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  1. I've bagged DC as much as the next person and wont easily forget the damage he has done to the club but if he's learned from past mistakes and willing to let professionals run the club on his behalf then good on him. Currently though he hasn't much choice given the whole Covid situation and I'm also wondering if League 1 isn't "sexy" enough for him. The real test and proof that he has actually learnt from the past is when International travel comes back or we get back in the Championship. The temptation to meddle will be back so until then I'll reserve judgement
  2. A signing that has definite ?????? about it. Like to think he's been signed as a Plan B option
  3. Suspect we've been setting up for both Windass and Bannan to leave. I'm expecting more movement once we are into August and the PL squads are declared
  4. It'll be interesting to see whether we cash in on Bannan and Windass. Personally think the two of them could have an outstanding season at this level with the right players around them but money talks
  5. If they want to protect match day crowds the answer is simple. Reduce the prices Alot of fans won’t be going back because they don’t want to, they won’t be going back because they can’t afford to
  6. Can we please stop referring him as Chairman, he’s the Owner. it’s only a small thing but symbolic of our issues. A Chairman/Chairperson is in charge of a board of directors/committee/Shareholders who have a say in the running of that organisation. if we had that I don’t believe we would be in our present situation instead we have a “Rich” incompetent Control freak for an Owner. He has to move on or bring in a proper set of Directors with the power to act or I fear we will head into League 2 or worse before this is over.
  7. Football fans in general obviously want success on the pitch but the majority are realistic enough that they know the club needs to be run properly as well. Tottenham fans might be frustrated that they never quite have success but they know they have one of the most business savvy Chairman around and that financially he's looking after them. We on the other hand have nothing, a rich man who doesn't seem to understand business and definitely does not get Football. He needs to bring in people that do, if does that and very soon then he may win the fans over. Personally if I saw him getting it right off the pitch I'd be more optimistic, the results would come in time but unless he brings in a proper set of Directors and runs the club properly we are only going in one direction.
  8. A reset is possible but only with Chansiri gone or he takes a backwards step and allows someone to come in to run the club on a day to day basis to rebuild our reputation. Currently the only reason anyone would to Wednesday is money, that's not who we need or can afford with league 1 finances.
  9. Feeling very optimistic about this appointment going forward regardless of where we finish this season. Being able to bring in his own coaching staff, particularly coaches who are themselves highly regarded is another positive. As others have stated in hindsight it would have been better in January where we maybe could have used the loan market. 8 or 9 wins out of the remaining games needs to be the target.
  10. We did speculate what would happen if the owner lost interest in the club. Looks like we are gradually finding out and it’s not good
  11. Except he’s gone on holiday letting the game play on in auto
  12. Said it before it’s not this season that worries me it’s next year. it’ll be close but I think we good enough to stay up but who’s going to be left for next year
  13. Exactly was I was about to write. I think Thompson is doing a superb job but he is Coaching the First team not Managing the Club. I do however think he has done enough to be given the job for the rest of the season but we need to build a coaching/management team around him to best support him going forward. That's the bit I'm concerned about because I'm not sure we are capable of doing that given out current "Off the Pitch" issues.
  14. If we dont find a way to score more goals then we will go down. Our lack of goals will cost us too many points over a season.
  15. Said it in another thread but it’s the damage that will be done before he and Paxo move on that’s the saddest part. Players increasingly likely to not re-sign never mind join. Will we have a squad come the summer regardless of which Division we end up in. Never bought into the MM pr machine but at least you knew the club was being run properly.
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