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  1. Millwall Memories

    This was hilarious
  2. You would be gutted to score 7 in 3 and still not have a point to show for it. Is the Hackney & Leyton Sunday League Division Two one of the toughest leagues in world football. The stats speak for themselves
  3. http://hackneywednesday.wixsite.com/hwfc/table
  4. Anyone based in the Dam ? Just moved here and keen to watch on Sunday. If anyone knows a good place to watch or has a meet up get in touch.
  5. Delete this thread....duplicate chat elsewhere
  6. "The decision to not make him take one was fine " Are you mad. 10 million on a goal scorer who doesn't take penalties when required. I sometimes wonder if some of you lot are on drugs.
  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/39962116
  8. Oh I am with you, and in fact meant it the other way round, I think would be interesting for some people to get a run out and both teams wont give away too much pre playoffs
  9. So development squads next week then...that will look good on sky !
  10. There have been bigger moves , and bigger shocks.
  11. Funny thing is, football fans are so fickle, if Warnock came in and got us promoted and spent a season saying the past was all banter and and wednesday are a great club and blah blah, everything would be forgotten in an instance
  12. So, we're leaving Hillsborough.

    Sorry but how are we financing this apparent new stadium. For a fraction of the cost we can renovate, SYP input if they so wish on the premise that their divisive revenge scheme ends. We can build new scanning turnstiles, new corners, roger even but in flood prevention I reckon. Why spend the money moving and building from scratch when the history and familiarity of a club is what matters. With a new away end we could possibly fit 45,000 , more than we will ever need. If someone thinks that one day we are going to be a 60,000 club in a two club city that has a metropolitan population of 1.5 million they are deluded