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  1. i went to that game and took a 14 year old west ham supporter with me ....he was so impressed with how we played and the support we had he switched allegiance and to this day he's still an owl
  2. spot on mate ....watch any game not involving us and after 10 minutes or so i'm switching it off ......quest is about as much as i can watch
  3. dont know much about the bloke apart from the 2 wallace put past him in the play offs that he probably should have stopped .....long career though so must be decent .....
  4. bristol city had no reputation but they made me and my 2 mates miss our train back which was galling as the team came back on the train we missed and evidently were buying the fans who made it beers .....1972 ish
  5. What do people reckon atmosphere is ?...i dont see a problem with it this past season ,we cheer when we score we get behind the team when they attack which is pretty much as it's been since I first started going .....I dont travel away these days but watch every away game on the fire stick and have yet to hear /see any intimidating atmosphere at any other ground .
  6. A manager who signs young players for the future probably wont have one at this club .....moore needs to deliver promotion this coming season if he doesnt then I doubt he'll be around for the next one
  7. maybe so but it dont stop some (even millwall fans ) calling it cold blow lane ......
  8. must be a london thing having 2 names for the ground as west ham was the boleyn ground but everyone called it upton park. the arsenal stadium was always better known as highbury .QPR 's loftus road turned into south africa road and the empire stadium became wembley ........
  9. if he's the best we can attract and his wages fall within the budget(if we have one) then its a yes from me........
  10. The letters spell an incontinence pad with 4 dashes indicating urine leakage ....the flags represent the number of letters in both his surname and christian name .. which leads me to believe its brian usher as he was p1ss poor
  11. We seem to chop and change for midweek games jack charlton preferred tuesday looking in 81-82 season.....Atkinson was same in 90-91.....pleat was a wednesday night man .. .
  12. like many others i can do 4 with the arse ,i think the only 5 available is brighton.
  13. as per i watched the first 10 minutes and then turned it off and watched an episode of secret army ,drooled over juliet hammond -hill for an hour then caught the last 10 minutes .......it looked awful what little i saw
  14. I'm doing my cricket umpiring which passes the weekends off and tops up the pension ....did one today done and dusted in 3 hours which seen as it was bloody freezing was a blessing .
  15. when i started going 1962 it cost me 5p(a schilling ) to get in 2p (4d)for a programme and 15p(3 bob) on the coach from mexboro .....and even then there was some games i had to miss as the weekly pay for my paper round 62p (12/6 ) wouldnt cover 2 home games a week and my fag ration .
  16. well youve answered the question them .........
  17. every other club .....you sure about that ?
  18. i certainly dont remember the grandstand being there in 65 .......and when i went on the kop back theni i stood up got pizz wet thru .....
  19. if he's playing well enough to earn a new contract(i think he is ) then why not , whats age got to do with it ?.......
  20. his age dont matter all that matters is he worth his place in the squad and at this moment he most certainly is .....
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