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  1. themaskedowl

    Just listened to Jos

    I thought it was Belgian but, whatever.
  2. themaskedowl

    Beginning of the End?

    I love the opening shot of Apocolypse now with the palm trees going up.
  3. themaskedowl


    Neil. He owns Owlstalk.
  4. He’s playing football, not auditioning for Cats.
  5. themaskedowl

    Why are our odds so low?

    Cleary nobody has any money left for a wager after buying a membership/season ticket/pie (delete as required) so, odds stay long.
  6. themaskedowl

    Set your expectations now

    My expectations are currently “meh”, so I think I’ll be oreyt. Thanks for your concern though Bez.
  7. I take it this stands for Wednesday Orlways Win. Right? Reminds me of this... c’mon Wednesday!! Daft preseason shenanigans but it’d be just like us to have a blinder and get automatic.
  8. £30?, I’d have been all in if they were at £50 still and I can’t get to matches but your point on discounts still stands.
  9. I think we may have already tipped into a post-cuspal situation here.
  10. Nobody should be. Not even the person who came up with the idea.
  11. themaskedowl


    Good. I feel for the fans but the club’s behaviour was outrageous. No idea what happens to us from here. Not least because I don’t know where here is.
  12. Any indications that the price will change? As somebody said earlier in the thread, if it’s back down to £50, I’ll buy one by c.o.b. even though it will leave a slightly bitter taste. (Sounds so final doesn’t it c.o.b.?)
  13. I'm not going to say I've lost faith in anyone at the club but it just seems to be out of touch with reality. As said by others it makes me a bit sad. Being unable to get to games I liked to give a little bit to the club via membership but, it's out of the question now with this price hike (given exchange rates into the bargain). Survey results are interesting but the sample of respondents may be skewed a little. Wonder how this is resonating in the wider club community. It just seems poorly thought through but maybe they have made a calculation and decided that there would be quite a few drop off the perch but the increased price would compensate. I can't help but feel it's going to be an increasingly rarefied pool of people putting money into the club, and SWFC is always going to have a somewhat limited pull to begin with. As a strategy I'd be concerned it will have a definite ceiling before it backfires. Maybe they've just hit that ceiling.
  14. themaskedowl

    #SWFC MEMBERSHIPS - Now on sale!

    I know I won't get to any games but still like to have a membership. However, this is approaching unrealistic when currency exchange is taken into consideration.