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  1. On the off chance anyone who is local to Suffolk is attending the Norwich game tomorrow and is driving to/from Ipswich area let me know if you could give me a lift in return for a bit of petrol money? Save the environment blah blah plus its about 35 squids return. Over visiting family and couldn't avoid the temptation to go! thanks
  2. This guy is so out of his depth. Comes from a rich business family and does well, surprise surprise. Then has to run a real business that is constantly at threat , as is almost every football club, cant balance the books and decides that the reason for this is the fan base and not his economic plan. Lest we forget that he essentially started with a clean slate, debts having been written off. If we had got promoted after 2 years he would have tried to see us thorugh te first few years and then sold the club to the first chicken farmers who came along looking to tap into the Premiership. Now, having become just another bad management chapter in this clubs history and flouted the fair play rules on a gamble, he thinks the onus is now on the fans to dig deep and buy stuff. Rediculous. You got greedy Mr C and saw the big lights and big bucks. Only problem is you didnt count for the fact it might not work and now your up poo creek.
  3. Unfortunatley yes, because films cost money to make
  4. How far through are you. More from Gibson to come. Troubled soul
  5. Just read the post. Even better just watch.
  6. Literally what I posted. It's a documentary that is good for any football fan but might also "give some of our fans an insight into the complexities of what is going on behind the scenes at clubs, the financial restraints, problems of carrying over paid players on long contracts, injuries and politics."
  7. Amazing access to a club during a very tough time and might give some of our fans an insight into the complexities of what is going on behind the scenes at clubs, the financial restraints, problems of carrying over paid players on long contracts, injuries and politics. https://www.netflix.com/title/80207046
  8. Unfortunatley when you are in a terrace the intimacy is more than most people would probably put up with if not at gig or football match. I know more about them than own family, including who they are chatting up on whatsapp, their favourite snapchats as well as their betting habits. Not through choice mind Well when something wee wees you off I guess it doesnt matter how old you are. Already stated its not about people who look at their phone , its the people who only look at their phone because they are too dumb to do anything else
  9. It's a good effort but I'm ona laptop in the privacy of my own home. Maybe I could come round yours and do this with 9 other people in your living room in front of the tv whilst you are trying to watch it
  10. You can think it's pointless and that I'm an angry git waisting my time. Reality is we all know it's happening and can be as sarky as we like, but we see if everywhere. Concerts, watching bands through other peoples phones, or our kids sitting at having dinner staring blankly like moths into the neon pit on stupidness. I just thought football fans care enough that they can steel themselves away for 90 minutes to actually so something they enjoy and have paid to do. But no, the latest love island tweet or instagram story about some other idiot on a phone is more important. Welcome to the future. It's bleak. The people who tend to critise a point like this are the ones who do it themselves and and then claim the 'right to do what we want' mantra because they dont like to actually admit themselves they are part of the issue. Stand on any bus, metro, tram etc tommorrow and look around. You'll see it, that droopy lip and squinty eye as people swipe through stories about crap they never even cared about before , hoping and praying that a pop up comes up so they can convince themselves that life is alright. Go to football, support your team, jesus even watch the game, work out what is wrong and try attending the fan forum to try and send this club in the right direction, instead of wasting your finite existance on this planet refreshing twitter feeds.... Oh, what happened , I blacked out
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