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  1. jarvisowl

    Spare ticket for Watford

    Ticket now sold thanks
  2. Due to a family illness i wont be going to Watford so my ticket is for sale at cost price
  3. jarvisowl

    Two Watford tickets needed

    Got a spare ticket for watford if anybody wants it cost price
  4. I have one spare ticket for Watford if you want it pal
  5. jarvisowl

    commonwealth games

    What a complete and utter knob
  6. jarvisowl

    commonwealth games

    O Chad i bow to your vast knowledge and shall remove it to make yourself happy
  7. jarvisowl

    commonwealth games

    Whos seen his arse then Chad miserable tw-t, the lads done well and is a wednesdayite ...
  8. jarvisowl

    commonwealth games

    A Yorkshire lad done well , getting away from the politics
  9. Congratulations to one of our backroom staff Mr Arthur Cutts son on winning a siver medal at the commonwealth games , in the pole vault #proudtobefromyorkshire
  10. jarvisowl

    Worse than this?

    Maybe Council Owl was a premature ejaculation reading some of the poo he posts on here
  11. jarvisowl

    Takeover complete

    Council is it today , I think your a BFC fan ? .
  12. jarvisowl

    deal off

    Council Owl get back to leaning on your shovel pal.
  13. jarvisowl

    York away in pre season

    I will be in Ireland for the July 12th marches , not happy .
  14. jarvisowl


    As this thread looks like its coming to an end, may I thank all the politically correct or otherwise for keeping this at the top. But most of all i would like to thank the people who have ordered shirts and mugs. ( To many to mention).
  15. jarvisowl


    Could not have said it better young man .