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  1. we have to get promoted this season or moore wont be here for the following season so its a no brainer that he would sign these two if possible .......there age is immaterial all that matters is the now .
  2. I dont know coz I'd never heard of him but you obviously have watched him ....is he no good then?
  3. cant recall seeing him play but his pedigree seems decent especially at our level so hopefully a good signing ......
  4. Players come & go and only play for the money so not convinced by the we are all family ..certainly dont feel any connection to them but as long as they give 100% then I'll back em while there here.
  5. i see it differently ,if someone is having a bad time thats when they need the supporters with them ...i just dont see what getting on a players back achieves ......
  6. I dont think so ,we lose money by the millions but that I hope is chansiri's money as opposed to borrowing from the banks like we did in the 90s
  7. The best we can afford that keep us the right side of the financial regulations would be way of going .
  8. Good team built on borrowed money. A debt that grew each passing year as it slowly strangled us with very little coming in thru selling players that sat on good contracts and then left for free.
  9. he wasnt that trusted or he would have played him .....you know the score invest in young players and you are more than likely to be looking for your next appointment while someone cashes in on your groundwork .........any manager with a 3 year plan to bring young players thru is a manager who'll be unemployed half way thru .
  10. Moore seemed to want him, that lang as turned him down is just another player the manager as to find to fill the spot ... I'd guess that moore would know what the financial deal was so hopefully realised that it was likely to be refused and as other irons in the fire to replace him ....just a bit worrying that if we cant afford lang what are we going to get as a replacement .
  11. sadly some havnt the intelligence to express themselves without being abusive ........
  12. i remember peter holmes .... midfielder went to luton and then on to rovrum
  13. on what he's shown so far its hard to see how he can get a place in the team .....i would think if recruitment goes the way moore hopes he'll get a season long loan somewhere down south in league 2 or conference .
  14. never heard of him so its hard to be disappointed ......
  15. good young players usually cost money so they only way to get them in is on loan as i expect we'll do before the season starts ......its ridiculous to suggest that moore doesnt trust them judging on who he signed last season
  16. same photo session bigger squad and the right way round
  17. He's still under contract to us so is one of our players
  18. thought he did well last season and if we cant get anyone better for the same money then its a good deal for him and the club .....
  19. always thought the birmingham home game did for him when the crowd gave him some stick with ironic cheers when he caught the ball after his gaff .......he never seemed quite the same after that
  20. No he was injured for most of it but if he's fit then yes I would expect him to play this season
  21. Typical wilko signing when mcgee tightened the wallet . .. think he was there when we had to sign second raters like Galvin,west,Hodgson,owen etc.and the team was on the slide.
  22. if a players out of contract then i think the club who sign him pay nothing ........
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