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  1. What’s the obsession with anti football, just had that under jos. Now 2-0 down without trying to have a go
  2. So many wasted opportunities from not being able to take a simple set piece
  3. This is such a massive problem. Far to many over hit today then butterfield under hitting them. Every time we mess a corner or free kick is such a waste of opportunity
  4. I've loved Carlos. So want him to be the legend to take us up. But he's had this squad for a while and we should be a good solid settled side. We're not though. So many loose balls. Not keeping possession. Not just today but every game this season. Preston was an embarrassment. Today just not enough again. So want us to be the team Carlos made us first season with one touch two touch passing not scared of anyone. Losing faith big time now and can't see it improving. Only going to turn into a nasty end for me now
  5. let's hope they line ours up better if true
  6. Like McGugen last season just does not fit in this team
  7. Ffs he didn't change much against Carlton and got hammered for it! Now he gets stick today. Doesn't matter what they are paid they only played two days ago
  8. https://twitter.com/feedscott/status/657729845502283777
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