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  1. Put a fresh FF in to that mix last night and it's a different story We need quality to be available and it's nights like last night where it hurts us
  2. Saw him play for Sparta last season, couldn't believe my eyes
  3. Bullen, like the players will be assessed by Monk If GM thinks he can work with him, there will be a place for LB
  4. Bielsa has done exactly the same thing, are you saying he too is not good enough as a manager Sometimes a group of players can be managed beyond their limits but prove to be just short of what's required The manager learns and if given the opportunity strengthens that group Look how many times Warnock knocked on the door before reaching his goal
  5. Monk is streets ahead of the Cowleys, he has top level experience Our club will benefit from that experience A lot of people have banged on about how thorough and hard working the Cowleys are and how they would instantly transform our club Monk will do that and more,, we are in a good place right now Let the hard work and fun begin
  6. Like Monk, happy with his appointment Just hope DC hasn't lost faith in football
  7. Not really, the fact that every approach for the Cowleys has been dismissed out of hand is good reason to think a deal is a possibility I guess its all down to personal terms now
  8. DC has learnt not to speak until there is something to say
  9. Not really, yes I agree DC has made mistakes, but we were all dropped into a great big bag of poo when Bruce departed The club was set up for a season under him and has had little time to recover from his selfishness Lets wait and see who his replacement is and judge once the dust has settled
  10. Not much mention here of the absolute sheeite decision to drop the club in the muck on the eve of the season by Bruce Blaming DC and then digging into mistakes (at his expense) seems like a knee jerk reaction but on reflection seems like some have been waiting for this moment It's obvious LB is out of his depth and at the same time it's also obvious that DC is willing to play the long game to make the right appointment I'm as disappointed as anybody but only a couple of weeks ago we were top of the league Fickleness is not unique to our fans but it does look shallow when just 6 games in and 1 point of the play-offs we are kicking lumps out of the club
  11. This gets my thumbs up, fans will disperse away from the ground much quicker now Roads should be back open in no time once people get used to the idea
  12. I would love to be able to agree with you but it seems we are on dodgy ground right now The authorities firmly have us in their sights It would be easy to carry out what I suggested and put us back in the driving seat, ideally we then build on that on our terms Swallow the pill for now
  13. Implement a reduction of away fans to the required level to allow the stadium to function safely Withhold the away fans, ask for a recommendation on the allotted time and carry out the instructions Relocate the fans in the North stand who have constantly created problems with away fans Build a case to challenge the findings of the report and the agenda of SAG and SYP
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