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  1. So you are giving me method marks? I'll take them!
  2. The fans looking confused because they weren't expecting players to be serving them. It's fine, I can get my own coat.
  3. Long time reader, very little posting experience but having a 1 year old who doesn't like sleep gives you lots of time to develop your ideas. Probably get shot down for this, (no new kit to use, players will be sold, no new players etc) but not really bothered. Just always had a little idea for a campaign/video/artwork and think it could be quite cool, based on the WAWAW mantra. START Follows fans into the (Busy) shop (so obviously October when new kit comes out). They look at the shirts and all of them have one players name on the back, probably Forestieri, shows him printed the shirts with his name. They buy tickets served by another player, while another serves someone else in the background. As they walk out, another player is seen selling programmes obviously with his face on the cover. TURNSTILES/CATERING Entering the ground, one player, feet up takes the tickets from them, and they go to get some food. A different player serves them bovril and a pie (ideally foreign so they look puzzled) but then a local one (Wildsmith for example) brings over a bottle of hendersons relish to go with the pie. All the while the fans are looking a bit confused and double takes etc. SEATS They walk onto the stands after passing a steward that looks a lot like Jordan Rhodes to see a few of the players in tracksuits with forks and lawnmowers prepping the pitch. Even more confused they stand there blocking the view (Chansiri shouts for them to sit down) and a large (Kosovan) steward tells them to sit down before turning round to the camera. Can these use the photography from that for the branding for that year - safety, shop, tickets etc. Anyway, you probably get the idea? No, just me. Oh well.
  4. They should do a plain white shirt (Like the one we played the friendlies in) sell this for £20.00 and then sell blue pens in the shop for £10 each then everyone can do their own version of the shirt. Can anyone remember fluffits?
  5. Works for St Pauli because of the kitsch nature of the club but don't force "internet cool" on something that just isn't there. Anfield has its sign, Shalke has its dwarf mine thing and Old Trafford has the weird corner tunnel. We just need to stick to our thing, whatever that is....
  6. Not the best approach as that would mean we start negotiating in early May with potential suppliers and sponsors? If we did that, we would be lucky to get a kit out for the players to play in in August. What would work, would be an agreed cost per unit based on sales predicted for the league we will be in and a cost for a sponsor again league dependant.
  7. The quote is from the owner who you would think knows the amounts he has spent.
  8. Taken from Football 365 Blame Game Said Nottingham Forest owner Fawaz Al-Hasawi on the club's overspending: "I am not blaming Stuart Pearce or anyone but let me tell you something. Stuart Pearce is the one who picked Britt Assombalonga. He is the one who picked Antonio. For Assombalonga, we paid £5.3 million and Antonio £3 million. We bought Mancienne, Tesche. All these players. The wages are too high. I'm not the one who put these wages. There was a chief executive who was there and a manager who was picking the players." Well, you're half-right Fawaz. Nottingham Forest did appoint Paul Faulkner as Chief Executive, but not until September 1, a month after Antonio and Assombalonga were signed. Before that, Pearce was answering to... erm... you £3 million? 3? Million?
  9. Cheers, the images were produced by the club as they were adverts and campaigns. Can get the original image "Early Doors" but just wanted the amended club advert or the card.
  10. Long shot, but... Does anyone have an image of the old Pete McKee season ticket card? Or the advert that used one of his images? Thanks in advance. Apologies in advance if in wrong section.
  11. I'm hoping they have contacted SUFC, Rotherham, Barnsley, Chesterfield and Doncaster etc and asked if they could borrow theirs or put in a group order to get by the minimum quanity thing?
  12. Yep - it's like changing your facebook status to "single" (obviously from it's complicated in this case) OR it'll be like changing your facebook status to "In a relationship"
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