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  1. Has an appalling strike rate and at 31 finds himself as a free agent. Why are you still taking to me?
  2. You only came up with Stevie May. The rest were a pile of dogs eggs. You're dead to me Bexhill. Hear me? Dead to me.
  3. Doesn't exist. And if he did he'd be a midfielder.
  4. Biggs Biggs Biggs Biggs Biggs. The man is an utter wage stealing nothing.
  5. 'bout time he did something useful Double
  6. Robin of Sherwood, season 1, episode 1. Now that was a great series.
  7. 2 actually. I haven't been given 3. Unlucky.
  8. Susan Boyle! Now you are taking the p*ss. Only had one good season then disappeared. Alex Salmond, don't think he's even scored once, not the greatest record for a striker. Rod Stewart! Have you f*cking heard sailing?
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