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  1. Never met her. Never heard of her (slams hand on desk)
  2. Heard similar from someone other day, thought it must be nonsense but might be gaining traction
  3. Farewell @Owlinmad you crazy, brave warrior.
  4. I think the abuse for Bruce (aboot this hoose) has been as a result of his conduct. The pretence that this has ‘come out of the blue’ and he ‘will be leaving it to the clubs’ before doing the exact opposite is what has annoyed people, totally legitimately imo. As for abuse of Newcastle, I again think that’s specific to the horrible asset stripper Mike Ashley, rather than the club, as well as the fact Bruce has clearly been tapped up. If we make an official approach for an employed manager and conduct ourselves properly, I don’t have a problem with it.
  5. Absolutely loving the fact Ashley thinks DC will budge an inch on compo. Hope the asset stripping wide boy gets milked for every single penny. And if Bruce does walk out, I hope we make him wait as long as possible before he can take up the post
  6. Wow, big shout that. Unless you’re playing the old ‘...he’ll be their head coach instead’ card?
  7. Got my hands on the Champions League trophy at the Nou Camp the other day. Only a matter of time before it’s a reality for Brucey’s boys obviously
  8. Yeah I totally agree on the point about being a premier league loanee. Looks to me to be a classic product of a premier league academy. He seems to be used to having ages on the ball and thinking players will just stand off him and watch. For me, the best players in the championship are the ones who make it seem like they’ve got ages on the ball because of how composed they are under pressure. Onomah lacks that at the moment I reckon, but maybe Bruce is the bloke to get it out of him
  9. If the question is ‘which football manager most closely resembles Mrs Doubtfire?’, then yes, yes he is. (I think he’ll be great too)
  10. Got to disagree about DC spending nothing on the ground. There are many reasons to criticise him but there’s no doubt that Hillsborough is in better shape than when he came in
  11. In a similar way, I’m saying no marriage to Jennifer Lawrence for me this season
  12. 2 words in response to that mate: Burton Albion. That’s not to say I don’t agree it’s time for JL to go btw, just not sure Bullen is the man to galvanise right now. I’d let JL carry the can for the inevitable derby shellacking first, then get rid
  13. I’m in. Top marks for listening and making this available
  14. I think I probably fall into Neil’s original description. Been on Owlstalk for years, but mainly read stuff rather than post. Enjoy the craic on here and find it either therapeutic when we lose or enjoy basking a bit when we win. Been a member for last 4 years, was a season ticket holder as a kid but haven’t for a number of years due to work. Found the membership price rises really galling, I’d have put up with a tenner rise, even £20 at a push, but £40 is a wee wee take. Radio Sheff thing: won’t affect me massively to be honest, but I’m not the point. What is, is the people who can’t afford (or haven’t got the technical nous) to subscribe to something else. Just feels again like our chairman is determined to ‘shake things up’ without really knowing the nature of what he is challenging. To be the only club to refuse this deal feels again like being antagonistic for the sake of it and I’m not sure he’s got the credit built up to do that. I’m grateful he’s the owner, I’m grateful he’s got money. I’m not sure there’s anybody out there better for us. But with all that said, to sign absolutely nobody, to raise prices like he has and to pick these needless fights, all seems to be a bit strange to me and seems to speak of a bloke losing control, rather than gaining it.
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