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  1. you would like to think that's Bruce's team know exactly what Bruce is going to want to play like and try to implement this before he gets here. we have see just think realism is needed. we will win some we don't expect lose others we should win. let's get safe and then startplan for next season. just going be frustrating till may
  2. again i have prob got it completely wrong but thought/understood that the ffp work in a revenue to spend ration for example in very simple figures you bring in 1 million rev you can spend 3 million and as we only bring xyz in he cant spend anymore
  3. exactly thats the point i was (badly) trying make. You could have trillions in bank and willing spend it but if rules say you cant then we cant. Just puzzled how you wouldnot employ a loop hole whizz kid get round it as it seems like other have
  4. So what should we do boo him continually ? hes done massive mistakes and at times been naive. Not an excuse for him but think the first couple seasons when we got in playoffs with leaches round him he has drawn him into the false opinion that they have helped create that success. which he can be half forgiven for and then its gone boobs up hes left on his own dogs abuse from all round and he has no idea how to deal with it and made loads more mistakes. his big mistake was listening to people that have supposed to have football background and business brain. I believe he aint here as a quick buck type of guy but with lack of football experience reverted to acting like hes talking to shareholders as knows no different .... but what do i know just a fat lad off s5!!!
  5. sorry my English is poop. I mean i thought that as we dint have the revenue he cant spend it. People saying he wont spend hes skint etc but thought that its not the fact he wont spend just cant i.e even if investment came in unless they buy every spare seat in house or rename stadium of stupid money how can it change the FFP stance. its a question not statement as no idea
  6. sorry if i am been stupid but thought the issue wasnt money but that we cant show the revenue to allow us to spend it
  7. he has his pay day hes already here!!!
  8. i think the clean slate aint the issue i am guessing that its no opinion but player thats the issue, a player with obvious talent and prob on decent money and manager would want to get him performing unless manager is told not to play or player just doesnt want it. Logically if you came in to S6 and got him playing it would be an easy bit of a win with fans to get them on side. Only 2 things stop that 1, powers that be 2, player
  9. what was said? sorry if its somewhere in this post just wondered. Also personally think its strange that although loads been made on line between fans online on line no media source or journ has taken it on or pressed it and not leaks. curiosity killed cat but love know half of what gone off just out of interest
  11. think it's unfair to label him as only doing it for a contract he will know his situation contract wise but honestly feel he wants prove a point and do best for swfx and not whole heartedly himself
  12. would think that he's there for recovery then sihn no point signing paying wages for him also he may not recover from the injury
  13. personally love him admit hes made mistakes and things have ended up in the pooper. BUT remember first 2 seasons he was a walk on water god. I genuinely feel he has the best interest at heart but been advised how to do things from a business point of view now. first off it was a giddy excitement that been fair nearly worked but now we in the do do hes realising football aint as loyal and you could be hailed from the king to a mare stable boy in blink of a eye and given the culture of trust and loyalty asian have i think he taken fans response as a massive kick in nuts. he's done loads wrong and handled stuff naive just need see a way of working round the situation
  14. he wouldn’t be anywhere near a pro club if he was 6’3 or below.... so he has got to pro ranks on height alone nothing else.... and tbh even if it is like saying if jj was slow he wouldnt have made it but he was . lads lucky natural genetics been kind but in this day and age to think height alone got him to pr ranks imo a little naive
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