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  1. The only difference between them and us is they have a platform to speak Alot of fans are worried right now and the celeb fans get their point over very well tbf
  2. So let me get this right Football is installing an intensive testing system that tests non-essential workers as priority
  3. Of course that's assuming the EPL can afford to pay out
  4. Govt. have been remarkably cute with this Giving the green light whilst inserting caveats that absolve blame Reading the Guardian article highlights the sheer absurdness of playing competitive games whilst trying to meet the requirements needed to compete safely
  5. The EPL just wants to get just two games out of the way Normality will then be restored
  6. As things stand there isn't one single player that is anywhere near match fit Start the season as if you can just flick a switch Somebody needs to take a big head wobble and call an end to this insanity
  7. Some really good points made about the unpredictability of football I'm really struggling with the "give them the title" brigade Not a single club has won anything yet
  8. Rubbish, you're dismissing the clubs that are fighting for promotion Are you seriously telling me Rotherham and co have no appetite
  9. So the only teams worthy of fighting for promotion are the big fish, what a load of codswallop The emperors clothes have finally fallen off
  10. When you think about it, the control element in football is quite frightening Pay on the gate VAR FFP Just to name a few
  11. Going on the recent lack of interaction from DC, it feels like the novelty has worn off somewhat He's currently saddled with a business he that has gone backwards this season If MA was to come along with a reasonable offer that means DC doesn't have to chuck anymore ££ into the bottomless pit, I wouldn't be surpised if he jumped at it On the other hand if DC is still passionate and wants to take this club forward then he will dig his heels in regardless
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