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  1. The game was at Greenpoint stadium. Never knew there were so many Wednesdayites in Cape Town back then. I was also in Seagulls at the invitation of Budgie Byrne. Great party and set of lads. I seem to remember we then went into the Waterfront and the Oyster bar.
  2. a period when Owlstalk was the hot bed of sedition. The 4 bills were tag teaming to create discourse. Conspiracy theories were ripe. DA was abusing fan and Grandad was a breath away from incarnation. Neil held fast in his refusal to grass on posters. owlstalk was registering 1000s post per hour. Now it cuz cant cross a ball
  3. Anything can happen. NT setting up the team according to what he sees will give us a chance and an opportunity to attack. If we lose it will be by more than One. He will continue to try to score goals. Im liking this attack minded approach.
  4. lives in Cape Town. used to see him quite a lot when he was playing here. Think he's still in the motors trade now.
  5. As long as i stay away from I follow and Owlstalk for 48 hrs after a loss.
  6. No Snow in Cape Town. 35c with a light wind and Clear Sky. Ice cold beer and pool. Same forecast for next few weeks. Enjoy the slush.
  7. Those were the days. Wednesday took big away followings to every game. Out numbered the Asreanal fan at all the replays. At one game it seemed we had every stand in the ground. I was in the end next to the Arseanal fan, divided by a diamond mesh fence. They kept throwing coins at us. I collected enough money to cover my costs to the game.
  8. totally disagree. I think someone needs to ******** on all corner posts and the goal area at full moon on the equinox.
  9. When you live in fear of something you can't control you will always have a negative effect on your life as a whole. Do not worry about something you have no control over. Only effect things to the positive your can control.
  10. Next they will like ingrowing to nails to kicking the ball too much and ban kicking the ball. each occupation has its hazards. I would say joining the Army could be detrimental to your life but people still join. World is getting softer by the day. Theres a reason the 1st world countries are getting a second wave of Covid. it's been sanitised to such an extent people immune system is weak and have not developed the capability to react quick enough. Continue down the line of avoiding all risks and nobody will leave the safety of their own bubble.
  11. Listened to the press conference last night. I think he is here to do a specific job. Stop the rot, clean up the ship and put in structures that will last. IMO he is here until the end of next season and the new manager will join long before he leaves as full time manager. He may have some other less time consuming role after that. Other thing i picked up. All local journalists are Plonkers and dont have a clue.
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