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  1. serious question how do come to an amount if points? why 7 why not 5? if they were pushing for promotion and the deduction amount took them out playoffs i sort of get how they get to a figure? if that makes sense
  2. just interested. are you not a fan of dc because of his mistakes and the stubborn nature he seems to have and it appears he may not learn or you think hes trying make a quick buck and just has no interest in club as such
  3. what its worth tbh most thought he was going be what we hoped. lots were praising him etc so its not that he cant do it just seems imo that he can loose a dressing room or make enemies. i would like to think that players are not playing to get him sack but things seemed to change over night and his tactic become erratic. Been nosy i would love to here peoples conspiracies on what happen!!
  4. Looked nervous from limited highlights but who wouldn't be. attitude seems amazing seems excited and grateful for the chance he has and seems to understand that millions would love for the chance he has. Think he could be moulded into something good for the team
  5. Exactly he's amazing at times but will have off days but would rather have him than not. We are a championship club with dreams of grandeur but now where near would love to know you we can bring in with his experience and ability. I might be wrong but also does nit seem like an old timer picking his wage and not giving a dam but dont know so my be wrong
  6. Prob stating the obvious but if we get screwed surely others get dragged in
  7. Let’s have Connor Wickham again, if he’s fit. Even Benteke at this level...really i hope to god i have missed the whooosh moment or your sending me a create what you been on!!!
  8. sorry if popes dead etc etc but has there been a press conference
  9. Management i think he has and bviously respect of the senior players just not sure on if he has the tactical side but if hes winning then he should get a fair crack if he wants it
  10. he cost me 50 quid last year with lack of goals but have this strange feeling that if we play to his strengths and in mood he will score goals. Thing with him is if he aint in mood and dont play to his strengths hes no chance and will look even past it as hasnt got the ability to produce a bit of magic like some other player that might no be in mood but can produce he relays on others
  11. If he's thinking not over fussed. Get he might be hoping of a PL job if someone goes early but makes it sound like he would have to be convinced.
  12. I know and agree with people saying we need manager in get ready new season etc but who says we are not? Most agree not lots choose from so if options are limited why would we rush in as no manger to secure. But I would not want Mr C to just abandon this and want him to carry this on and follow through to the end to stand strong and get most we can
  13. not a dig a genuine question do you think DC with have spoken to senior players about it or just do his own thing?
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