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  1. Blades, who played some really good football this season and were being tipped for automatic or at least playoffs between aug and nov, after a dip in form, can potentially finish the season just 3 wins up on us who have had by all accounts our worst season for ages with little to shout about. This divisions margings are so tight it makes our two near misses even more bitter. 19 vs 13 wins , 17 vs 17 loses, 9 vs 16 draws up till now. Roll on next season I guess ...enjoy today
  2. Might as well...leeds are off to probably the most topical human rights f'up this year, we need to be competing with Leeds on ever level I feel. Sorry, not exactly light hearted but that is just crazy thinking https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/43877716
  3. IT WAS A JOKE ! Whats even more funny are the people who are saying we would turn him down !
  4. I'm going to come back when sarcasm has hit the city, christ on a ...
  5. Green Un reporting that Wenger owns a house in the dales and loves the area. Also has a pet owl... Should we offer him a 1 year contract ?

    Millwall Memories

    This was hilarious
  7. You would be gutted to score 7 in 3 and still not have a point to show for it. Is the Hackney & Leyton Sunday League Division Two one of the toughest leagues in world football. The stats speak for themselves
  8. http://hackneywednesday.wixsite.com/hwfc/table
  9. Anyone based in the Dam ? Just moved here and keen to watch on Sunday. If anyone knows a good place to watch or has a meet up get in touch.
  10. Delete this thread....duplicate chat elsewhere
  11. "The decision to not make him take one was fine " Are you mad. 10 million on a goal scorer who doesn't take penalties when required. I sometimes wonder if some of you lot are on drugs.
  12. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39962116