swallow the pill for now
  2. Implement a reduction of away fans to the required level to allow the stadium to function safely Withhold the away fans, ask for a recommendation on the allotted time and carry out the instructions Relocate the fans in the North stand who have constantly created problems with away fans Build a case to challenge the findings of the report and the agenda of SAG and SYP
  3. He knows his job and plays with pride It's players like him that bring the best out of other players around him A managers dream and a will be a firm fans favourite
  4. Surely Iorfa covers centre back with Odubajo coming in at full back Hutch hasn't got the legs to play attacking fullback, hence DM being his default position, I honestly think it reduced our attacking options. Maybe we should have gone for a back three of Hutch/Iorfa, Lees and Borner and released a player further up the pitch.
  5. Firstly there was no need for both fullbacks to be on the bench, Hutch at right back actually reduced our attacking options, there was no overlap and Murphy looked isolated Secondly, I'm pretty sure Bannan would have been brought on at some stage, surely it should have been like for like I'm struggling to comprehend the game plan
  6. Sorry but have to disagree Two unused fullbacks on the bench with two midfielders filling in as fullbacks Omitting FF from the squad
  7. Don't agree, think we are progressing very nicely at the moment, just need an icing to go on top of the cake
  8. I have a bit of a problem with people saying saying our players are unmanageable unless your a big name Football is all about tactics, skill, organisation and communication These guys have a damn good CV when it comes to the above
  9. It would be very easy for Bully to stick to same eleven, maybe even bring Bannan back For me this is requires a bit of tactical nous considering their physical attributes Going to be interesting to see how we approach this
  10. We got our Wednesday back and I love it
  11. This could be one of Bullen's most defining moments Bullens principles are largely unknown to us, if Bannan is fit then we are about to find out how he operates What's more important is how he conveys his principles to the players
  12. I'm more surprised by the fact we actually put them both in the starting eleven Flies in the face of everything we've become accustomed to as Wednesday fans
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