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  1. You're not wrong, but what's being a football supporter without blind optimism? We'll be up next season.
  2. But fair play to Hull. Better team on the day. Next season we'll go up automatic.
  3. Given the club didn't seem too desparate to keep him on the books I'd be surprised if any championship club were willing to take him on and play him in the championship straight away. Surely the answer is to do as most footballers do - start at league 1 or 2 level so there is no (or less?) compensation payable, then if he's good enough for the championship he'll get bought and £250k will be a drop in the ocean...
  4. Nuhius chance was actually from a bit further out and he had to lift it over more people. Had a much smaller area to aim for. FF did however create his chance from much further back.
  5. The week I move back to the UK so will be my first Wednesday match this season! Can't wait!
  6. I'd say it must be hatred seeing as it's the same bunch of you who go on about him over and over again.
  7. This forum is depressing sometimes. Can't you folks with an irrational hatred of Nuhiu just grow a pair and get over it?
  8. Have to say I know very little about Forestieri (other than he played for Watford and scored a couple against us), but from the Watford fan's comments I'm really looking forward to seeing what he can offer!
  9. Leeds fans: "We're a bigger club than Wednesday - they're always comparing themselves to us." *Spend all their time writes essays on why Leeds are bigger than Wednesday and coming on Wednesday's forum to try and back it up* Sounds to me like someone has an inferiority complex JV
  10. Joao forgetting about someone? Also makes you realise we're still v. light up front!
  11. I know you all hate Fifa, but looking at some of the comments on here: http://www.futhead.com/15/players/4599/michael-turner/ the Norwich fans seem to really rate him.
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