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  1. He did and he's a legend but did he do the best he could have??? Would you not want to protect and guide your son and say look swfc amazing club look how I am treated as God but you are one injury away from going from the potential to go top and losing it all
  2. Hope he does sign be nice for some to come through at 18 always a risk but rather try blood some youth given success of development 23s etc. Unfortunately big clubs can afford to hoover prospects up loan out etc and hope they come good. As someone has said no one knows what's happened with others but times have changed and it's so so annoying but if we were in there position and not wednesday fans we my do same
  3. benitocarbonara

    Anyone disagreeing?

    i still dont understand the slagging he gets tbh people want expect messi style performances and hes not that sort of entertainer and was never billed as that. still learning still growing can see him been a milner style player with regards to undervalued and slagged by people but people who have played the game get his quality and sure his team mates will will be able to tell you what he brings and gives the team. just hopefully keep improving
  4. benitocarbonara

    Reach grabs Player of the Year award

    i still dont understand the slagging he gets tbh people want outstanding messi style performances and hes not that sort of entertainer and was never billed as still learning still growing can see him been a milner style player with regards to undervalued and slagged by people but to people that understand the game and his team mates he is a lynch pin
  5. benitocarbonara

    So David Hirst regrets

    Let's be honest as much as we love our club and having done a great service idlf anyone would think he would regret/not go is absolutely bonkers of course he would want test himself and go as high as he could think people get wrapped up on how football used be he's gambler drinker all round normal bloke and our hero but he of course would want more
  6. benitocarbonara

    Sam Hutchinson "Other stuff has gone on"

    Tbh people made there own theory about him having pop at fans which he ain't and obviously he can't say xyz happening . Personally and just my opinion he means fans have got a reason to be how they are but things are not Rosey and plenty of in fighting and for whatever reason the solidarity that Carlos seemed have he lost. Whoever that it was a direct hit at fans personally think it's what they rather think
  7. He sound beat himself like he's out of ideas on what to do to dig us out. No we down on confidence but just basically players are shot. Admitted situation could have been better for him but it's his job. I know football moves on but he can't even give a Charlton /megs on style round of as he can't speak lingo.... Personally think powers that be thought we coast to safety and start fresh only good thing come out this is we know how he reacts when in poop and it seems badly
  8. benitocarbonara

    sheffield star

    as i have said they are saying fact as he hasnt signed a contract but if you were writing the article would you highlight he has signed? the strap line unsigned clare tbh its not going to spike interest from else where etc but lads played well come through rank the article is highlighting that lad is concentrated on football and leaving contracts to powers that be and it is just an opinion but think that the headline could have been better as basically says lads in limbo not signed and that because A club does want to or B he wants else were the article is not the issue just head line COULD be seen negative. interested to know if you were writing it what you would say
  9. benitocarbonara

    sheffield star

    right well tbh i not going pluck it from thin air i accept prob should have posted a link to the story which i apologise forhttps://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/still-unsigned-sean-clare-on-sheffield-wednesday-contract-talks-1-9035369 having just seen the link you put personally think am not blaming the poo season on anyone like radio sheff, star or aunt fanny just saying personally think its a little poo that sheffield star creates a negative post when they could have played it different in a positive way.... said delete the post so feel free
  10. benitocarbonara

    sheffield star

    tbh i never start a topic and after a sunday swill i hoped someone would have picked up on it so could rant under the radar. point is why are the star such shysters with negative headlines. they will say they saying fact but just no need. instead of a head of wednesday youth product clare just concentrates on his game its still unsigned clare on contract talks might be the beer but its just like why go that angle.... mods delete when you want mini rant over
  11. pudil should get 12 months wallace is marmite but would give him 12 months
  12. benitocarbonara

    Fernando Forestieri rehab

    after what seems a couple of bad injuries would you trust our medical team with a "prise asset" lets face it even if he aint going play for the club again at time of sale you want him fit to maximise profit. if players are bitching that hes taking wee wee then jos seems type to say worry about yourself and crack on
  13. benitocarbonara

    Jordan Thorniley

    Ffs not
  14. benitocarbonara

    Jordan Thorniley

    Fact nit face
  15. benitocarbonara

    Jordan Thorniley

    Beer aided and jumping little to his defence as the majority have just stated face with regards to his first 20 mins and he did look nervous etc but there are very few that wouldn't