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  1. great stuff, really like what he does. Hope he can keep it up for the season.
  2. Sometimes its hard to hide my disappointment at what is happening on th either side of the city; however we need to focus on us and not obsess about them bit a little bit of gloating is ok for a moment ;-)
  3. That was a really great review - thank you. You’re a natural and make 15 minutes (or so) flow, which isn’t easy, so watch out all you others VLOGs because you’ve set a high bar. Well done and thank you again.
  4. Just seen this and it made me wonder > how many travelled? 500 TICKETS AVAILABLE FOR SHEFFIELD UNITED CLASH 14TH AUGUST 2021 Ticketing News Swansea City is pleased to announce that 500 tickets have become available this morning for tonight's home fixture against Sheffield United (8pm). Due to Sheffield United returning a percentage of tickets from their allocation, home supporters can now purchase online HERE.
  5. The White Stripes new album launched at Hillsborough. 7 Heads Army
  6. well done. hope they go to some young uns who otherwise might find it difficult to go. bring back the ‘smile’
  7. Bootiful thank you. Let’s be aving yer, and break the £2500 target in 1 day Bhoy
  8. Bunch of Grapes on St Thomas’s St (next to London Bridge Stn), always a favourite with away supporters. alternatively, the Wheatsheaf in Borough Market is probably the best in the market. The Rake is good but expensive. Market order meh - think it doesn’t allow supporters. Barrow Boy meh - big chain type but with no style for my liking BTW - I used to live at Borough Market so know the places. Probably best to eat on Borough High St as the Market is tourist prices (but good if your pocket stretches to it)
  9. Whoop whoop - tickets have just arrived! In the words of McFadden & Whitehead .......’Ain’t No Stopping Us Now’ https://youtube.com/playlist?list=RDkWUU5XMVysU&playnext=1 Covered by Steve Walsh aint no stopping us now we’re going up, we’re going up etc Maybe this is a song for us this season? Hopefully and yes I am getting excited
  10. 3100 so suspect that there will be plenty left although I woodforde hope we would shift 2000+ I’m going and excited to be back at a live game. Here’s hoping for a great display and win to start the season off in style In the style of Delia - ‘Let’s be ‘aving yer’
  11. thank you to all for your comments and leads. CYA in London (hopefully)
  12. Can anyone provide an update on how our ticket sales are going for the Charlton game please? Any idea if they will make general sale on Wednesday ? BTW - I need 2 if anyone finds themselves with spares Thanks in anticipation
  13. Appreciate this is off thread, BUT you guys are beside yourselves with fear and dread. We will turn up and turn them over. They are 3 points ahead of us (or 3 behind if you ignore the -6 deduction) so they are a pile of pants too! We will overcome, I am blue and proud whatever the outcome UTO
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