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  1. Starting handle ready to crank on the old tractor living the delusion!
  2. Didn’t meet a Wednesdayite, but visited a bar after one had left! I was working for the Canadian Government and had to go to the Canadian military base at ‘Alert’ which is as far North as you can get before you bump into the North Pole. There’s only 1 way in, which is to fly via Greenland, and only 1 flight each fortnight. No roads, no cars, no ships, nothing but some military types and an obligatory bar. So imagine my surprise when I went to that bar to find a Wednesday pennant above the bar. Apparently this was put up by a Canadian who had visited Sheffield and enjoyed a trip to see the Owls. Bit of a tangential claim really but enjoyed reminiscing
  3. Really? I give in - why undermine our own players, particularly when they have played well in other games. I take it you’re not a coach,mentor, or trainer - indeed probably have no experience of motivating others? Some on here have used language that I wouldn't use to describe there feelings - but the comments maybe apt !
  4. I was in a hotel in Sheffield recently and bumped into David, actually he bumped into me
  5. Rained non stop in the trailer on my tractor on way up. I’m towing a small swimming pool
  6. Damn I’m stuck there now .... and me trailer is full of water, That’s gonna slow me down a bit
  7. Setting off today in my tractor from Norwich. Keep off the A17, A15 and A57 as there’s bound to be tailbacks. Sadly I can’t use the A1/M1 as I can’t go over 26 mph. see y’all in my rear view mirror. Enjoy
  8. They also do contactless payment but not sure about Apple Pay - just in case you were thinking about this
  9. Think he decided to stay in Hamburg rather than travel to the match Part-timer
  10. Likewise, I ordered mine on Thursday pm and the new shirt arrived today. Fantastic service and a great shirt, well done Wednesday
  11. Any game in East Anglia ... Norwich away ...... wait a minute........ At least I’ve still got Ipswich away .......... wait a minute...... damn damn damn
  12. I had a dream last night ..... We get beat by Preston, the Blunts hammer Ipswich and all other results go in (what would have been) our favour. Come to think of it, it was a nightmare!
  13. Bannan’s goal was great but FF goal v Norwich unbelievable !
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