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  1. Any game in East Anglia ... Norwich away ...... wait a minute........ At least I’ve still got Ipswich away .......... wait a minute...... damn damn damn
  2. I had a dream last night ..... We get beat by Preston, the Blunts hammer Ipswich and all other results go in (what would have been) our favour. Come to think of it, it was a nightmare!
  3. Bannan’s goal was great but FF goal v Norwich unbelievable !
  4. Lots of Wednesdayites here now. All good natured and hope it stays like this
  5. Where is this Fred going? CYA all tmw in the Coach & Horses C’MON YOU OWLS ! PS - the party’s has started n Norwich
  6. Sage Owl - sorry dont know how to reply directly to your comment, but yes it is - its about 150 yds up “thorpe road’ which is behind the railway stn CYA there
  7. The Coach & Horses on Thorpe Road welcomes away supporters and has a micro-brewery (Chalk Hill Brewery), plus great food and Sky. Never seen any problems in there for away supporters, this is Norwich so everyone is friendly (and related). It’s only a short walk to the ground and the car parking for away supporters. There are a couple of large Spoons / Lloyds bars in the Riverside complex opposite the station. I doubt that they will welcome away supporters, but the beers cheap and they sell what is reputed to be food. Please note The ‘Compleat Angler’ on the Riverside is no longer an away supporters pub. Also the Prince of Wales pub, which was a favourite for away supporters has closed C’mon the Owls Welcome to Norwich
  8. Some of us live here and do the reverse journey to Sheffield for many home games each season. Who would have a season ticket and live in Norwich That would be me (and BeaversBoy + family)
  9. Warning, it’s 7 mins long - please don’t listen to the end, but fill your boots if you feel like a sing-a-long
  10. Today’s result keeps us in the frame for the playoffs, albeit it remains a dream. Let’s give the team every chance by raising the roof next week with an impassioned, full house. I wonder if the club will open the lower Leppings Lane for us - let’s get it sold out! BTW - good crowd at the lane today - 30,000 - its hard to hide my dissapointment that they lost and that there are so many disheartened souls in S2 tonight.
  11. Wasn’t it his foot bone related to his ankle bone ?
  12. Good performances from the defensive side of the team; however I think the midfield and attacking limitations are obvious for all to see and I expect Bruce will be looking to make changes there. That said, happy the point . Onwards and upwards UTO
  13. I’ve already started to dream it but with a slight twist. Wednesday creep into 6th spot and Utd fall to 4th. We both get through to Wembley and humiliate them there - both on the field and with the passion form the terraces Yes - Iam excited for the game on Monday. It’s when the pieces of the dream start to fall into place
  14. I know we are coming to the end of the festive period, but this is a bit cringeworthy so pardon you for still being a bit under the influence of strong medicinal water Personally, I would save the idea for a flag for when he actually takes us to the Premiership.
  15. Not difficult to sell out when we are given a paltry allocation. Reading was virtually empty aside from our end. Also Forest have only given us 2000 tickets - but will be happy to have 8000 empty seats in their ground Although it hits our coffers, I would like to see us give a paltry allowance to these clubs - and make them sit in the West corner. Yes I am being vindictive
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