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  1. Listened to this yesterday, it was a good listen. Surprised to hear that Tommy’s first professional contract at the start of the 2006/2007 season was only £100 a week, he was basically told by Sturrock take it or leave it and he signed it because he was buzzing to be playing professional football at a team the size of Sheffield Wednesday. Said that Irvine constantly made him and Beevers watch videos and he over analysed everything to the point he didn’t play his natural game and was overthinking his every move or pass because of it and says that it didn’t help his game at all. Says that Megson totally froze him out and it was down to him basically just not liking him, he was forced to play with the youth team and then around March time he was told to stay away from the club completely. Says this hurt him a lot as he loved the club but it did leave a bitter taste. Apparently Megson wanted him to be shouting at other players and pinning them up against the wall etc when they weren’t performing, Tommy said that wasn’t his character and that he showed what he was about on the pitch in terms of workrate etc and from that moment on he was frozen out.
  2. Was New Years Eve in the 2011/2012 promotion season iirc, Megson was manager at this point and we won 2-0 with goals from Marshall and Batth (I Think)
  3. I remember the same happening on the last day of the 2002/2003 season when Ian Holloway brought QPR to Hillsborough and they won 3-1 to seal promotion to the Championship. QPR brought about 7000 that day top and bottom of Lep as well as the corner, think it was Kevin Gallen who scored early on and there was about 5 QPR fans a few rows above me who all jumped up and celebrated. It was a like a steam train from top of North as a few took a disliking ran down and gave them a ‘Seeing Too’ bust noses galore. Was only a young lad at the time about 7 I think and I remember it upsetting me quite a bit.
  4. I forgot to mention in my post that the signing of Rhodes didn’t help him. If JR didn’t sign we might have seen more of SW and maybe he’d had thrived more. Who knows? My original post can apply to JR as well to be fair.
  5. It’s now or never for him as far as his SWFC career is concerned. Everyime a new manager has come in he’s not seemed to be in favour, some will say a pattern has occurred and it’s his attitude etc. When he first came in under Carlos from the Dingles he’d scored 11 in 22 in the champ not a bad record at all. Did well on his debut against Hudds scored his first against Brum on Friday night on sky but after that never seemed to get a look in and was left out of the 16 quite a lot which at the time i thought was quite strange. Started last game of season against Fulham in the 2015/2016 season when we made loads of changes and scored. Crying out for a goal against Hudds in play offs In ET Nuhiu comes on instead. Dont get me wrong I’ve seen him since and his perfomances haven’t been great at all and i understand why he hasn’t been in the team but I believe he can score goals and maybe he’s a confidence player, just needs an arm around him like Rowett did at Derby and he scored goals. Maybe Garry can be that man?
  6. What's Pardew doing at the match? He'll be odds on in 10 mins on SkyBet
  7. Never an easy place to go and they’ve not had a bad start, good opening day win against PNE at home and a very good away point yesterday at WBA. Will probably be our toughest test to date this season but with the pace we’ve got out wide I think we’re more than capable of beating them especially on the counter. For me Keiren Westwood comes back in next week, Cameron Dawson did okay yesterday but his distribution was a bit iffy at times yesterday and as most have said Keiren will organise the defence and constantly be in their ear. The defence has to remain the same as does the front 3, the midfield is where changes may be made. Great to have an abundance of options for the first time in a while. I’d be tempted to have Luongo and Hutch as a 2 with Lee in front. Suddenly we have an extremely strong bench something we haven’t had in a few seasons.
  8. Apparently we’ve approached him and he’s turned it down, story to break shortly.
  9. Just seen he’s on £40K a week and suffered from hamstring injuries since he’s been at Villa. Maybe not
  10. Not sure if he’s been mentioned already and he’s probably the wrong side of 20 in terms of the age range we need to be looking at after previous seasons but what about Henri Lansbury? Surely surplus to requirements at Villa and would be available for a fairly modest fee £1.5M-£2M. (That’s if we have any money to spend at all)
  11. Also signed from Scunthorpe by Brian Laws, not Scottish and never played in Scotland
  12. You can hardly say he got the service in that game can you, we created next to nothing
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