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  1. Thought you were on about Mr X by Barry Neville, he is writing one !!
  2. Remember going for a friendly when we had just signed Waddle , went on their end . A certain ex landlord DB got a nasty neck injury friendly was a understatement !!! Also our Mick Hucknall look a like got nicked . Happy Days
  3. Lowther owner is a kid called Shaun Binns and yes his Wednesday, but as a soft spot for Chelsea
  4. Remember doing the same with Roland money wise it got to 66/1 and he scored a screamer against Norwich !!
  5. And at the station , but in the day !!!
  6. How many police on duty today, for a small city never seen so many. Much have cost a fortune!!!
  7. Tell you what I noticed yesterday when Patterson scored everybody excluding BPF celebrated , which tells me we have a great team spirit at last !!
  8. What like donny did at our place when they got penalty, every teams supporters do it . Go and watch a match in Europe
  9. they have taken a dislike to us since that moody incident in town so any opportunity they get
  10. With leeds playing Sunday I have heard loads of donny whites and other leeds lads out, could get interesting !!!!
  11. Apart from the obvious who does everyone want to win ?
  12. Off on their end 3 of us , think there will be quite a few of us
  13. Well Alan you will have egg on your face tomorrow I've seen all first day fixtures like Bournemouth at home to Manchester United
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