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  1. Is anybody aware of any groups on here that are planning on getting two teams together and hiring the pitch out after the season has finished? I know something similar was organised last year
  2. Stoke to beat Derby Forest Villa Draw thats the best outcome for tomorrow I would say
  3. Looking for a pair of Hull tickets if possible, I have one but need one for a friend and would rather buy a pair so they’re together. If I get a pair I can sell mine. I will still take a single ticket however if any are going Thanks
  4. We won a throw in the Lep end of the North in the first half and somebody shouted a comment at him to which he reacted and gave some back. When we went 1-0 up amongst the celebrations he seemed to give some back again to that direction of the North. It was quite passionate he grabbed the badge as he as saying it. Anybody see it?
  5. Does anybody know why when we watch the red button the picture quality is horrendous and we don’t get any replays but when it shows you on Sky Sport News when the pundits are covering the games the picture looks HD quality and it gives replays?
  6. Got X1 Forest Adult ticket available for sale, please DM me
  7. Currently on holiday and was wondering if we are down as the featured match on Saturday? Anybody aware of it being streamed?
  8. A 0-0 draw against stoke in 2002 I sat in the grandstand and as an 8 year old the ground looked huge from up there. My dad took me in the five arches before and when walking down Herries Road to the match I managed to pierce my ear on the thorn bushes my dad had to pull it out and I got blood all over my brand new shirt
  9. Surprised they’re in for another keeper having just signed one but then again who would’ve expected Lee Grant to be linked with Man Utd
  10. Brighton signed Sunderland’s Jason Steele last week I think so I doubt they’d be looking at another keeper
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