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  1. Stadium sold for £38m Which results in us posting a pre tax profit of a touch under £2.6m for the financial year.
  2. Yeah I tried that and they just said if it's sold out online then it's sold out in the shop.
  3. Morning all. I haven't posted on here for years so apologies if this is in the wrong place. I'm looking for a bit of help if possible! It's my nephew's 8th birthday tomorrow and I'm taking him to his first game on Saturday. I'm wanting to buy him the home strip for his birthday and I perhaps rather foolishly assumed a boys medium shirt, shorts and socks would be in stock online or in the club shop - and of course they're sold out pf all of them! So the questions is - does anyone know anywhere else that might sell them? Thanks in advance for any help.
  4. Evening all - not sure which section to put this in so apologies in advance if I've got it wrong. Are there any guys out there who'd love to have a corporate box for a season? Personally I think it'd be brilliant but I live in York and don't know any other Owls who would a) want a box or b) could afford one. So the purpose of this post is to find out if there are 9 other people like me who'd be interested in dividing the cost of one by 10 and having one for next season? I think they cost about 20k per season, so it's 2k per person. Hope to hear from some people. Cheers.
  5. Heard this for the first time the other day and thought it was worth sharing with those who haven't heard it... To the tune of Quiet Riot's "Come on feel the noise"... COME ON CHEER THE BOYS....WEDNESDAY MAKE SOME NOISE...WE GO WIIIIILD WIIIIILD WIIIIILD, WE WIIIILD WIIIILD WIIILD!!! For those that have heard it before, don't like it or whatever - don't start abusing me....please?
  6. Where does the fear come from though? I might be wrong but surely it's because we the fans get on their backs if they wee wee tail it up?
  7. I must admit I thought they had a really good setup when I went to their place for the pre-season friendly - I particularly liked the fiveaside pitches they have on site which I got the impression were open to the paying public. Such a simple idea to get something like that setup which is giving them an income stream all day and all year, even in the close season.
  8. OP - Im a ST holder living in central York, YO24 is only like 3 miles from me I reckon (I'm YO1) - not going tonight due to family commitments but you're welcome to grab a lift with me to the next home game, I'll also match the other posters offer and buy you a ticket.
  9. I'm not going to get drawn into debating what the two of you are / aren't kicking off about, it doesn't interest me. You know the point I'm making and you know full well my post wasn't just aimed at you (I said so earlier). Many people agree that the boardroom section should be brought back so I'm not sure why it can't be done. On a seperate note, I agree that prozone was a waste of money (especially when someone as tactically inept as Laws was reviewing the data) and that Laws should have been sacked earlier AND that Wood should have been out of the door the moment he requested a transfer.
  10. So you think a thread titled "Mr Strafford" and "Scram" are clearly titled? You must be read palms then mate because ANYTHING could be in those threads.
  11. Mate, for the record - if Scram was talking formations and tactics, I wouldn't be requesting that his posts be taken to another section. You're kind of twisting what I've said which I think is unfair, particularly as you agree that the boardroom section should be reinstated!
  12. Scram, you've got a namecheck for obvious reasons, which, if you want me to spell it out is becuase yours was the final straw for me, regardless of how many other issues you get involved in - though just a point, 1% of your posts equates to just over 235 - that's a lot of involvement if you ask me, though I appreciate from someone with the time to post over 23,500 times, that's not much. May I also just make the point that I'm not suggesting you don't exchange views on a forum, I'm making a request that these views be exchanged in a seperate section where those sad enough to want to read that sort of crap may do so. Matchday section should be 100% dedicated to football which is what I think the majority of fans want to read about, not politics.
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