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  1. Unfortunatley when you are in a terrace the intimacy is more than most people would probably put up with if not at gig or football match. I know more about them than own family, including who they are chatting up on whatsapp, their favourite snapchats as well as their betting habits. Not through choice mind Well when something wee wees you off I guess it doesnt matter how old you are. Already stated its not about people who look at their phone , its the people who only look at their phone because they are too dumb to do anything else
  2. It's a good effort but I'm ona laptop in the privacy of my own home. Maybe I could come round yours and do this with 9 other people in your living room in front of the tv whilst you are trying to watch it
  3. You can think it's pointless and that I'm an angry git waisting my time. Reality is we all know it's happening and can be as sarky as we like, but we see if everywhere. Concerts, watching bands through other peoples phones, or our kids sitting at having dinner staring blankly like moths into the neon pit on stupidness. I just thought football fans care enough that they can steel themselves away for 90 minutes to actually so something they enjoy and have paid to do. But no, the latest love island tweet or instagram story about some other idiot on a phone is more important. Welcome to the future. It's bleak. The people who tend to critise a point like this are the ones who do it themselves and and then claim the 'right to do what we want' mantra because they dont like to actually admit themselves they are part of the issue. Stand on any bus, metro, tram etc tommorrow and look around. You'll see it, that droopy lip and squinty eye as people swipe through stories about crap they never even cared about before , hoping and praying that a pop up comes up so they can convince themselves that life is alright. Go to football, support your team, jesus even watch the game, work out what is wrong and try attending the fan forum to try and send this club in the right direction, instead of wasting your finite existance on this planet refreshing twitter feeds.... Oh, what happened , I blacked out
  4. If only I was half as funny as these two
  5. Have you ever stood on a terrace?
  6. Hmmm, I take it all back, that is amazing
  7. Is that a genuine question or just bait ?
  8. Fair enough, long weekend over from abroad to watch the game with minimal sleep. forgive me for the slip or just keep throwing semantics in my face
  9. Its not checking I am talking about everyone does that and people have in play gambling etc...Im talking about the full 2hrs gawping , head up down up down up down. It's an illness and has been proven so. Im obviously not stupid enough to tell people not to check their phone once in a while.
  10. Not true, we started well and the penalty was against possesion and run of play ....these feckers were already swiping right long before the rubbish appeared, trust me. Even if we are playing badly, it's no excuse. Above all else the people around you dont want to see your chuffing phone for 2 hrs so have some respect for people who give a $£@*
  11. UDMURT

    Toxic to support

    No one really cares where we finish but when a team looks like they dont a give a single care in the world, the manager has no plan and we sell out an away to then be given a performance which was so lacking of any guts at all , people will be pissed. If you were there you would understand it,but when you are 2-0 down with 10 minutes to go, your keeper is taking 45 seconds to kick a ball forward, proffesional footballers can not even link 1 pass together against a team who are not even that good in the most tame home atmosphere you'll probably come across that seaons, in my view fans can vent. The support was excellent until we realised the team had essentially given up bar maybe 2 players. Support is a 2 way relationship, any fan or any club will tell you that. Hence why people keep going to watch teams in the conference for years. Put in a shift and we have your back, put in the mimimum and take no responsibiity we'll flipping shout at you. You know why, because we paid to do so and you may not care but we do.
  12. A good effort going down on the Sunday, filling it, making a load of noise for at least 65 minutes but.... All you little twats who need therapy because you can't stay off your phone for more than 2 seconds without getting withdrawll shakes do yourself a favour and either don't come again or you'll find me next time throwing your feckin iphones into the sodidng thames. 8 people around me at one point head buried on snapchat, sky sports news, bloody tinder or just texting a second by second update of whats going on, and this is when we were actually having a go for 5 minutes before caving in complete ineptitude. You have a technology addiction issue and one day your gonna wake up in a chair with someone wiping your ass as you stair blankly at the wall wondering where your sodding life went with the vague memmory of laughing at a meme of of a dog humping a staircase, whilst in an away end somewhere. Utilise the time to have some time away from your crappy virtual social life and watch the game ...or just stay at home and jerk off to the front cover of your Tombraider Xbox game, cos your not doing anything for the club except weeing off people who do give and iota Disclaimer : I'm only 33 not some bloody grandad but something is happening to our species and it worries me deeply. Sorry rant over
  13. Wrong Average time on the ice is 17 minutes in a match due to rotation plus once you are good at ice skating it is not as intense as running. On average you burn around 650 calories an hr playing hockey but only play for short amount of time. Footballers burn between 700/800 an hr and play for 90 minutes Also in ice hockey players are are often left out for whole matches or series to give them a break, depending on the fixture. Ice hockey can be much more physical but actually barring he odd slam and fight ist the all out smash fest it is often seen to be The travel I'll give you but flying first class or charter you're entire career in the NHL ain't so bad !
  14. Not sure why these internet warriors get personal once someone disagrees with them but anyway. So your learned gentleman knows more than all the sports scientists from every football club and FA in the world. Your guy wants people to run at the intensity of a full match everyday to get ready for the Saturday and then week games. The body needs recovery time, fact. Tennis players do not play 5 sets a day, in fact not even 1 set on occasions in tournament. Should they also be playing full matches everyday? To get ready Show me an iota of science behind what your suggesting and I would love to agree with you but you wont find it. When it comes to it, like at Christmas players can of course play 3-4 games in 10 days but we have seen it comes with consequences hence why people get rested during that period or in early January. I don't see how running more prevents injury. Most injuries are the result of third party interference, over exertion or exacerbating an on going issue. You think playing more helps any of these. I am no scientist but as someone who has played sport at a fairly good level in multiple disciplines, the answer was very rarely "run on it off lad". It doesn't work. Anyway I am off to the spa Kisses xxxx
  15. Total trollop. Marathon runners train in a way that means leading up to the race they are a few miles short of the end goal because if your body gets used to the final requirement it will start to not want to make it the whole way and you will be in more pain. By pushing your body to a certain point and then giving it time to recover you encourage the body to kick in with a natural energy burst that pushes you through essentially like an adrenaline rush. This is why players like to have enough days. They can train hard and then ease of to a certain level at the right time to give the body the optimum chance. If your theory were correct then players would not get cramp at the end of seasons or at tournament football where by the qf and players start to drop like flys on the pitch because they have played up to 7 of the most intense games of their life over 3 and a bit weeks. If they played 1 game a week for 2 months to the final they would be a lot sharper.