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  1. It is a friend of ours. Sits in the North. He goes home and away and hasn’t missed a game( bar covid) for years. Even went to watch the U23s at Crewe, this week.
  2. Was it the Green Dragon?We went in there and the food was excellent
  3. There’s at least a dozen in and around Denby Dale
  4. He looks like being out for months. Got a back injury. According to the Town manager
  5. I know his dad. He was a good footballer, played for Man City, Burnley,Norwich and Barnsley along with a few more clubs
  6. My Charlton ticket arrived this morning. Not holding much hope of getting my season ticket on time
  7. Bought ticket on Tuesday, not arrived yet. Setting off early in the morning.anyone know the procedures. Tried the ticket office number but can’t take my call.
  8. No 4 and no 5 we’re composed at the back and weren’t scared to run with the ball upfield. The no7 was fast and busy but like the 1st team he hesitated when he should have crossed the ball
  9. No 4,5 and 7 weren’t bad. The trial isn’t goalie dropped a right clanger for their goal. Tried to dribble it out and lost it. Our goal from trialist no.9 was a tame shot that the goalkeeper fumbled.
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