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  1. The Premier League has been the front running and most competitive league in the world Generating more money than ever before If this is all about the wonga then it begs the question................. When is enough money enough to satisfy the monsters?
  2. The idea in principle is very good Credit where credit is due
  3. Just waiting for the morning star to tell us when we can kick off on Saturday
  4. 3 months ago, it was Rhodes, Windass and Patterson who were not worthy A run of games together under a new manager and they find they feet after a run of games together The subs bench is a mish mash of players who fall into exactly the same category that with a run of games under their belt just might come good too DM has got his work cut out but we are definitely playing with much more resolve, slagging off players is cheap under the circumstances As already commented, we created chances and but for better defending and a slice of luck that scor
  5. You just had to do it, didn't ya Woke them up again
  6. Love how some folk portray a 5-0 win as a flash in the pan There's a glimmer now for sure Let's get behind em
  7. All the loons in one thread...............perfect That includes me
  8. Why is it the Wednesday way to continually alienate our chairmen Genuine question
  9. Yes of course, however we the possibility of a short term risk balanced against a longer term decline in income. The international break has come at a very good time for us, a real assessment can be made, I trust DM to make the right decision
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