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  1. I’d say that we’ve made very decent returns on all the players you mention above. You can label the ‘made a packet’ accusation at any modern footballer, given the level of wages. All 3 players have been decent servants for the club and made big contributions to the relative successes of recent years. They’re coming to the end of their time with us, agreed, (although I reckon Hutch may still have a role to play at 28) but don’t really get the need to slate them for getting paid for their profession, and for getting injured. They’re not doing it deliberately
  2. Waddling Owl

    I Finally Lost Confidence In Carlos Today

    Agree with all this. We seem to feel that we can get away with playing in short spells and it’ll be enough to win and that has to come from the top. One thing that should be glaringly obvious is that poor sides will throw the kitchen sink at you first 10 minutes. If you’re coming out and not up for what will be high pressure and physical, then that for me is a failure of the manager to set you up right. Like Carlos, but he’s run out of ideas and been found out now
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    And how dare they not sell players that nobody wants
  4. Waddling Owl


    It's been a long day...
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    It's a fake account. Birmingham Mail is @birminghammail no extra 'L' in one quoted
  6. Waddling Owl

    FF to Brighton

    He is absolutely one of our best players and I'd love to keep him. But if we're being honest, he hasn't been bothered for about a year now. Instead of driving forward, he spent last year checking his runs, looking for fouls and throwing his arms in the air. May be what he's been asked to do, but in his first year he got the ball and drove with it (the Birmingham home game at new year a perfect example) Watch Carlos' reaction every time he did the check back thing last year-he was exasperated with him so often. It's really had the look of sulking when asked to play on the left
  7. Waddling Owl

    FF to Brighton

    Can have him for Knockaert
  8. Waddling Owl

    Chezzie Tho'

    He was and totally agree. The worrying thing is he still scared Pudil a few times
  9. Waddling Owl

    Chezzie Tho'

    Love the fact his chest is still a good 2 foot in front of the rest of his body
  10. Waddling Owl

    Softest Wednesday Player Ever

    Petter Rudi never knowingly left a challenge unneshed
  11. Waddling Owl

    CC post Blackburn

    I agree with the above and I honestly think the loss of Lee has been central to the dip in performance (sorry if already been said) He's such an important player for us in terms of linking the defence and attack together and I think that's why we now appear to be sitting further back. The prospect of him bursting into the box and linking up with Rhodes and his hold up play is massively exciting. If there's any chance at all he's back in time for the play-offs it could be a difference maker for us. Wishful thinking I know...
  12. Waddling Owl

    Callum McManaman

    I'd suggest signing a proven English league player and FA cup winner probably makes it slightly different to that deal yeah
  13. Waddling Owl

    Interesting article

    'These boys, I can't explain it, they'd won nothing but wanted to win something'. Essentially describing 90% of footballers ever. You're right David, you can't explain it. As in your broadcasting career, you say something that means nothing and then sit back pretending to be wise. Famous for winning one trophy (incredibly luckily) and kerb-crawling.
  14. Waddling Owl

    Interesting article

    Great article. Confirmed everything I ever thought about David Pleat