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  1. While they could be tough games I wouldn't say losing is far more likely than winning.......i feel we have better players than them and if we perform the odds should be in our favour .
  2. its just a saying thats been in football for ever as has man on , midfield hardman or man to man marking .........it beggars belief that anyone can take offence at what souness said .
  3. i'd leave 4 up .......the opposites would have 5 back the goalie makes 6 the bloke taking the corner is 7 that leaves them 4 in the box to our 7 .......
  4. Having your keeper making saves is not getting away with it .....that's what we pay him for .
  5. the next two games will tell us nothing as to how our season will go whether we win or lose....
  6. a vape .....your talking 20 quid minimum which is probably more than clare would cost on the open market .......i can get pretty wazzed off with people sometimes but never enough to a chuck £20 note at them
  7. Dont really matter too much what 11 play it's how they play ......we play well we have enough to beat anyone in this division .
  8. Did ok but doubt he'd make our squad
  9. Didnt have a good game but far to early to label him a dud .
  10. I know who it wasnt ...bash,bannan,vaulks,johnson Patto, hunt way below there usual standard .....keeper was solid as were the back 3 and windass looked the most likely up front . the subs changed the game and byers got my vote .
  11. Farrell last season was chucking goals away but had the temperament to cope and didnt seem to affect his confidence ....I fear dawson if he gets the chance and chucks a couple in may well not .....smith the star at little rovrum may also find it a bit tougher here if he doesnt hit his straps early on .
  12. Stockdale,ikhewe,bash,bannan,windass,johnson,gregory will all start if fit .... all the others will have to go into the drum . . Nice position to be in having so many options .
  13. Perhaps we should get 11 good players and crap as back up ..
  14. i suspect if bannan had played we'd have won by more .....he would have had a field day against that pathetic lot
  15. looks quite silky on the ball but think his downfall at bristol was lack of application and tonight with sunderlands lame performance theory that wasnt really tested.......
  16. bakinson & famewu were listed as undisclosed .....so them 2 id imagine
  17. does he come from down that way ?......big move if he's a sheffield lad at 16 years of age .
  18. francis wernt going to do that after the cup final fiasco .......
  19. him and his agent hold all the cards thats for sure .........if i was him i wouldnt be interested in going to blackpool and i wouldnt be signing a new deal here just yet .....
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