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  1. Yeah, waiting for mine too. Was just about to post a thread asking whether others had got theirs, so thanks for saving me a job
  2. It’s possible, isn’t it, that this is one of those where it doesn’t have to be one thing or other? It was wrong he didn’t get his wage and that probably affected his performances. It was wrong that he didn’t necessarily have the professional pride to turn in a performance when he was clearly one of our more able players. But I completely accept that this may be hard to do when you aren’t getting your wages. I think to suggest people want him to smash tackles in or be a hard man are wide of the mark. We just want to see commitment. I grew up watching Di Canio-didn’t see him putting many tackles in but you felt like he’d give everything to win (except when he wouldn’t play away games like)
  3. Not sure I’d be throwing the word ‘challenge’ around so much, given that he’s spent a number of years absolutely neshing them
  4. Best I can do is two out of three there mate. And I would categorise the potential for a further points punishment that could either A) best case-derail a promotion push or B) worst case-send us into league 2, as something to worry about. The chairman now needs to do what he’s been there for all along. Pay the bills and let people with a knowledge of football get on with sorting out the football side. Some encouraging signs with recent signings he might be doing that, but we’ll see
  5. /we didn’t pay our players for 4 consecutive months and they didn’t for 1
  6. We’ve got off lightly. We haven’t paid people what they’re owed for months and they’ve given us a suspended sentence. Up to the chairman now whether we get done or not
  7. Good job our chairman isn’t known for being pointlessly stubborn about things eh? As others have said, can see us hanging on and him going for nothing in a year anyway. I suppose you could say what have we got to lose in that case, but keeping players despite them wanting out hasn’t worked that well for last few years….
  8. I think it should have CHANSIRI across it. Not enough of that kind of branding around the ground…
  9. It’s garbage. Rubbish football between rubbish teams in mainly rubbish grounds. And we’ll still struggle….
  10. Think the thing with DC is this isn’t his trade in any way. And he’s never requested/accepted help from people whose trade it is. Instead he continues to make the same mistakes over and over again
  11. Hope he’s not working on heading. That Palace game when he neshed one will always be my abiding memory of him
  12. Struck a real chord with me, this one. Hoping I get to the stage you seem to be at. Been trying for too long to chill about it and it’s exhausting
  13. Talking about train stations and encounters with players from the past, I once saw Danny Maddix trip going up the steps at Sheffield station. This wasn’t a huge shock, based on what I saw of his defending.
  14. ‘Erik Alonso? Never met him, never heard of him’ *slams hand down on desk*
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