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  1. Sorry, I don'e agree with that. We finished fourth last season. This suggests to me that we were good enough when we had most of the full sqad available. (FF 36 appearances, Lee,27 apps., Hooper 24apps., and Hutch 33 apps.) The performances may not have been as free flowing as the previous season when we finished sixth, but the final position was an improvement.
  2. So the problem we have rests with the "...massive amount of fans who are happy...". Shame on all these fans for having a different opinion to you.
  3. Jamie Vardy (born (Born 11 Jan, 1987)) joined his first League club, Leicester City from Fleetwood (then a non-league club) on 19 May, 2012, i.e. when he was over 25 yrs old. By your own admission, you don't know if George is good enough (your use of 'If' Hirst has pace etc.). Yet you still believe that the SWFC staff have got it wrong.
  4. Where, exactly, are these other threads? I have checked the first 4 pages of MATCHDAY and can see no other thread on McGugan. If someone wants to start a thread on any topic, that is their choice. If you don't want to read it, don't - that is your choice. If there are too many threads on any topic then I would expect the moderators to deal with it.
  5. Marco Silva, ex-Olympiakos manager and new Hull Manager, is Portuguese and has played and managed in Portugal. He is another 'friend' of Mourinho. He may know about Lucas from hi time in Portugal.
  6. This is about as funny as the sherlyegg post. If you are trying to be funny, it helps if your post contains some humour. If it does contain some humour, it helps if there is some originality and is not simply a rehash of a joke that has been done to death and beyond on Owlstalk. The people who have 'negged' you are not 'mardy gits but Owlstalkers who have lost patience with this type of post. I see as I write this that ViolaOwls says that "TBF you gotta laugh". Everyone has there own opinion - some will agree, some won't.
  7. I disagree with the highlighted part of your post.. During transfer windows I believe that many people come onto to Owlstalk in the hope of seeing comments/speculation about players. As can be been in this thread, some people do not want to trawl through 'megathreads'. The fact that the site administrators have seen fit to allow individual threads as well as megathreads suggests they believe both can co-exist. If they are not happy they will take appropriate action. In the meantime, perhaps you wouldn't mind if people posted what they like. As a matter of interest, why did you single out this particular thread? Perhaps you could have posed a similar question to the originator of the megathread, who has also posted yet another 'Jordan Rhodes' thread. The level of self-importance that comes across in many of your posts gives you no right to tell other posters what or where to post.
  8. Don't agree. The two highlighted comments above seem contradictory to me. Adding Hutchinson into the 'who plays in central midfield' equation will only complicate matters rather than help in resolving them. The so called 'problems' this season stem from bedding new players into the CC way of playing, finding the best mix of the talents available, and missing the plethora of chances created against Leeds and Brentford. Even with these problems, we are 5 points above where we were after 7 games last season. Onwards and upwards for me.
  9. If we were allowed to play 13 players then it would be a very good team. However, by hedging your bets, i.e. picking two players for one position, you have highlighted the problem a very strong squad has given Carlos. He has to pick 11 and that guarantees that some good players cannot get into the starting 11. He has to decide which 11 to start with dependent on current form/fitness of his squad, and the opponents to be faced. He isn't going to please everybody as is evident by the posts above.
  10. We can, as a squad, score many more goals this season because we have added to the squad: a) more pace (Reach, Emanuelson, and Buckley), b) more creativity (particularly from Abdi, Jones and Reach), and c) Fletcher's goals and assists. We can also add to the squad in January, if deemed necessary. I do not believe, therefore, that their is much to be gained by comparing goals scored last season with or without Hooper, to what may happen this season, with or without Hooper. You also say that Hooper isn't playing. He has started 2 League games and come off the bench in the other 3. He is, therefore, playing more than 'a bit part', at present. Whether or not that continues is down to Hooper. For my part, I still think he has a positive part to play in our season.
  11. 1a. There were actually 14 lines. Presumably you meant 8 sentences. 1b. That sounds like you are criticising me for something you admit you do. Have a word with yourself. 2. Perhaps you will allow me to make any edits of my posts - if that is OK with you? Ignoring points made by other posters adds no credibility to your own argument 3. Your words to Adem Poric were "...all of our recruitment this summer has been players 29 and over". That is not true. Again you just ignore other signings because they don't suit your argument. The use of words such as 'if', 'maybe', 'hardly' and 'hopefully', add little of substance. We don't know if Buckley will be gone at the end of the season. It is not a matter of significance at present. 4. I accept that I missed Pudil. Wow, that was easy. Amazing how simple it is to accept that you have made a mistake. Just in case you didn't understand how easy it is, I have written it again in the style of StudentOwl. "In the case of Pudil... I'll hold my hands up, I simply forgot we signed him, probably because he was here last season." Not sure whether or not I should add a '...good grief' here. I expect that StudentOwl will amend it for me if it is wrong.
  12. As Adem Poric pointed out we signed Adam Reach last week. Although you tried to counter that (in your words) by stating that is was a half-joking comment, you also omitted to mention that, in addition to Reach and Kean, we have also signed for the first team squad, Vincent Sasso (25) and Will Buckley (26). In addition we also signed 3 players released by Leicester, Tottenham and Everton for the Development Squad. These 3 players, together with 5 other members of the Development Squad (George Hirst, Connor O’Grady, Jack Lee, Sean Clare and Jack Stobbs) all travelled for the five-day Portuguese training camp. So 3 out of 6 signings for the 1st team squad were under 28, not 1 as you stated. Add to that the attempt to bring additional quality into the development squad and the clear indication that age is not a barrier to getting into the 1st team, hardly suggests that your so-called 'half-joking' comment had little if any substance. You are allowed to make any comment you like. However, it would help if your comments had a) substance in fact, and b) didn't try to hide your mistakes behind 'good grief'.
  13. Has there ever been any point in Andy Giddings being at Radio Sheffield?
  14. To be fair, he did go on to spell 'different' correctly in his post. In your post you used 'hmmm' and also 'its's', neither of which are words. People in glass houses etc.
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