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  1. It's Seems the whole league is much improved this season.
  2. Me + 4 paying in the gate. If anyone cares
  3. So you'd have kept sasso and wiggins in yeah?....oh thought not.
  4. Played well today. Don't you think?
  5. Not really. There's a massive roof. Went in the away end last season for villa match and atmosphere was decent and there were only a couple of thousand villa fans
  6. Total capacity of top tier will be more than 7k I'd have thought. We will sell around 4k
  7. Will still be upper tier is my guess. Stretches around the corner and all the way down the length of the pitch.
  8. Oh I bet it is. There are some horrendous (non) views at loftus road.
  9. I was half way up the top tier last season. And could see most of the tier below let alone the goal so yeah I'm sure the back row will be fine It pretty steep. They aren't gonna design and build a new (ish) stadium like st James if you can't see all of the goal.
  10. That's not true (you must have been leathered). I can confirm you can all all of the pitch and nets .
  11. Really? That's pretty good. I best get moving
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