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  1. The club need to be open, but you cannot have a pre assumed outcome, most on here seem to know the out come they want, this is not a alitame negotiation stance, all out comes are compromises
  2. Yes sure she enjoyed lol, I am sure he is good, but lets see some of the none addenda speak come through if not seek someone new (not me)
  3. A A And who drives the agenda, what the hell is wrong with a open agenda
  4. What planet are you on, or are you going tom delete this one sorry but conflict resolution was my role for 30+ years (I was a trouble shooter) I know how to get to a resolution you know how to stire enjoy your role.
  5. Spent a life and career sorting out poo in blue chip companies all I see here is frustration (understandable) but this sis not how you resolve problems) winds me up
  6. Agenda again had we been promoted this would not be an issue. Do not remember you being a critic when we were in the play offs. Hind sight bear boy sorry or girl
  7. He can put us into administration or worse loose no more money uk derestriction cannot touch him get real yes he looses his investment (doubt he will get that back anyway) but he looses no more we loose a CLUB
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