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  1. Prutton is not a winger but he did a job there, however, due to the fact it's not his natural position people will see him as 'slow' and use him as the teams scapegoat...just like JOC was.
  2. Hi Ho, Hi Ho, We've got Antonio With Buxton, Lowe and Sem-e-do, Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Hi Ho, Hi Ho! http://fanchants.co..../hi-ho-robinho/
  3. Saying he needs to play then saying he's rubbish? Oh god.
  4. New Videos uploaded onto here... http://www.youtube.com/user/hootonlevittowl
  5. http://www.dailymotion.com/tevezisawednesdayite#videoId=xade86
  6. Wasn't it Sedgwick who conceded the penalty. Radio Sheffield named and shamed the wrong player..
  7. Yeah, was about to make the point that Megson has still pointed out that there is still a slight language barrier with Semedo. Wouldn't trust him to lead the team properly yet.
  8. For all his faults, JOC isn't a bad captain...and has the traits to become a lower league manager in the future.
  9. Llera scored against us earlier in the season vs blackpool in the penalty shoot out...so yeah..he can take a penalty.
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