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  1. Management i think he has and bviously respect of the senior players just not sure on if he has the tactical side but if hes winning then he should get a fair crack if he wants it
  2. he cost me 50 quid last year with lack of goals but have this strange feeling that if we play to his strengths and in mood he will score goals. Thing with him is if he aint in mood and dont play to his strengths hes no chance and will look even past it as hasnt got the ability to produce a bit of magic like some other player that might no be in mood but can produce he relays on others
  3. If he's thinking not over fussed. Get he might be hoping of a PL job if someone goes early but makes it sound like he would have to be convinced.
  4. I know and agree with people saying we need manager in get ready new season etc but who says we are not? Most agree not lots choose from so if options are limited why would we rush in as no manger to secure. But I would not want Mr C to just abandon this and want him to carry this on and follow through to the end to stand strong and get most we can
  5. not a dig a genuine question do you think DC with have spoken to senior players about it or just do his own thing?
  6. would have loved take a chance on Morrison in hope. thing with him is if he has a decent start other teams may take interest and he be off. massive risk but someone that can bring crowd to there feet and galvanise
  7. Anyone else think DC likes fact Bruce has face fans tomorrow or look like even big wee pipe
  8. Correct me if am wrong but sure he said last swan song and if it is would anyone really be grudge him the chance manage Newcastle. Sure it's his boy hood club and might never get chance again. I'd be pissed off but it's typical of the Wednesday way
  9. you would like to think that's Bruce's team know exactly what Bruce is going to want to play like and try to implement this before he gets here. we have see just think realism is needed. we will win some we don't expect lose others we should win. let's get safe and then startplan for next season. just going be frustrating till may
  10. again i have prob got it completely wrong but thought/understood that the ffp work in a revenue to spend ration for example in very simple figures you bring in 1 million rev you can spend 3 million and as we only bring xyz in he cant spend anymore
  11. exactly thats the point i was (badly) trying make. You could have trillions in bank and willing spend it but if rules say you cant then we cant. Just puzzled how you wouldnot employ a loop hole whizz kid get round it as it seems like other have
  12. So what should we do boo him continually ? hes done massive mistakes and at times been naive. Not an excuse for him but think the first couple seasons when we got in playoffs with leaches round him he has drawn him into the false opinion that they have helped create that success. which he can be half forgiven for and then its gone boobs up hes left on his own dogs abuse from all round and he has no idea how to deal with it and made loads more mistakes. his big mistake was listening to people that have supposed to have football background and business brain. I believe he aint here as a quick buck type of guy but with lack of football experience reverted to acting like hes talking to shareholders as knows no different .... but what do i know just a fat lad off s5!!!
  13. sorry my English is poop. I mean i thought that as we dint have the revenue he cant spend it. People saying he wont spend hes skint etc but thought that its not the fact he wont spend just cant i.e even if investment came in unless they buy every spare seat in house or rename stadium of stupid money how can it change the FFP stance. its a question not statement as no idea
  14. sorry if i am been stupid but thought the issue wasnt money but that we cant show the revenue to allow us to spend it
  15. he has his pay day hes already here!!!
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