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  1. I think we are looking pretty good. Can see things going in our way from elsewhere
  2. That ties up the final spare weekend in our pre-season and can't see any more games being announced.
  3. I have been told this by the same person who told me we was going to Portugal back in April and who confirmed the dates the games would be played on..... Sheffield Wednesday are going to play Reading at the Estadio Algarve on Saturday 21st July. We will be playing a game against a Portugese top-flight team on Tuesday 24th July. The one concern I've got is why haven't Wednesday announced where they are staying?? Why are they leaving it this late? Not good for the fans in my view.
  4. Just subscribed to you and noticed another one you've posted tonight.... A better one
  5. They are looking at two training bases. One is just north of Lisbon and one is in Portimao in the Algarve.
  6. Just heard from my cousin who's got a few ITK's in the club. He say's Wednesday will tour to Portugal in July, with a training camp from Wednesday 18th July - Wednesday 25th July. Fixtures will be played on Saturday 21st July and Tuesday 24th July. Pre-season training will start on Monday 2nd July, with Wednesday's first pre-season fixture on Saturday 14th July before the trip to Portugal.
  7. Does anyone have a radio sheffield recording of the goals yesterday available for download??? Paul Walker's commentary on the 1st goal and at FT was class
  8. Interested to see what material's out there... Post your favourites in here.... I'll start with mine The goals when we hammered Leeds Scum 6-2 and Shezza's Cup final effort are a personal fav!!
  9. Some of the posts on this website I find truly amazing. Milan Mandaric Out, throwing season tickets away etc etc Let's put things into perspective. My opinion is that Wednesdayites are being blinkered by Sunday's win against the Scum. Before Sunday, Wednesday had won one in seven and was sitting in the bottom four of the form guide, losing their last four games. Yes, we are 3rd in the division. But should the teams around us win their games in hand we would be sitting 5th, a MASSIVE 8 points behind the automatic promotion slots which was the club's aim in August. Wednesday have dropped more points than any other team in the division in the last five minutes of a game and some of that has to be down to negative tactics and the way Megson is / was setting us up to defend leads. Does Megson's style of negative football win teams promotion? Draws kill you, proven by Lee Clark's dismissal at Huddersfield. All of this have been going round in Mandaric's head and when the bust-up occured post-Chesterfield I think it took them both to the point of no return. My personal opinion is that like he did with Irvine, MM has sacked the manager at the wrong time. Last season, after awful showings and thumpings at Exeter and Leyton Orient, MM decides to sack after Peterborough United which despite ending in defeat, was the best showing in a while and a battling performance against the highest scorers in the Football League at the time. Same this year, if Megson had of been sacked after Chesterfield I don't think too many questions would have been asked, but sacking him after Sunday was simply poor timing on the Chairman's part. We are still in a play-off spot. We still have a shot at automatic. No manager or player is bigger than the club. Let's get behind the boys and see where this whirlwind of a season takes us. UTO FTB.
  10. According to BBC Sport which is the source I have used, you went 4-3 up vs Exeter after 85 mins 03 secs, hence up to the 85th minute mark, (85min 00 secs) you was at 3-3, meaning no points was dropped.
  11. Easy. Load the BBC Website up, click on one of the top six clubs then click Results. It lists the games, scorers and times of goals. Note them down, work out what every club is up / down in late goals and then add / subtract it from their actual total.
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