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  1. On my way to the mighty blue cathedral now, come on the Wednesday let's do this. The crowd have got a big part to play today as the dingles will be up for this, let's get behind the team from the first minute. UTO
  2. No you're right it's the blonde hair that makes me think he's a decent prospect. If we signed Boris Johnson as a winger I'd be looking at him to break into England's World Cup squad before the end of the season ahead of Rashford.
  3. "You know what this is? It's £20" [Screws up note] "How much is this? Still £20" [Bash, bash] "Still £20. Same value". [Slap, screws up, bash bash] "Still £20. No matter what I do to it, it's still not enough for a seat ont t'kop"
  4. http://www.sc-heerenveen.nl/nieuws/joost-van-aken-vertrekt-naar-sheffield-wednesday/10 Joost van Aken leaves for Sheffield Wednesday Gepubliceerd op 30 augustus 2017 14:30 Published on August 30, 2017, 14:30 Joost van Aken meets a new adventure in the English Championship. The 23-year-old defender leaves for Sheffield Wednesday. Van Aken signs a contract for four seasons. Sheffield finished fourth in the Championship last season, but lost in the playoffs for promotion to Huddersfield Premier League. Van Aken arrived at sc Heerenveen youth school at the age of sixteen and, as a 19-year-old talent, made his debut in the main power. The central defender eventually came to 89 games in the Eredivisie in which he only managed to find the three times. In addition, Van Aken played five matches in the Playoffs and three duels in the battle for the KNVB cup. Technical Manager Gerry Hamstra: "It's a pity that we lose Joost just before the end of the transfer period. However, Joost has always been very correct and so we did not want to take him away. The challenge in the Championship has been awarded to him. From the youth training he played almost 100 games for our first team. We wish him a lot of luck at Sheffield Wednesday" Joost van Aken looks back on his time at sc Heerenveen. "I've been treated very well here as a youth player and I have had a fantastic time here. I am very grateful to the club, the trainers, the staff and the supporters. At Sheffield, I hope to further develop myself to make the move to the Premier League one day. We are going to do every effort to get that done. "
  5. 4 points from 3 away games. Same 3 away games last season? 2 points.
  6. Reach had some joy down the left early on in the first half until Grayson detailed someone to track him better, and was then stifled pretty much until the substitutions had the effect exactly as described. At times in the latter stages we were almost playing three at the back with Reach so advanced and Pudil naturally moving over.
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