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  1. Here at Norwich for @SkySportsNews on #DeadlineDay From Stuart Webber: there will be no more activity today. Norwich fans let me know what you make of the summer window
  2. I think he had sexual relationships with Carlos during the play offs. Very questionable. disclaimer. only joking
  3. I think he had sexual relationships with Carlos during the play offs. Very questionable. disclaimer. only joking
  4. I think he had sexual relationships with Carlos during the play offs. Very questionable. disclaimer. only joking
  5. I don't understand some people putting the onus on DC. There is a contract with a compensation clause. Everyone who needs to know know about it. This was in place when DC gave the go ahead for talks. So therefore a number was agreed upon. SB knows Ashley knew before meeting SB. The onus is directly on Cashley. Come up with the money SB is yours. Don't we carry on as normal. I'm sure SB is aware of this. No compromise. Not 1p less.
  6. Out of contract player leave. Were in an Embargo. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Where the F do you get the new players. Numpty
  7. Sheffield Wednesday Chairman 37,439 54,712 posts Location:Warsaw, Poland Interests:Sheffield Wednesday Football Club Report post Posted March 30 “Last season I played a half season with my injury in my knee. “Maybe the fans do not know that. I played for three or four months with my injury. “I knew in last season and in the beginning of this season that something would happen. “When I went to see the doctor in Italy, he said I could play but in one week or five months you will come to see me again.’ “In that moment, when I spoke with Carlos and my physio, we decided all together to carry on. “I knew this bad injury could happen for my career. “This is another thing because the fans don’t know what happened in the club.” Statements such as the last one appear at regular intervals during the conversation but Forestieri repeatedly stops himself before giving away a great deal. On a handful of occasions he says he cannot say more, but does so with a smile that suggests he would like to. Forestieri certainly suggests he feels frustrated with certain things that have happened during his time at Hillsborough. He appears frustrated with how his injury was handled
  8. We must have been stood near each other. Great day out. Also had to hide the paper
  9. I was at the Cape Town game against Hellenic. I was good mates with Budge Burn (ex England player) who was then manager of Hellenic. We ended up in the Seagulls pub after the game with the whole squad. I must try and dig out photos.
  10. I was smack bang middle of that lot. One of those coppers got hit by a coin or something, everyone cheered and laughed. A photo ended up as the centre spread in the matchday programe . Myself and my mates clear as day on it. Called us Uncouth louts!!!! Seem to remember we invaded the pitch quite a few time. **** Geoffery disclaimer. I was young and impressionable easily led astray by others. It was part of the culture in those days. We had very little else to do at matches as the football was really poo .
  11. Danny Reet. once threatened to eat some Owlstalker eyes.
  12. for me Joao needs to be given as much game time as possible. He young and fit so can take the physical strain. he keen as mustard now running none stop. A bit more confidence and composure and he will produce the results quicker than anyone else. He just needs game time.
  13. Football is way behind the times. The manager needs to get a clear view of what is going on . This is best done from high up in the stands. Use live tv footage etc. He can relay his needs and thought To The touchline. Glad to see LS at least getting some overall view by using Rhodes / hutch in the stands.
  14. Some dad's are going to be very proud of their sons now they are getting their chances in the 1st team. Someone's dad might be kicking themself now.
  15. I believe Geoffrey, zippy and crew will be monitoring all nawty people who look at any Carlisle fan in a funny way.
  16. Thinks Geoffrey should put Zippy back in the cupboard and step out into the real world and mix with real imperfect people.
  17. Bullen said in the post match interview he is bringing one person with him now.
  18. This chairman does not sell players. Even if they just sit at home collecting a wage for nearly 2 yrs. If he wanted to sell, several players would have been moved on by now.
  19. These two statements from DC says it all. No more explanation needed. Don't Tap up our players.
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