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  1. Can’t say I’ve seen any Blades walking about in anything which made me say” I wish we had them”. In fact the goods they offer are as bad as ours, if not worse
  2. Why are our seniors over 65 yet theirs is over 60
  3. I took the early bird option £555 for the north. Next season I will be eligible for oap price. Surely he will have to refund the difference.
  4. Same here my little one has no interest in watching it on tv,but can’t wait to go back to watching live.
  5. I was at the game at Emley, when he scored from the halfway line. My youngest played for Emley juniors so was a ball boy at the game. It was played at Wakefield Trinitys ground and I recall there being a lot more than 6 Worksop fans there. My lad walked off with Chris and told him he was an Owl. He made a right fuss over him and made my boys evening
  6. Think the tram what was waiting to pick them up Might have annoyed them
  7. Rang the ticket office earlier to enquire about buying an extra kids ticket for the North.she said there would be an announcement later. Has anybody heard anything?Im babysitting my great nephews on Saturday and one has a season ticket with me so need another ticket for the other one.
  8. Huddersfield fans wanting him as their manager. If he’s turned us down I can’t imagine he would manage the dog botherers
  9. My 7 yr old great nephew his having his first season ticket with me and my son next season. Went to his first away game at Preston and loved it.
  10. When Dooleys on the ball, Its sure to be a goal, Roll along Sheffield Wednesday roll along.
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