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  1. Apologies. Thought my source was good. I will get my tin hat, but I am certainly not a serial bull sh***er like a few on here....
  2. Only going on why I have been told. He has apparently trained with us - someone can probably confirm this and my mate reckons he was with Wednesday as an 8 year old so wants to play for us. Again, someone can probably check this. If my mate is giving it big BS, then apologies, but let’s see what happens come 1st Jan.
  3. First ever ITK post. Rhian Brewster to sign on loan for the rest of the season from Liverpool. Mate of mine works with his sister and she said he was with Wednesday yesterday to sign. Mates a Southend fan and didn’t even want to talk about football, so doubt this is BS.
  4. Some of our corners in the Huddersfield game was the first time in ages I have seen us try something inventive from set pieces. They caused all sorts of panic in their defence. Good to see us try something different and we even managed to beat the first man! So often our corner routines have been poor without carrying any real threat. Lets hope we can continue to put some imagination into our set piece plays - not sure where this came from on Sunday, but the movement and delivery was great to see.
  5. Leave him in place. He has not been fully detected yet and there is still more work to do. A great pre season (some storming transfers) and a season of almost reaching the play offs is in order. He cannot do too much too soon or cover will be blown.........
  6. Gutted Megson has gone. Pretty sure he would have got us up in the playoffs. Only positive I can see at the moment is we will now have new signings. Mandaric will have to back the new man and I expect at least 3 new loan signings - hopefully a striker who can hit a barn door will be one of them. All the best Gary and fingers crossed it is not Clarke or Ince.
  7. It's Danny Pugh who has signed for Leeds (from Stoke) - thought Wed were rumoured to be in for Mark Pugh from Bournemouth...... It's Danny Pugh who has signed for Leeds (from Stoke) - thought Wed were rumoured to be in for Mark Pugh from Bournemouth......
  8. Looks like our blushes will be spared and Plymouth will be taking up one of the relegation places! This could so easily have been us. Imagine the picture for us with 10 points off of our current pathetic points tally.
  9. Totally Agree. Did Osbourne not add any bite? I asked on another thread about Miller. I think we are really missing him from the Midfield.
  10. We cannot keep conceeding 3, 4 and 5 goals and expect to win matches. It would be great to think that despite the defence we could outscore all opposition we place, but lets get real. I would certainly settle for the odd one nil wins for a whicle to get out of the current predicament. More stikers is not the answer.
  11. If Madine plays he will score. Strikers are the last area I would address at the moment and I can gaurantee unless one of the strikers gets injured we will not be signing another striker. It is more likely we will play one up top...
  12. Between them the strikers have got over 40 goals this season, despite very poor supply from midfield. We need a midfield to support the attack and a defence and a settled back 4 as a priority!
  13. I think we have really missed him in the Midfield - at least he is the closest thing to a midfielder we have. Anyone know when he will be back? I know the defence is total pap, but playing without a midfield week in week out cannot help
  14. Are people real.... We are a 'third division team' with quite a few third divison players. Yes I would love the attacking free flowing football we had under Atkinson, but more importantly I want some pride and passion instilling in my team. Having 5 put past us by the might of Exeter and Peterborough and 4 by the footballing power that is Leyton Orient is humiliating. Let's consider the next manager as phase 1 of our come back. If it is Megson who gets the job, the football might not always be very pretty, but it will be effective. We can start to climb the league with results. We can stop having sides come to Hillsborough playing in our half as we back off and conceed ground. I am sick and tired of seeing the visiting fans celebrating like it is their cup final following victory at Hillsborough. I actually want some high tempo in your face football. As we progress, develop and get a winning culture back, I am sure the football will follow. Yes people will argue you can get results from great pass and move football and it is superb to watch, but as a club we have not done this for years. It needs to be developed from a base. Too quick a trasition with the wrong type of players leads to problems. Just look at United with Robson after Warnock and to a certain. Lets just start winning and let the football take care of itself once we are established in hte championship, and pushing for the premiership and can get better quality players in.
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