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  1. Evening all. Hope you’re all keeping well. Cheers M’lud for a cracking start to match day. Think we could just edge this (but then I always do).
  2. No, just no. Usain Bolt is a legend. Bloody amazing. But not as a footballer and not for us if we have any intention of moving ahead as a football team. Unless we are moving ahead to Australia. Actually I’d love that. Should keep my mouth shut.
  3. I wasn’t sure that this would translate but apparently I’m mistaken. Well played sir.
  4. Alright. I’ll burn his birth certificate and any existing passport(s), you move in next door and pretend to be Hercule Poirot. Jobs a good ‘un. (I am joking) (except for the bit about Hercule Poirot)
  5. Not from Sheffield. No connection to Sheffield. Started watching football when I was quite young, which is odd as nobody else in my family cares for it. Used to stay up all hours watching it when on ABC (our equivalent of BBC). Never had a specific favourite team for the longest time but Wednesday would pop up from time to time and I was always interested. This club has such history and that history is worn in that name. With the late 80s and the irresistible rise of Wednesday I was completely hooked. Never looked back and now I bleed blue and white. It is only retrospectively that I think thi
  6. Awesome news! Happy birthday Mr. M. Many happy returns.
  7. Digital download please. Won’t someone think of the expats and o/s Owls?!!!
  8. Cheers m’lud. Top shelf as always. Evening lads and lasses. Oreyt, lets do this then.
  9. Lucky bashtard with your fancy timber railings; mine’s barbed wire.
  10. I love the opening shot of Apocolypse now with the palm trees going up.
  11. Cleary nobody has any money left for a wager after buying a membership/season ticket/pie (delete as required) so, odds stay long.
  12. My expectations are currently “meh”, so I think I’ll be oreyt. Thanks for your concern though Bez.
  13. I take it this stands for Wednesday Orlways Win. Right? Reminds me of this... c’mon Wednesday!! Daft preseason shenanigans but it’d be just like us to have a blinder and get automatic.
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