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  1. I see he has told Doncaster he isn't playing in Division 2....... I've got a feeling that Darren Moore will want to link up with him again...?
  2. So - got Covid last week and we weren't able to go. Have re-scheduled for start of May and have managed to re-book everything - although it has cost a few quid more. Never mind - worse things happen at sea......
  3. Thanks for your review @mrrodge much appreciated..... especially the about the travel tips/apps. Time Out Market was on our list - so will definitely go there. We are staying in the Bairro Alto area - so hopefully we'll enjoy the atmosphere there - we'll probably get a bottle of spirits at the airport, so we can have a drink on the apartment balcony in the evening. Was the wine any good - or didn't you sample much?
  4. No idea on the footy front, but wouldn't mind your assessment of the place after your visit...
  5. Thanks - already looking at a tour out to Sintra - looks an interesting place. Also looking at a trip over the bridge (look like Golden Gate mark 2) on a trip to a vineyard....
  6. Just had a quick look and we are slap bang in the middle of the Bairro Alto area...... so plenty of bars and eateries hopefully.
  7. Thanks @TheEnchanter much appreciate your post and I will look at all of your suggestions...... we are really looking forward to the trip.
  8. Thanks @StudentOwl much appreciated... Are the trams regular and widespread.... and is there an easy way of paying - day cards etc.
  9. If you gamble - you will very likely be offered 'cocktails' by the waitresses - either a beer or something else. I advise that you tip the waitress (a dollar) and you will find that she will return more frequently... Many places have an 'all you can eat' buffet - these can be a good deal - especially if you've picked up a voucher. We often went to one of the brunch buffets and filled up for the day.
  10. Our trip to Madeira... Our plans slightly changed in the last month leading up to our holiday and then again on the day before our departure. First TUI cancelled a flight and we had to pick another flight..... and a new hotel... although this turned out to be a good decision as our new hotel was superb and closer to attractions. Then, to add to our stress, Boris introduced PCR tests on return from overseas which resulted in a mad scramble to book a test for our return - having already arranged LFT's for our return... However, despite being messed about a bit Madeira was pretty good - weather was nice, people were welcoming, food was very good and the place was very tidy and extremely beautiful. It seemed to attract a more senior crowd; however, this meant a lack of screaming kids around the place and, if anything, helped us enjoy the trip more. We did a food and culture tour around Funchal (the capital) a mini bus tour around the island, and a catamaran trip in our first few days and then settled down a bit to do a bit of walking around the coastline and levada routes (irrigation channels) through the island. We ate very well most nights and the food prices and drinks were very reasonable. The breakfast at the hotel was also pretty good. Although Covid dampened our spirits a bit, all in all we enjoyed the time on the island - although not so much the faffing about organising tests and filling in overly exhaustive travel forms to enter the island and the Passenger Location forms on re-entry to the UK - which were not really user friendly. We were grateful that the PCR tests we organised for our return were here and we have since had negative results.
  11. Thanks @A E Neuman NYowl - greatly appreciated - will definitely look out for La Bamba and I think the Island tour is a must do, along with the cable car and toboggan ride. I have heard it can be a seat of your pants experience. Missus is into her flowers and gardening generally, so will look out for the flower market. Cheers @Roy Of The Roasters - thanks for your input - we had already noted rock pools at Porto Moritz and I think you can do that on one of the tours - so we may do at the same time. We also like walking (maybe not hiking) but will look into that also. I already like Madeira wine - very port like and quaffable...... will search out the tasting tour. Hoping for some decent weather - I think it should be around 20-24 degrees - but will be taking poncho's and jackets also...... will let you know what it is like. Couple of questions - missus likes a Bacardi (or two) - is it worth getting a bottle at the airport on exiting the UK, or is it cheaper to buy out there? Are the buses cheap and easy to get - can you buy a weekly ticket? Any other hints/tips gratefully accepted.. Thanks guys....
  12. Yep - knew that - statue is shocking apparently.
  13. Booked a weeks holiday at the end of November for a bit of sunshine........ anyone been and have any tips for us? Staying at Funchal with breakfast included - so looking at any excursions, nice restaurants, do and don'ts etc. Any suggestions, ideas gratefully welcomed..
  14. Here you go..... So, got back from Liverpool end of last week and had a really good time - nice city and nice people (generally) We stayed in the Pullman Hotel in the King's Docks and were lucky enough to have a great view which encapsulated of the Mersey, Liverpool Wheel, Albert Docks, 3 Graces and Royal Liver Building.... great view and the we had large panoramic windows which made the most of it. We did the following in our 5 days there. Maritime Museum - excellent and free (although suggested £5 donation) - we went midweek to avoid the crowds Museum of Liverpool - also excellent and free (again £5 donation suggested) - as above. Ferry up the Mersey and then across the Mersey to Birkenhead (and return) - was a nice day and quite calm. We managed to get a seat in the sun and it was cheap enough at £11 - although I recommend that if you want any refreshments you buy before you get on as the beer and coffee prices are a bit steep. Stadium Tour at Liverpool FC - this was £22 each, but was enjoyable - even for the missus who isn't a footy fan. We had a Man Utd fan on our tour and he got some ribbing - but all friendly and entertaining. St John's Beacon - the big radio mast with viewing gallery - cost was £7 - was enjoyable and great if it's a nice day...... and you don't suffer from vertigo... Cavern Club - We went to this on the Sunday afternoon after it had started raining, with the idea of having a drink or two. We ended up staying for 5 hours and really enjoyed the atmosphere and vibe - it costs £5 to get in, but the bar prices aren't too bad and there were acts on the whole time - would definitely recommend. There is a large shopping area (named Liverpool One) which the missus enjoyed walking round and We ate out every evening and mostly enjoyed the fayre. Two of our favourites were in Bold Street which is full of restaurants. Fogo Brazil - we went for evening meal - was about £22 per person, but for that you got all the meat you could eat (served by the chefs directly to your plate) and a great buffet salad. We ate far too much - but if you have a healthy appetite it's great. They also do a lunchtime menu for half the price and this may have been a better option. Greek Taverna - we went for the early bird - was £13 for starter and main. Very fresh and tasty food and also - I can recommend the Moussaka. Also went to the Philharmonic pub (Hope Street) as suggested by someone on here - it really was nice and classy - although not pretentious. We ate in here also and the food was good. There is a lot of work ongoing around Albert Docks and quite a bit of pedestrianisation happening in the town areas.
  15. I agree with this also - and let's not forget they also had 4 or 5 first teamers missing with either Covid or injuries - including two attacking players. I think they looked a tidy outfit and will be OK when they get a settled squad. Some of their fans were proper idiots - but every team have diickhead supporters - and it was a big away-day for them....
  16. I think the Moore move has pissed a few of them off. Never really had beef with them.... barely noticed them TBF.
  17. Thanks for update @OxonOwl - will certainly look into the British Music Experience - already got the Beatles Story on list. I think the World Museum is already on the list also - but it's a shame you didn't get the time to look round properly. Maybe next time you visit.
  18. There is parking opposite our hotel - but it is £18 per 24 hour............. so we're getting a train. £90 return for both of us.
  19. Thanks for the contributions chaps - appreciate it.
  20. Feel free to come back with any update when you get back - hope you enjoy it.
  21. Going as a couple and we'll be trying to take in a bit of everything. History/museums/walking tours/markets etc. We enjoy eating out and having a drink or two, but we're not after any late night (night club) action particularly.
  22. Thank you for your helpful contributions.......... I'll assume neither of you have been?
  23. So - we are going to Liverpool in September for a few days - we've not planned our itinerary yet, but would be glad of any handy tips........ or suggestions for things to do / avoid. Staying in the King's Docks area overlooking the Mersey.
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