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  1. So sorry for your loss my friend. RIP a very young man and committed Dad.
  2. Thanks for the comments & indulging me. My lad keeps asking is it today we're going to the football.gotta be a goood sign UTO!!!
  3. Bit of a mixed bag of a weekend coming up. I don't post much but being a little emotional at the moment I thought i'd use this board as an outlet. My Uncle passed away this morning, 76 years old & has been going to Hillsborough for 71 of em. Seen it all good and bad and was the one who took my Dad when Dad was a nipper to his 1st match and made sure he was there when I attended my 1st too ( vs Luton Town 1985) I'm taking my lad to his 1st Wednesday match this weekend, sounds like its going to be a baptism he'll remember considering the ups and downs of the last few years. I've not been for a season or so so I have no idea what to tell him when he asks if we're any good. I left it to our Fred to sum it up when we went to see him a while ago and Jack told him he was going to the football. "You'll love it Son, you'll never be able to properly explain why, but the minute you see the pitch and hear the crowd there'll be nothing and no-one that gives you that buzz like Wednesday will! Win Lose or Draw you're one of us now!!" :-) Here's to a good 3 points this weekend and 1 more devoted Wednesday devotee following!! Cheers
  4. I was born in Sheffield but live & work in (dirty) Leeds now. Met a few Owls up here. One mate of mine, follows Wednesday because when he was in his teens he lived next door to a Mr J Sheridan who'd recently signed for us but still lived up here and had set to work converting like the Messiah he was! A good a reason as any I suppose!
  5. Only when George Michael's on at the Arena
  6. No. Leeds don't give 2 poo poos about us and neither should we about them. Living and working up here all I hear about is the CL semi they were in 10 years or so ago, as a benchmark for how big the club is. The story is as dull as the football they play now! A 2 club town will always have bigger and better rivalries than ones manufactured between towns, like for example Leeds and Man Utd, again this is a 1 sided rivalry as Man Utd's rivals are Citeh in every sense one again. No amount of space between 2 teams in the same city will diminish a rivalry it will always feel good to get one over on the local team. It won't matter whether Wednesday are Premiership and the Snortbeasts are in non league..........(come on Santa this time please!!!!), i'll always hate them more than any other club!
  7. I remember those open days, I think my dad enjoyed meeting the players as much as I did back then. Mine were more mid 80's to early though. I had all their autographs, from Zico to Gary Shelton, Mark Chamberlain & Varadi etc. Years later my Mum went to Spanish lessons & ended up sitting with Paul William's wife & gave her my precious book to hand round the dressing room....never seen it since the robbing get.
  8. Thank you I had not seen this Love the final comment from him
  9. Introduced to the The Wednesday by my dad & have many fond memories of standing no the Kop with him or being perched on the concrete posts holding the barriers with him wrapping hims arms round me to hold me on, it was a bit humiliating at 18 truth be told but there you go :-) Neither of us have been for a few years and now as a father myself I want to take my eldest next year when he's old enough and Dad is making noises about joining us and I can't bloody wait!! :-)
  10. 1982/3 I think. Vs Luton Town. I'd been nagging my dad to take me for months and he finally relanted when my Mum joined in and told him to take me. I can remember being put in with the ticket seller as Dad was a season ticket holder and had to use another turnstile & rather than risk me wandering off asked if I could stand in the booth with the ticket seller until he came back up and got me. I remember the excitement of walking through the tunnel from Penistone road to the Kop and the smell of oxtail soup and Bovril. Cannot remember the score though. I do recall Mick Lyons taking a shot to the neck bang under his chin and not flinching but that may have been another game.
  11. Living in leeds I can confirm Leeds Utd fans are t0ssers who live more in the past than some of our fans.........if I hear Champions League Semi Finalists 1 more time!! BTW their new away shirt looks familar!
  12. I fancy taking my lad but he's 2 (not far off 3) and I thought that'd be a bit young seing as he cannot sit still for more than 2 mins. Might have to reconsider though after the comments on here.
  13. Living in Bradford when my lad gets to an age where i'd take him to the footie I expect competition from Leeds *spit*, and possibly City if he wants to follow who his mates do. that said I will take him to Wednesday City or Bate's or more people born out of wedlock for him to make his mind up. The days will go as follows: Leeds/Bradford - turn up 2 mins before kick off after having sat in traffic, shouted at other drivers and rushed into the ground, leave 5 mins before full time with no programme, pie, or fanzine to 'beat the traffic home son'. Hopefully it will wee wee it down too. Owls - Stop overnight at Mums 2 mins from Hillsborough, stroll down an hour or so before kick off to take him to the megastore for a shirt and scarf, pub for a quick drink and mix with my other mates and their sons, then off to the game stopping to buy a programme/pie/fanzine before settling in 10 mins before the match starts to let him gaze in awe at the stadium and soak up the atmosphere. Then let him make up his own mind on who he'd rather go see. To be honest i'm just grateful i'm going to have a club to take him too after the last few years poo !
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